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Top 5 Alternatives for TikTok You Can't Miss in 2024 [Updated]

The Most Reliable Parental Control App

Don't forget to use Wondershare FamiSafe to ensure your kids' online safety while searching for the best TikTok alternatives for them.

Have you ever wondered what the most used application for video sharing today is? If TikTok was the first name that came to your mind, you are correct! According to the latest statistics, 63% of teenagers have been using TikTok to share videos and socialize with people online in the US alone. Globally, the statistic rises in certain developed economies, where TikTok has become a part of everyday life for teenagers and kids.

However, with growing concerns over TikTok, it is often a common dilemma to find the best alternatives for TikTok that can offer similar services but in a better environment. Therefore, this article will focus on other apps like TikTok but safer and more reliable to use.

The 5 apps we collected in this blog are all free to use.

tiktok alternatives

Top 5 Alternatives for TikTok

What does TikTok Attract Teens Most?

TikTok has its fair share of positive features that people would want to find in the best alternative for TikTok. These features are the prime reason teens get attracted to and use the application:

• Popular Trends:

TikTok captures the real essence of a global community through the feature of popular trends. These trends can be searched through the popular hashtags used for video creation. When someone introduces a trend, it becomes part of the popular trends list if it appeals to many people. This way, people from around the globe can try the same trend and become part of global social action.

• Live Video Streaming:

Sharing recorded videos is a feature that many apps similar to TikTok may provide. However, the ability to create live videos and share them simultaneously as they are recorded is pretty rare in most video-sharing applications. This way, TikTok takes the lead for teens amongst apps similar to TikTok.

live streaming

• Video Preview:

You are not required to create an account without checking the content on TikTok first. Instead, TikTok allows every new user to see the most popular videos directly without creating their profile. Please note that creating your profile is important to comment on or interact with the videos.

• Duets:

Posting singular videos is a feature most apps like TikTok for nine-year-olds offer. However, TikTok takes the lead by offering the user the chance to record duets. Here, you can lip sync on popular songs and audios from different movies side by side with other people. In many cases, people can make duets with anyone on the platform, including celebrities and strangers. This aspect of the applications offers greater potential to socialize with others.

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5 Best Alternatives for TikTok

Given the concerns TikTok can create for child users, alternate apps like TikTok for nine-year-olds available online can offer similar features in a secure environment. All the applications mentioned below allow creating and sharing video content with your friends and family members. However, these applications are more suited to the juvenile market. Consequently, most of these applications are a lot safer than TikTok:


Compatibility: iOS, Android

  • Closely similar to TikTok
  • Allow you to share the videos to other social media sites

Dubsmash has been labeled the perfect alternative for TikTok. The app allows you to use many different sounds within the videos you create, including songs and movie/TV dialogues. Another benefit is that the music video you create can be shared on social media sites. Similarly, before sharing the video, you may add texts and strikers to the content you share as well.

The application offers many features that make it an interesting option for kids. Children can videotape themselves with lip-syncing over many different audios taken from movies. Not only this, you can upload your audio and share the final video through many other messaging applications. However, parental control may still be required due to the system's drug references, alcohol, and mature themes. Therefore, you may restrict the type of content accessible on the application by your child.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

  • Free, and also provides in-app purchase
  • Powerful built-in editing tools
  • Free from inappropriate content

As an app similar to TikTok, Funimate allows you to create and share simple music videos. However, this application does not spy on the user data, which is fully encrypted and protected from spying or selling. Similarly, the application allows you to create video loops using different sound effects and songs. The app developers enhance its features regularly, making it more suitable for long-term usage.

Among the top features of Funimate are transitions, custom animations, text effects, video effects, and different filters that can enhance your content. It also provides an inbuilt cutting, trimming, and merging tool to help you create the best videos.

Similarly, different video masks can be installed to enhance the video outlook. The application is also very secure when it comes to inappropriate content. In the case of a report, inappropriate content is removed fast from the application.


Compatibility: Android

  • Provide privacy features and earning opportunity

Children who love using amazing filters on their videos will love using Likee. The application offers many different filters that can help create awesome videos. Plus, you can share the videos anywhere you want with a few clicks. Likee is completely free to use. Not only this, it offers excellent privacy features, where you can limit your children’s content to friends and family members alone.


It also provides your children an earning opportunity by offering special hashtag events where the videos appearing on the leaderboard are paid well. Plus, there are plenty of other features like private messaging and live broadcasts. However, these features can be disabled through parental control if the parents consider them inappropriate. Try using content filters to ensure the maximum safety of your children.


Compatibility: iOS, Android

  • Safer than TikTok, parents don’t need to worry that your kids’ information may be leaked out
  • Provide auto-editing tools

Triller is known for its safety towards children. A major benefit is that it allows auto-editing, making it easier for new content creators to share their videos. Children can also use the collaboration tool to create videos with their friends.

Currently, Triller is used by celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart. The biggest benefit of the platform includes auto-editing tools that have customized algorithms to edit the videos perfectly. Plus, you get to choose from a library of over 100+ filters to create a personalized look for your videos and texts before sharing them with your friends and family members. Top trending tracks are listed separately and can be accessed directly through the system. However, the application is mostly limited to music tracks, with minimal movie dialogues or famous quotes in the app’s library.


Compatibility: iOS

  • Free
  • Available to live streaming
  • Has many effects, including stickers, beauty filters, and emojis

Lomotif is considered one of the best alternatives to TikTok for the short-form video content. It provides the easiest system for your children to edit and create amazing videos. Another benefit of Lomotif is that it allows access to live streaming platforms to connect with other users and build a following online.

There is a large music library offered to select from. You can create audios on your own and upload them if you need them. Like TikTok, there are also many features for collaboration and effects, such as stickers, beauty filters, and emojis to create the best content.


Potential Risks of TikTok

With many benefits, TikTok has certain potential risks as well. Parents are often concerned about the negative impacts TikTok may have on their children. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the potential risks TikTok poses, including:

• Dangerous Trends: Some trends can be inherently dangerous. For example, parkour trends on the application can be life-threatening for inexperienced and unskilled parkours. People have tried to create popular trends by committing acts that can harm themselves or others.

dangerous challenge

• Online Predation: Strangers can reach out to the profile of each other, which may result in online predators finding a way to prey on unsuspecting users. The case becomes even more problematic in the case of teens and kids. Parents are often concerned if their child’s usage is safe and not interacting with a potentially harmful individual.

• Inappropriate Content: From time to time, inappropriate content surfaces on the platform. Such content can include pornographic material or adult content that is not suitable for children of a young age.

• Identity Theft: With a lot of personal information and videos available on TikTok, people can steal your identity and create deep fake videos as well. It can be a huge concern for youngsters as they often end up being blackmailed in this situation.

• Diverted Focus from Studies: One issue common amongst teenagers is TikTok addiction. Students cannot focus on their studies because they spend excessive time on TikTok. Such addiction can potentially ruin their academic and professional careers.

More Suggestions for Parents

Surfing online can lead to pornographic, adult, and inappropriate content. After all, the online community has both positive and negative ends, with the final discretion left to the user on how to use the platform. Therefore, parents are always looking for methods to make their children’s internet usage safer. Consider the following three ways of making your child’s online usage safe:

• Education and Awareness:

No harm can come to a child being aware of online dangers. Parents must sit down with their children and educate them about the problems online. Children must be taught about the online community's potential risks and how these risks can be avoided. Plus, sharing news and authentic/ credible resources with them, reinforcing the same idea, can help the children understand the issue's depth. Try sharing anecdotal evidence as well.

education and awareness

• Restricted Access:

Parents should restrict the access of their young children to online platforms and applications. Such limited access would ensure that the children do not interact with platforms that can potentially endanger them. In some cases, parents prefer avoiding social media for their children until they reach a more mature age. After all, security comes first.

Wondershare FamiSafe:

Keeping your children safe becomes easier with Wondershare FamiSafe. The application offers numerous features that allow parents to control their child’s TikTok usage. You can control the applications they can access and view their search history remotely. Similarly, FamiSafe will enable you to install search filters on which content can be searched through TikTok. If the child is spending excessive time online, prefer using the screen time feature to lock the application’s usage after a certain time has passed. This way, children will balance their TikTok usage and other activities, including studies. Finally, you can also remotely lock the child out of certain applications that you believe are unsafe.


Keeping your children safe on TikTok is possible through Wondershare FamiSafe. Consider the alternatives you may use instead and reach out to us if you need more information.

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