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Top 10 Public Discord Servers for Education

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Although Discord started as a platform for gamers, it is now a popular communication platform with servers for your different interests. One aspect that Discord also excels at is educational platforms. Students can connect with other creative minds from various backgrounds and learn with a flexible schedule with the Discord education server. This article provides you with the top 10 educational Discord servers and what they offer you. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Discord education servers

Top 10 public Discord Servers for Education

This section will explore the top 10 educational Discord servers available and provide all you need to know to determine which is the best fit for you. On that note, let’s begin.

Study Together

study together discord education server

Most people consider Study Together the best educational Discord server available. It is a vibrant community for learning through different study boot camps, mindfulness sessions, and study groups. If you want to develop a proper learning attitude and a positive mindset, this Discord education server is a great way to do that.

With Study Together, you can be flexible with your study schedule. There are also virtual rooms available to enjoy a solo or group study session. In addition, with the Study Together Discord site, students develop efficient time management skills and can also time their study period by using a timer.


studygram discord education server

This platform was started by Hara, who has a massive following on her Instagram account @hara.studies. The StudyGram community is a place to meet other students when you need motivation or a study platform. The members of this community are always willing to share their knowledge and the resources they receive with students. Some of the resources offered on this education Discord server includes study apps, tech, desk setups, and even stationery recommendation.

Although the main focus of this educational Discord server is to study, there are also varying non-study channels where you can discuss movies, kdrama, music, pets, anime, video games, and many more. If you’re going through a mental downtime, the server also has a team of mental health advocates to provide you with motivation, support, or just listen when you need it.

The Language Zone

the language zone discord server

Another Discord education server that you can explore is The Language Zone. This server’s primary focus is language lessons. You can take lessons in different languages, depending on your choice. Some of the most common language classes offered in this Discord education server include English, Spanish, French, Turkish, and Arabic, Russia, etc.

The Language Zone is one of the best Discord education servers because it connects people from various backgrounds while promoting cultural awareness. In addition, there are free weekly language lessons hosted by volunteer teachers on the Discord channel, and they’re always live.

Calliopean Club

calliopean club discord server

If you’re using Discord for education, you can check out Calliopean, one of the best educational Discord servers you can find. This server offers a positive environment, and its primary purpose is to promote self-improvement and critical thinking. If you’re a student seeking knowledge about personal growth, this is the ideal server.

There are dialogues and discourse every day on this server. It also connects you with people from diverse backgrounds who are just as interested in self-improvement as you are. With over 17,000 active users, you can learn and grow in a vibrant community.

Design Buddies

design buddies discord server

A global inclusive design server to connect and assist designers in their career journey, this is considered the best educational Discord server for designers. This education Discord server has over 33,000 members and continually offers mentorship programs, portfolio reviews, online workshops, and virtual meetups.

This server also has well-structured channels where designers in the server can interact and learn from one another. You can also showcase your design projects and get constructive feedback from other designers. There’s a showcase channel where you can show off your UI/UX designs and take part in design reviews.

Learn AI Together

learn ai together discord server

We know how challenging it is to learn how to program, but the process becomes far easier when you do it on the best educational Discord server for programmers. Learn AI Together is a server targeted at high school and college students interested in learning AI. It provides you with an engaging community where you can learn and work with other developers.

There are over 16,000 members on this server, and their goal is to build innovative solutions for the artificial intelligence community. If this sounds like something of your interest, you shouldn’t hesitate to join this server.


freecodecamp discord education server

A Discord education platform that you can also learn how to code is FreeCodeCamp. There are millions of people on this server. It is an elite non-profit coding server that provides coding education to millions of people. It trains students from all over the world to develop real-world projects and efficiently hone their coding skills. FreeCodeCamp boasts over 40,000 graduates with jobs in companies like Google, Microsoft, and Spotify.

This community is easily accessible and connects you with other people with the same coding passion as you. It also allows techies to talk about programming while learning from other programmers productively.


biocord discord education server

If you’re a high school/college student or a graduate interested in Biology, this is the discord education server for you. This community effectively discusses everything related to this field, from novel ideas to solid facts. You can also seek homework assistance from other members of society. The founder of this server is Anshit, and he had a goal of creating a diverse community filled with biologists of different skill levels and educational degrees.

They help you catch up on the latest field paper and host lectures and talks from leading scientists and educators. Members of this server also have round-table discussions on how they can approach research. This server can help scientists become better and their job. In addition, it provides students with all the resources they need to become better at their studies.

The Philosophy Café

the philosophy café discord education cafe

If you’re interested in philosophical topics, the Philosophy Café is a great option. This community was started by Watashi, who discovered that he and most of his members focus on debating, not academic studies. Therefore, this server provides an inclusive community where you can share your questions and study topics. In addition, there are dedicated channels for newcomers and an extensive reading list if you’re just developing an interest in philosophy.

Unlike other philosophy servers that focus on unending debates, the Philosophy Café focuses on getting you the help you need. They also have a professional development channel to answer your question about DPA, learning to read and write philosophically letters of recommendation, and many more.

Blair’s Brainiacs

blair’s brainiac discord server

Another educational Discord server that makes a list is Blair’s Brainiacs. This platform began during the lockdown period and has grown significantly since then. It is an academic community ideal for students from the high school to college level. There are course-specific channels where students with the same course as you can share their ideas, and you can also receive help.

Blair is the community’s founder and ensures that the server provides ample study resources for students. This is one of the largest UK education-based servers available, and they boast of over 90 volunteers who work at all hours to provide students with the resources they require. The best part is that there are also mentors for various topics to help you become more confident academically.

Benefits of Joining Educational Discord Server

Joining a Discord education server has many benefits. Likewise, the online community will benefit you in many ways. Below are three advantages of joining Discord education servers today.

Easier to Participate

If you’re not comfortable asking questions or speaking in front of others, that’s not a problem you have to worry about with Discord education servers. You can take part in conversations without public speaking skills and from the comfort of your home.

It Encourages Diversity

Another benefit of an educational Discord server is connecting you with like-minded people from different countries and backgrounds. Most education Discord servers also connect you with people with varying skills and educational levels to help you enrich your education.

A Sense of Community

A sense of community is one of the main benefits of using Discord for education. You’ll get to connect with other server members. In addition, the different channels allow you to share ideas with other people in the community.

What is the Student Hub on Discord?

A Discord Student Hub is a place on Discord where you can meet classmates from your school. Therefore, this makes the hubs accessible to those who attend the same school. You’ll be able to meet classmates in your hub and add your server to the hub. You can also locate your classmates’ servers within the hub.

What Are the Benefits of a Student Hub?

It is an excellent way to connect with fellow students during the holiday and the pandemic lockdown. Students could stay connected right from the comfort of their homes and share ideas at all times. In addition, since members of a Student hub had to be participating in the school’s curriculum, you could brainstorm on topics with fellow students in your school.

What Are the Requirements?

Your school needs to be situated in the following countries: Australia, UK, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Poland, France, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and the USA. You also need to have a school-assigned email address to join the specific hub of your school.

How to Join?

Joining a Discord student hub is quite simple; follow the steps outlined below to join the student hub of your school.

Step 1. First, open Discord and navigate to the left panel of the screen.

Step 2. Choose ‘explore public servers’ from the options, which will redirect you to a page where you can search for your school hub.

explore public servers

Step 3. You can search for the school’s name and select it when it pops up.

Step 4. You will have to enter the school-assigned email address to access the hub.

enter your school email address

Step 5. Once you click to join, it will add you to the school’s waitlist till they let you in.

Watch out for the Explicit Content on Discord

Although Discord education servers are great, sometimes people share explicit content on the platform for fun. If your kid is on any of these platforms, this could expose them to inappropriate content. If you’re worried about your kid’s exposure to inappropriate content instead of educational content, you can use Wondershare FamiSafe to protect them. This parental software offers explicit content detection, screen time, app blocker, and many more to protect your kid online. Below you’ll learn how some of the FamiSafe protective features work.

Explicit Content Detection

This FamiSafe feature helps you monitor Discord and other social media accounts that you connect for explicit content. If the app detects any explicit content on your child’s account, it will notify you immediately. You can also choose to add some words to the app’s database to further protect your kid.

How to Use Wondershare FamiSafe Explicit Content Detection Feature?

Using FamiSafe is relatively straightforward, and it’s even easier to set up the explicit content detection feature. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1.Download Wondershare FamiSafe on your device and launch after installation.

Step 2.Register an account with FamiSafe using your email and then set up as a parent to generate a pairing code.

Step 3.Download the Jr app on your kid’s device and install it to continue.

Step 4.Register and set up as a kid; this will require entering the pairing code from your device.

Step 5.Afterward, enter a nickname for your kid and their age.

Step 6.Provide all the necessary permissions to ensure FamiSafe operates smoothly on your kid’s device.

Step 7.On your device, click the ‘features’ option and select ‘explicit content detection’ from the options provided.

explicit content detection on discord

Step 8.Connect your kid’s Discord account and any other social media account you would like to monitor.

Step 9.The app will immediately scan and provide you with a list of issues detected. You can manage the suspicious textbase by turning on categories you want notifications about.

Step 10.You can add words to each category or click ‘add suspicious words’ to add words you also want notification about.

explicit content on discord

Now, you can sit back and receive notifications about explicit content when your kid receives them too.


Studying doesn’t have to be difficult, and it is made easier with Discord education servers. Whatever your field of Study or interest is, these Discord educational servers help you share your knowledge while learning from other server members. We’ve provided an all-inclusive list of the top 10 educational servers to join and information about Discord student hubs. All you have to do is meet the requirements of the student hub, and you can join the community.

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