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Hinge Dating App Review: what parents should know

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If you're single and looking for a relationship, you've probably heard of the Hinge dating app. It's one of the most popular dating apps available, and it has a lot to offer singles looking for love. Here, we will provide an in-depth review of the Hinge dating app. We'll talk about its features, cons, and who it is best suited for. So if you're curious about Hinge, keep reading.

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Hinge Age Range

You are probably asking whether this app is for teens or adults. The Hinge app is designed for 18 years of age or older. That said, the majority of Hinge's users are in the age range of 25 to 35, according to their statistics. This app requires a Facebook account to create a profile. Once you have completed your profile, you can start browsing through potential matches in your area.

Hinge is aimed at a select group of consumers. It's only available in metropolitan areas. Its users are typically in their twenties and have gone to college. According to Jean-Marie McGrath, the spokesperson for Hinge, 99 percent of Hinge users are college-educated, with most working in banking, media, consulting, and fashion. McGrath also claimed that Hinge has close to 35,000 users who attended Ivy League schools.

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Signing up for Hinge is pretty straightforward. First, you can use your Facebook profile or phone number to create a profile. Hinge will then ask you to verify your email address and phone number. After that, you'll be asked to fill out some basic information about yourself, including your name, age, gender, and location.

How Does Hinge Work?

Hinge terms themselves a relationship platform. Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps, which employ the swipe function to choose and reject connections, Hinge has abandoned this approach. And they've created their own online dating app platform distinct from the competition.

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First, Hinge connects you to people who are one step away from you—friends of friends. As a result, you have a mutual connection. They accomplish this by connecting individuals only when necessary and avoiding uncomfortable relationships as much as possible. Hinge does this by using your Facebook profile.

Swiping right to like or left to decline the "Tinder" style prevalent in many dating apps. The swipe method is popular because it is simple to focus and evaluate someone based on their appearance, with the first profile photo serving as a hook. Hinge takes a different approach to matching potential suitors. To get started interacting with someone, you can 'heart,' 'like,' or 'comment' on their profile, similar to Instagram.

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In Hinge, users create a profile by uploading up to six photos and answering three questions. These questions are intended as starting points for conversations. Examples of such openers include "What music are you listening to right now?" or "What is your favorite pizza topping?" or similar ice-breaking inquiries.

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The Hinge app is free to use, but the free version only has filters such as age, gender, location, height, distance, etc. However, to get additional features and filters, most people choose the monthly subscription, which includes extra child-specific filters, such as whether or not someone wants kids. The Hinge monthly membership depends on the region and duration you’re using, but normally is $29.99 per month.

Hinge App Review

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  • "Extremely happy, one of best dating apps for singles."

Unlike Tinder and Bumble, Hinge allows you to express more of your personality because matches may comment on your profile. The more information you provide on your own or another person's profile, the higher the chances that you'll like something beyond their appearance. Aside from that, those remarks on their profile have made conversations a lot simpler since it's a total icebreaker. I discovered that this had encouraged far better conversations. Overall using Hinge has been an overall fantastic experience.

  • "Awesome app! Just be patient with matches."

I've been using this program since last summer. I met an awesome guy and dated for six months. Other relationships are like that; the more you learn, the more you enjoy or don't. For me, it's the opposite. But I'm hopeful about it. I posted some fantastic photographs and received terrific feedback from a few hunks. Everyone, listen up! It's all about the pictures, folks!

  • "Pretty sure I will 'The One" here."

This is without a doubt the finest dating app to date. I like how I can be very specific about my desires, and it still gives me lots of matches. Plus, the people are attractive and intelligent. I think I might have met The One on here. We'll see! Anyway, if you're looking for a quality dating app, I highly recommend giving this one a try. It's definitely worth it!

What Parents Should Know About Hinge?

Hinge, like Tinder, is an app geared toward adults (17 and above), making it highly unsuitable for teens. Hinge says users to be at least 18 years old to use the app. However, the app does not want any limitations on its users, so no complicated sign-in procedures are implemented. Anyone may create a Hinge account using their Facebook profile. We all know how simple it is to set up a fake Facebook profile. In reality, most children on Facebook falsify their ages.

CEO Justin McLeod also stressed that Hinge is also different from Tinder. Unlike Tinder, Hinge isn't anonymous. To sign up, you would be required to provide your Facebook profile. Additionally, the app prompts new users to give details of one of their Facebook friends who is on Hinge. McLeod also claims that Hinge is for busy professionals who want to meet people but aren't ready for a long-term committed relationship, which makes it stand out from the rest.

However, Hinge, after all, is a dating app. There will be some people who are just looking for a hookup. If that's not what you're looking for, it's best to be aware of this before you get too invested in the app. Likewise, parents should be mindful of whether their children have been using a dating application. Hinge does encourage transparency and accountability, but it isn't wholly secure against child predators or cyberbullying.

That said, parents should be aware of some of the drawbacks of Hinge. These are:

1. Hinge Encourages Users to Meet Offline and Share Their Experiences

Users on Hinge are encouraged to meet in person after interacting with one another. Children may provide predators and stalkers with their vital information and be hunted down by them. Furthermore, Hinge encourages users to share their experiences with one another, which presents a potential risk for your youngster. You don't want your youngster to become friends with someone who is suspended or partying.

2. Sexting And Pornography

One of the most common tendencies among kids is quick to engage in sexting. As a result, teens using Hinge could readily be exposed to explicit pornographic material. Furthermore, when children are encouraged to share their photos or videos, they risk public embarrassment, but they may also be accused of child pornography.

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3. Risk Of Stalking

Hinge requires users to use their Facebook accounts to sign up. Hinge users have experienced stalking by estranged/banned subscribers, who can quickly discover other Hinge users because all of their Facebook profiles are public.

Activate parental control to block irrelevant applications in your kid's device by watching this video.

Part 5: Wondershare FamiSafe—Establish A Safer Online Environment for Kids

FamiSafe is a parental supervision app that enables you to monitor your children's online activities. Dating online can be dangerous for kids and teens as they can encounter inappropriate content, cyberbullies, and online predators. With FamiSafe, you can remotely monitor your children's internet use and set limits on their screen time. Aside from online safety, you can also see their location in real-time and set up geo-fences to be alerted when they leave or enter a particular area. Don’t need to worry that kids may date with friends meet online privately.

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In addition, FamiSafe also lets concerned parents hide inappropriate apps on their children's phones. Parents may also limit their children's access to specific applications, impose time limits on them, block harmful websites, and even view what their kids are looking at.

This app warns you when your teenage child sends or receives explicit material on social media. Because the app monitors their photo albums, you will be notified whenever they view adult films or download pornographic images.

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Additionally, the FamiSafe location tracker lets you keep track of your child's movements in real-time, even as their device is about to run out of power. The FamiSafe block app keeps an eye on your child's YouTube usage. Furthermore, this app can tell when your child sends or receives explicit material on social media. You'll be notified if your kid is viewing adult movies or downloading pornographic pictures when anybody sends hurtful and insulting messages to your kid through social media sites and much more.

The FamiSafe app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it's a great tool to help you keep your family safe online. So get the FamiSafe app today and start monitoring your children's online activity.


Dating apps have become so ubiquitous, and it's almost impossible for parents to shield their teenagers from them completely. Teenagers and young adults are using these apps to socialize and meet potential partners, which can be both good and bad. While these apps offer some benefits, such as connecting with people from all over the world, they also come with some risks. Some of the risks associated with dating apps like Hinge include sexting, cyberbullying, online predators, and pornography.

Therefore, it's essential to be aware of the risks associated with these apps and take steps to mitigate them. One way to do this is by using parental control apps like FamiSafe, which can help you monitor your child's online activity and protect them from harmful content. So if you're worried about your child using dating apps, be sure to check out FamiSafe. It could be the answer you're looking for.

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