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6 Apps for TikTok Monitoring and Screen Time Limiting

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Are you still worried about your child’s excessive use of TikTok? Concerned about your child’s access to inappropriate content? TikTok’s usage has been increasing over time, especially among the youngsters. Statistics show that more kids are using TikTok today than ever before. While TikTok may be a great source of entertainment and connecting with your friends, it has a considerable dark side that can worry parents as well. Thus, most parents believe that TikTok monitoring can help avoid kids accessing pornographic, disturbing, and seductive material and want to find the best way to monitor their kids’ devices.

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This article will introduce the top 6 useful applications to help limit screen time and monitor TikTok for parents.

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Top 6 Apps for TikTok Monitoring and Screen Time Limit

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Part 1. What are the Potential Risks of Using TikTok?

While most people believe that the platform can do much good, they are still unaware of the harm it may cause. To ensure parents know why TikTok monitoring is important, here are five potential risks to children of using TikTok:

Popular Trend

The popular and trending challenges on TikTok have attracted many users to participate. While anything can become viral and a trend on TikTok. And in some cases, trends are potentially dangerous. There have been trends involving fire, extreme temperatures, and hazardous material that had become popular on TikTok in the past. It will be easy to tell the dangers of the trends by adults, but it will be a little difficult for the adolescents to identify which direction is suitable for them to try. Especially when their main purpose is to get famous and popular among their schoolmates.

Examples for the popular but dangerous trending challenges on TikTok:

  • Penny challenge
  • Throw it in the air challenge
  • Cha Cha Slide challenge
  • Tooth filing challenge
  • Silhouette challenge

Easy to Get Addicted to

Research has shown that social media platforms, especially TikTok, are very addictive. According to the document released by Forbes, almost every user spends 50 minutes per day on TikTok. So why is that? TikTok algorithm calculates what kind of videos you like watching most by identifying the hashtags the videos you watch add, the host of the videos, the trending songs, and so on. Then post the related content to you. That’s why you find out TikTok is so attractive.

Once kids get addicted to TikTok, they will spend less time on studying and outdoor activities. And excessively using tech devices may cause teens to become more aggressive and bring them into psychological issues like depression and anxiety.

Inappropriate Content

While TikTok has a system to report disturbing content, the AI isn’t strong enough to stop the material from being uploaded in the first place. For example, the video may be created with cartoon animation, but the content is intensely explicit, which may cause young children to imitate their behavior.

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Engagement with Strangers

While it is possible for parents to lock the profiles of children through the official TikTok application, strangers may create fake IDs projecting themselves as young people to engage with kids on TikTok. Many cases have been reported where kids have fallen victims to serious criminals and other malicious people through the platform. The biggest issue is that the parent may get to know about the issue without proper monitoring after a considerable time.

Problems with stranger engagement on TikTok include:

  • Inappropriate chatting
  • Sharing of personal details that can compromise the safety of children
  • Getting involved in drugs or other related crimes
  • Being vulnerable to someone with malicious intentions

Data Privacy Issue

No matter how safely you use a social media platform, you are still at high risk of data privacy if you share personal information. Most kids aren’t aware of the horrors of data privacy and the amount of harm it can do to them in the future. Therefore, they may share a lot of secret personal information in their TikTok videos, considering it a cool way to attract more views and likes. However, the same information can backfire if someone misuses it to cause them or the family harm. The TikTok time limit can help the activities to remain in check and avoid any such issues in the long term.

Data privacy issues include:

  • Creation of deep-fake videos using content on Twitter
  • Personal information like name, date of birth, and address being publicly shared
  • Details of private life are shared through the content used for bullying

Part 2. 6 Apps for TikTok Monitoring and Screen Time Limit

Here, we will introduce the best 6 applications to help control your child’s TikTok screen time and monitor their application activity to avoid them from falling victim to potential risks.

Wondershare FamiSafe

The best application to both monitor your child's TikTok activity and limit their screen time is Wondershare FamiSafe. As the same suggests, the application has been specifically developed to keep your family safe, especially your children. Parents can easily install this application on their child’s phone in a few minutes. Once the application is installed, all of the child’s activity on TikTok can be monitored remotely on the parent’s device. This monitoring includes their search result, total usage time, whom they communicate on the platform, what content the children are searching and much more.

Furthermore, parents can monitor everything from their own devices remotely at any time. All the information is synced with the parent's device, making it impossible for children to conduct inappropriate activities.

Secondly, the Limit Screen Time feature helps the parent set limits on how often the children can use the application. This includes daily and weekly total limits etc. After a limited time, the child can not use TikTok until the next period starts. This way, their TikTok addiction remains in check and helps them stay safe from excessive exposure to inappropriate content.

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Bark has been a high-end parental control platform that has protected many kids from the overuse of TikTok. The application is easy to use and provides a dedicated interface for the parents to check each item individually. Currently, it offers a TikTok monitoring feature, allowing parents to monitor how the child can use the platform. Bark can also be connected to over 30 social media platforms for monitoring and safety. It also helps filter search results and website content before kids can view it. However, the application may be too complex for some parents. Similarly, screen time can be limited for the application as well.



Monitoring and preventing kids from engaging with pornographic content is extremely important, especially at a young age. Qustodio helps parents set up pornography control on children’s mobile phones in less than a few minutes. The free version of the application also provides results filter and search monitoring services. The best part is that once the parental controls have been set through this application for one social media platform, they apply to most other social media platforms on the child’s device, providing comprehensive coverage and safety from disturbing content. However, it is hard to use the app for newbies.



One key issue in TikTok monitoring is that parents are not always by the side of their kids. For example, kids that study in boarding school can not be monitored directly like kids who live at home with parents. Therefore, it is crucial to find a way to monitor your kid’s TikTok usage remotely. Try limiting the TikTok screen time and monitoring their actions using Mspy.

This application can be installed remotely and give you the peace of mind to check what your child is doing on TikTok from your device. Even in your absence. Everything saved on the child’s device, such as their saved photos and videos, can also be monitored using Mspy. This way, parents have a complete overview of whether their child is always using TikTok safely. The paid version, however, is very costly.



As the name suggests, this application is the best spying software to check the complete engagement and use of their child’s social media platforms. Once installed, FlexiSpy will help parents monitor everything their child does on their device. Parents can check everything remotely, from a single tap on the device’s screen to the content they view on social media. Furthermore, the same application also helps limit the use of certain applications remotely. If the parents believe that their child is engaging in inappropriate usage, they can restrict the usage remotely until having a word with their child about the issues TikTok can cause. However, the application can be difficult to use remotely without a proper internet connection.



Android007 can allow parents to restrict screen time and keep their child’s usage of TikTok in check on any android phone. Often, a child's activities on TikTok can also translate to another platform. Therefore, the same application helps you monitor how your child uses WhatsApp and other applications. If parents want their child to stop using TikTok completely, the same application can help determine if TikTok is installed on the child’s device. For android users, the application can provide high-end tracking and monitoring. However, the application is not available to iOS users.


Find out some useful tips to control TikTok screen time in this video.


TikTok monitoring is extremely important to keep your children safe and protect them from all types of potential risks of using TikTok. Such risks may involve but are not limited to inappropriate content, engagement with strangers, and addiction to the platform. Consider getting WonderShare FamiSafe today to keep your children safe on TikTok.

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