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TikTok Monitoring: Check Kids' TikTok Activities Remotely

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According to a survey conducted recently, TikTok has become the most amongst the youth of America. There are 50% to 63% of Gen Z using TikTok daily. But do you think TikTok is healthy for your kids?

It's true that, like any other social media app, TikTok allows its users to express their thought and feelings. But several incidences have happened that showed us the importance of TikTok monitoring and how it is harmful to your kids. It is an addictive app that creates anxiety and depression amongst youth.

Let us further talk about the ways to keep a check on your child's TikTok activities.

monitor tiktok on iphone

Part 1. How does TikTok work?

TikTok is a platform where you create fun, short and interactive videos. It is a way by which today's youth expresses themselves. People showcase their talent by singing, dancing, or lip-syncing to dialogues.

You can create videos for as short as 15 seconds and go up to 60 seconds. In addition, TikTok is filled with plenty of filters, songs, effects, and other customization tools. It also allows you to use your sound clips and duet with someone.

Notice that your "For You" feed is filled with all the content you have already searched for. It is because the TikTok algorithm works on what its user is consuming. It keeps on tracking the tastes and preferences of its users to fill in their feeds accordingly. The algorithm makes kids scroll their feeds the whole day, leading to addiction and mental health issues.

tiktok for you page

Part 2. What Should Parents Know about TikTok?

2.1 Is TikTok safe for my kids?

TikTok is like any other social media app that is made for socializing. But there are a lot of elements in TikTok that make it unsuitable for children. Various song lyrics use inappropriate words or lines. The impact of pop and hip pop music on this app.

It is not healthy for kids under 18 to hear such words and lip-sync to them. Your child's privacy is also at risk as anyone could drop a comment on their video or message them on this app.

2.2 What is the right age to use TikTok?

Although children above the age of 13 years are allowed to use TikTok, some countries like Ireland do not allow children to use social media until 16. Still, due to the lack of parental control feature, children under 13 are also active members.

2.3 Does TikTok have parental control feature?

TikTok has several parental control features that make it a safe platform for children. Here are a few:

1. Family Pairing

The family pairing feature allows parents to link their accounts to their children's accounts. It helps parents control the children's screen time, control comments, enable restricted mode to filter out mature content, etc. You don't have to think about your kid changing up the settings, as they would require parental approval for that.

If you want to protect your kids, here is a step-by-step guide to enable family pairing:

family pairing
  • Step 1: Open TikTok on both phones, open "Profile," and select "Settings."
  • Step 2: You will see a button in the top-right corner. Scroll down to "Digital Wellbeing."
  • Step 3: Click on the "Family Pairing" and select whether the phone belongs to the adult or the teen.
  • Step 4: Scan a QR code on one phone with the other one to link the accounts.
  • Now, the parents can access the kid's app and manage their TikTok usage.

2. Screen Time Limits

Screen time Limits controls the amount of time your kid spends using the app. You can control it by going to the settings and enabling screen time mode. For example, limit your kid's screen time between 40 minutes to 2 hours, and whenever the time is up, your kid will see a dialog box on the screen notifying it.

To dismiss the dialog box, kids would require a passcode.

time limit

3. Comment Controls

The comment section can be a toxic and dangerous place for kids. There are high chances that strangers might comment on your kid's videos. TikTok has a comment control feature where parents can restrict strangers from commenting on their kid's videos.

Here is a step-by-step guide for parents to enable the comment control:

  • Step 1: Open your child's TikTok "Profile" page, select "Settings," and then "Privacy."
  • Step 2: Scroll down and choose who can comment (everyone, friends, or none).

If you want to filter out more specific comments, then:

  • Step 3: In "Settings," select "Privacy" and then select "Comment filters."
  • Step 4: The setting "filter spam and offensive comments" is turned on automatically.

Now, the parents can access the kid's app and manage their TikTok usage.

comment filter

Besides, a "filter all comments" option is available, which means no comments will appear to the public without the user's approval.

Play this video that discusses about TikTok in iPhone.

Part 3. How to Monitor Kids’ TikTok Activities?

The best way to know about what kind of videos your kids watch most and which TikTok stars they like most is to share your TikTok account with your kids to let them get access to TikTok. In this way, parents can log in to TikTok to check kids’ activities at any time they need. Or, as an alternative, you can request your kids to share their accounts with you before giving them the rights to access TikTok.

3.1 How to check the videos your kid liked?

Once you get the accessibility to your kids’ TikTok account, now you can sign in to TikTok and check their video-like list. Open the TikTok account, and go to the "Me Tab" area. There you will find the videos they have posted and the videos they liked. That is a good way to know where your kids’ interests lie.

liked videos

3.2 How to check which TikTokers your kid follows?

Apart from checking the like list, the follower list also can tell you what kind of videos your kids like most. Just open your kid TikTok account, go to the "Me Tab," and check the follower option. A list will pop up telling you which TikTok stars your kid is following.


3.3 Is there another way to check which kind of videos my kids watch most?

Yes, there is another way to check what videos your kids watch on TikTok again and again. The TikTok algorithm fills in your kid's feed with the types of videos they watch most. By this, you can check the content your children consume daily and filter it out.

Part 4. How to Monitor Kids' TikTok Activities Remotely?

In case kids refuse to share their accounts with you, another more effective way to monitor kids’ TikTok remotely is using Parental Control App. Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control app that will be able to help you track your kid's locations, monitor TikTok history, block apps, set scheduled screen time, detect inappropriate content on kids’ devices, and so on.

Suppose your kids create an account secretly without your consent, and you want to monitor the exact content they are accessing on TikTok. In such a case, you can use the parental control app to monitor their TikTok activities without their knowledge remotely.

Let's see the step-by-step process to use FamiSafe's parental control app:

Step 1: Download and Install the FamiSafe app on your phone and FamiSafe Kids on your kids' devices.

Step 2: Now open the FamiSafe app on both devices. Use your email address to create an account. Or you can choose to sign in with other third-party app accounts such as Facebook, etc.

Step 3: After safely logging in, click on the feature tab from the bottom. You will see three lines in the right top corner. Hit on it. Then, from the drop-down menu, tap on "TikTok App History"

Step 4: Now you are able to check kids’ TikTok browsing history, including the videos they watched, the TikToker of the video, the hashtag added on the video, and so on.

tiktok monitoring

Besides, you can track the overall activities your kid has been up to on their devices, like screen time. It can handle everything that comes under this parental control app, from their TikTok accounts to Facebook or Instagram.

Part 5. How to restrict kids from accessing the TikTok website?

Now that your kid will know that they are being monitored, there is a high chance of shifting to the TikTok website. Yes, TikTok has a website that your kid might access through other devices like Laptops or PCs. So, let's see how the TikTok app is different from its website and how can you restrict your child from accessing it:

5.1 What's the difference between the TikTok website and the app?

TikTok website and TikTok app have few differences. While browsing videos on the website, it doesn't allow users to comment, like, or collect the videos, so it is relatively safer for kids compared to the app. But kids may still encounter inappropriate videos. Besides, the website version may lack account control, content preferences, and Privacy and Security features.

5.2 How to restrict kids from accessing the TikTok website?

Step 1: Install and launch the FamiSafe app

Install and launch the Famisafe app on your phone, then create an account using your email address or third-party accounts.

Step 2: Start Monitoring

Sign up with the FamiSafe app, add your kid's device, and start monitoring.

Step 3: Navigate to the WebFilter section

Tap on the web filter option and choose the category you want to restrict your kid from accessing. To filter TikTok, you need to choose the Art & Entertainment one.

Step 4: Set exception

If the category doesn’t work as expected, you can manually add tiktok.com as an exception and block it.

web filter


Parents are always anxious about their kid's online activities and care about them more than anyone. They know what is suitable for their child and what is not. Social media apps like TikTok are a great tool for kids expressing their feelings and showcasing their talents. But it also brings in issues like cyberbullying, mental health problems, etc. with it. That’s why it is necessary to remotely monitor kids' TikTok, or even the whole device to make a safer online experience for them.

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