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How to Turn Your iPhone into an iPhone Heart Reate Monitor

iPhone Heart Rate Monitor

The heart is a very complex organ. Hence, we must keep track of our heart during every activity that we perform in the day. Monitoring the heart is considered very important because it can help the physicians analyze your heart's health and complete the body accurately. this is why various heart rate monitors for the iPhone are designed to connect that device with your phone and forget it until you need the report.

How to Turn Your iPhone into an iPhone Heart Reate Monitor

How to turn your iPhone into an iPhone Heart Rate Monitor?

The external heart rate monitors are used with Apple Watch. But the Apple Watch battery runs out very quickly, that’s why the functionality of these monitors is extended to iPhone also. Now you don’t have to use Apple Watch to get your valuable heart rate data. The external heart rate monitors for iPhone are available, which have an extended battery life along with some additional features.

Some of the favorite and best heart rate monitors for iPhone are described below:

1. Scosche Rhythm+ Monitor Armband

This device can be bought from any store online or offline. Instead of using a chest band or strap, it is designed as a water-resistant forearm band and has a neoprene adjustable strap. It is an excellent device for monitoring heart rate during your day to day activities such as exercise, eating time, or sleep time. This device will monitor your heart rate with superb accuracy. It provides a complete chart of your heart rate during the complete day. It is compatible with iOS 6.0 and above.

With this hyper-accurate iPhone heart rate monitor, it will be easy to get a report of your intense workout during the day. It employs an optical sensor technology, which gives the accuracy you desire in your monitoring device. The best thing is that you don’t have to strap it to your chest; you can easily wear it in your hand and stay at ease the whole day. To change your iPhone into a heart rate monitor, you only have to connect the monitor with the iPhone Health App. the rest of the function will be taken care of by the heart rate monitor itself.

iphone heart rate monitor


  • It has a Green/Yellow Optical sensor.
  • It offers a long 8-hour battery life.
  • It uses IP67 technology, which makes it waterproof.
  • This device is ANT+ compatible.
  • This device can be used with Smartphones, iPhone, Fitness Equipment, Apple Watches, etc.
  • It can work from 100 feet away from your iPhone.

2. Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar H10 heart rate monitor is one of the most popular heart rate monitors for iPhone. It is a go-to choice when it comes to accuracy in heart rate monitoring.  This external monitor will keep track of your heart rate with maximum precision during training time or any other activity.

Just connect the external heart rate monitor with the Apple Health App in your iPhone and turn your iPhone into a monitor.

best iphone heart rate monitor


  • It offers comfort with brilliant functionality with Polar Pro Strap, which is a soft textile strap with the improved. The electrode can measure the heart rate accurately without any interference.
  • It is waterproof and sweatproof so that you can use this monitor during swimming, exercising, or any other activity.
  • Connect your external heart rate monitor with any app you like to keep track of your heart.
  • It also has built-in memory with Polar Beat.

3. Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

The Wahoo TICKR X heart rate monitor for iPhone will capture the motion and intensity of your heart rate during a workout, sleep time, or while you are performing any other activity in your day to day routine. It is a popular and incredibly versatile app for fitness and health.

Simply connect the device monitor to your iPhone Health App and let the device do the rest.

iphone heart rate monitor - wahoo trickr x


  • It has a dual-band technology with real-time heart rate and calorie tracking.
  • This device has an inbuilt memory.
  • The third-party app compatibility allows the device to connect to any phone.
  • Apple Watch integration which provides visible connection and alerts.
  • Treadmill mode is also available for workout and training.

FamiSafe - the Best App to Protect Kids from Online Danger on iPhone

An iPhone heart rate monitor can help parents monitor their kids' physical health but can not protect them from possible online dangers. As we all know, the online world is full of all types of possible threats like cyberbullying, phishing, online predators, harmful content, and much more.

Therefore, parents will need to find an app to protect their kids. We would like to recommend FamiSafe for you as it is the most reliable parental control app.

FamiSafe is the app to protect your kids from the dangers of the digital and real-life world. Every parent is concerned about the well being of their kids 24/7. So, they use every possible trick and tact to keep them safe in any conditions. Whether the kid is at school, went to play with friends, or going on a field trip, with the help of FamiSafe, the parents will be able to easily track them.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Features for iPhone Parental control:

  • Location tracking: The parents can keep accurate knowledge of their kids' live location and location history.
  • Geofences: This feature acts as a safe perimeter for the kids. With Geofences, the parents determine the zone in which the kids are safe. As soon as the kid gets out of that zone, the parents will receive a notification and can alert the kid about the potential risks.
  • App Blocking: The parents can block apps such as games or social media apps, which the kids use excessively. It will limit their app usage also.
  • Web Filtering: There are various websites that contain unethical content. With the help of FamiSafe, parents can filter the content their kid access using the internet.
  • Screen Time Control and Monitoring: This feature allows the parents to check on the kid’s activities during the bedtime or breakfast and limit their screen time using Screen Time Control.
  • Suspicious Photo: Monitor and detect any photos that contain pornography or nudity on kid's album using advanced algorithms.
  • YouTube App Control: Get to know which videos have been watched on the kid's device and block the videos on channels on one tap if it is not proper for kids.

FamiSafe Parental Control

You can use any of the devices as iPhone heart rate monitor as they all work in the same way. Connecting the device with the iPhone Health app is a must, and then the device will carry out all another process by itself and ultimately send the analysis report to your iPhone.

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