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Friendly Kid Youtubers That Parents Can Share With Their Kids

10 Kid Appropriate Youtubers for Kids

Smartphones have become one of the unavoidable devices nowadays. We need a smartphone for everything. However, there are some unavoidable adverse effects of mobile and the internet. And kids, if not been checked regularly, might fall for these traps. YouTube serves as an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn, but it has a lot of explicit content in it at the same time, which is harmful or inappropriate for kids. The contents can make kids fall for them, and then they become prey to cyberbullying or cybercrime. Here is a list of kid YouTubers that parents can share these kid-friendly youtube channels with their kids. You don’t have to worry about these kid-appropriate YouTubers ever.

famous and popular kid youtubers for parents to share


Top 10 famous kid YouTubers that are kid-friendly:

There is a lot of content on YouTube. And your kids should avoid some of the explicit content there. Here is a list of the top 10 friendly Kid YouTubers that are kid-appropriate for your kids.

1. Stampylonghead, aka Stampy Cat:

Mr. Stampy Cat is one of those great kid YouTubers who post kid-friendly content on YouTube. It mainly narrates the “let's play” videos. Mr. Cat uploads new Minecraft videos every other day. Though he did not start to be a kids YouTuber, he became kid-friendly once he realized that most of his audiences are kids. He changed and became a kid channel after episode 19.

friendly little kids channel - Stampylonghead, aka Stampy Cat

2. Iballisticsquid, aka Squid Nugget:

Squid Nugget is the best buddy of Mr. Stampy Cat. They have featured in some of the Squid Nugget videos together. Squid Nugget is also a British cartoon, and it always makes sure to make the kids laugh but never shares inappropriate content. His videos also are mainly videos like “Let's Play” with some occasional modes and challenges. You can also check out Squiddy Sundays to watch his fun and random videos.

most popular kid youtubers - Iballisticsquid, aka Squid Nugget

3. Litanah:

Litanah is a fun-loving YouTuber with a bit of education, and his videos are good for kids. Sometimes, however, his tests are not the most accurate scientific protocols. But they surely encourage curiosity and creativity. Well, the name of his YouTube channel is not 'Silly Science”, and Fortnite fans can also find their regular podcast on his channel too.

kid appropriate youtubers - Litanah

4. Atlantic Craft:

It is hard not to admit that kids roam over YouTube and do not spend time over Minecraft videos only. A good portion of them is mainly for kids ranging from seven to twelve years of age. Atlantic Craft includes amazing videos where three different players compete to come up with the best build. These videos are almost about everything that kids may like to enjoy. The channel also features silly RP or story-style videos that kids enjoy a lot.

good kid youtubers - Atlantic Craft


NightFoxx is on this list just because they promote co-op activities and teamwork through their videos. Kids need to learn these kinds of activities. The contents of this channel are very energetic. However, a sigh of relief for the parents as the YouTuber does not use any inappropriate language. Therefore, the kids are not going to learn those contents in the excitement of the game.

kid friendly youtube channels - NightFoxx

6. Little Leah:

Like Atlantic craft, Little Leah offers multiple gaming videos, mainly Minecraft and Roblox. Leah mainly plays with her husband, Donny. They do things like competing over who will be building the best treehouse or such things. They also upload some general vlogs as well. But all of their contents are family-friendly. They act cute while playing together, and the videos have a happy vibe.

popular youtubers for kids - Little Leah

7. TanqR:

TanqR is also a channel focusing mainly on families. TanqR is recently started playing with his dad. And it is a Roblox channel. The channel is a little broad. It is also a very energetic gaming channel, Of course. And it is also a kid-friendly channel.

popular youtubers for kids -  TanqR

8. Phoeberry:

This Roblox channel is a bit chilly. Phoeberry is not a very over reactor kind of. However, she gets excited, really when she comes across new content or some other shiny things. Keeping exploring the world contents aside, Phoeberry mainly does things like dressing up like a Santa or gets up to some light merrymaking. She also tries sneaking into another player’s house and waits to see if someone notices her and gives them presents. It is also quite a fun channel.

friendly kids youtubers - Phoeberry

9. Poalo Soares Jr.:

The self-described father, husband, gamer, and entrepreneur offers family-friendly videos. The videos such as let’s play tutorials in a kind and straightforward style. These videos are best for the younger kids, new players, and families who want to enjoy themselves together. You can check out Soares’ how to survive and thrive tutorials. He is one of those rarest YouTubers who has bothered to have his content rated for different families. Thus, you can be sure about no mature content on his channel.

famous kid youtubers - Poalo Soares Jr.

10. Minecraft Universe:

Charming TrueMU (real name: Jason Probst) hosts this channel. He is one of the best kid YouTubers. It is a completely jam-packed channel with different adventure maps, mini-games, parkour maps, and some original electronic songs for download. He often also spirit games to play against advanced Minecraft players in a group called the Team Crafted. However, these contents are for all ages.

kid appropriate youtubers - Minecraft Universe

So, these are kid-friendly YouTubers we suggest for your child.

How to build a kid-friendly YouTube?

However, there are many friendly kid YouTubers or young YouTubers who are trying to make YouTube safer for kids, but you never know when and from where does explicit content appears. As a parent thus, you should be very careful if your kid’s YouTube is safe for them or not.

Here are three different ways to make kid's YouTube safer for your child.

1. Turn off Search

YouTube Kids let the kids search content by talking or by speaking. But if they can search by themselves, chances are they will come across some inappropriate content along with some good kid-friendly YouTubers. The search option broadens the reach of your kids. You can disable the search function to make a smaller fraction available for kids. And as per Google’s algorithm, the kids will be recommended with a smaller fraction of videos.

To close the search option, click on the lock icon in the lower right, enter a passcode, and tap on the settings. Then enter your kid’s profile and toggle to search settings. Set up separate profiles for your kids.

2. Set a custom passcode:

To enter the settings, you have to enter a four-digit passcode. You can do that by entering the numbers on the parent's only screen. On this screen, you will get a "set my passcode" option. Use this to prevent children from re-enabling search.

3. Apple Parental Control Apps

To make YouTube safer for kids in an all-around way,Many parental control applications are available in the play store and in the Apple store that might help you monitor your kids' activities on YouTube. You can check if they are searching for some kid YouTubers or some other content that may be inappropriate for them. With these applications, you will be able to monitor the other activities on their mobile phone too.

How to create a kid-friendly YouTube with FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a parental control app that helps to monitor your child’s phone activities. Famisafe aids in fetching details of targeted devices, such as their web activities and uses of various apps. Parents can conclude what their kids are turning into. In addition to that, maintaining the geofence of the monitored device is another amazing feature.

FamiSafe And How It Can Help?

FamiSafe is a top app for your kid's safety. It allows you to remotely control screen time, track your kid's real-time location, and detect any inappropriate content on their device. See? A lot more than just screen time limitation.

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
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  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Before we go, let's have a closer look at how FamiSafe's features will help parents make YouTube kid-friendly.

- YouTube Content Detection:

YouTube content detection is a great feature that FamiSafe offers on iOS and Android. With this special feature, you will know if Your kids are searching for kid YouTubers or any explicit content or inappropriate content on YouTube with keywords alert. You can also set alerts for what they are searching for (only on Android), and if you find out that your kids are frequently searching for inappropriate content, you can talk with them or directly block adult content on YouTube.

how to make youtube kid-friendly with FamiSafe how to make youtube kid-appropriate with FamiSafe

- YouTube App Control on Android:

Parents can check kids' video history remotely to know whether they watch disturbing videos and then block certain videos or channels.

monitor youtube to create a friendly youtube for kids

- App Usage Restriction and Block

Suppose your kids have a YouTube application on their digital devices like phones, tablets, or PCs. You can use FamiSafe's App Blocker to block the app directly on your end. Or use Screen Time to restrict the device's screen time usage.

To sum up, FamiSafe offers an option for parents to monitor kid's YouTube activity and set up restrictions. It comes in handy when parents can't find the time to check their kid's devices regularly.

Sometimes, it is not enough to sharing kid-appropriate YouTubers with kids. For safer YouTube, FamiSafe overall is a great app to have a close eye on your kid's activities on the internet world, particularly YouTube. Check out the app to keep an eye on your kids' online activities.

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