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How do you remotely block certain videos on YouTube

How do you remotely block certain videos


YouTube has now become an inevitable source in every individual's life. There is no day pass on without opening the YouTube screen in your gadgets. You will enter into the YouTube platform at least once before the dusk. The child psychologist post questions on how to block videos on YouTube. The adults can somehow manage if they encounter any suspicious videos on this platform. When the immature minds expose to those inappropriate videos on this environment then the kids will face psychological issues gradually. It is high time to look for potential measures to protect the children from the harmful videos of YouTube.

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Why do you need to block videos on YouTube?

There are disturbing videos available on the YouTube platform you should block them from the access of the kids and teens. When you allow your kid to use the gadgets depending on the age groups the search hashtag varies on YouTube the kids will look for rhymes, toddlers for gaming content and the teens search for fun videos. If you take a closer look at those videos you will find out shocking fact that all these videos have some form of harmful impact on the viewer's psychological factors. In this section, you will learn about the inappropriate videos available on the YouTube platform, which requires immediate blocking action.

Aggressive videos:

Most videos on YouTube display a violent act as a form of bravery. This type of videos stimulates violent behaviour in kids. They will grow up with the fact that bravery depends on the measure of violence. Gradually the kid will adapt to aggressive behaviour and believes that it is the right way of living in the society to become successful. The violent videos embed the wrong thought in kids and teens. The innocent minds will start to believe what they see and become mischief as they grow up.

Porn Content:

There are chances for the kids and teens to view the porn content when they try to surf on YouTube platform. Some of the videos load automatically without any warning message as such. Your kid can access any form of adult content without their knowledge. Most sexual predators insert these videos amidst the educational content to trap the immature kids. If your kid is unaware about it, then there are high probabilities for them to view that adult content.

Horror videos:

If you make a research on the YouTube content, you can find a wide range of horror information, which might panic your kid in an extreme way. It might lead to psychological issues if your kids watch that video content consistently. There are videos, which gives unrealistic facts in a reliable manner. When the immature minds surf through those videos then they will start to believe unwanted stuff as a real story thereby developing low self-esteem as they grow.

Addiction issues:

The toddlers and teenagers visit gaming videos on YouTube to learn the hidden strategy to win the game. The videos focus on how to play the game and the various options available to attack the opponent wisely. Gradually the teens will develop an addiction behaviour on watching that content continuously.

Offensive language videos:

If you make a research on the comment section in the YouTube videos, you will come across many offensive languages scribbled all the way without any control. When your kid read those comments, then he/she will develop psychological issues. The innocent souls will add those words in their vocabulary list and use them in their daily life without knowing the consequences of it. It ruins the disciplined lifestyle of the kids in no time.

How do parents block certain YouTube videos on the computer?

You can block videos on YouTube in the computer using YouTube built-in settings option. In this section, you will learn two different ways to block inappropriate videos from loading into your system.

Method 1: Using Account Settings

Step 1: First, you must sign in to your YouTube account using the credentials.

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Step 2: Next, tap the account icon which is the symbol of my YouTube account and choose Restriction Mode from the expanded list

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Step 3: Turn on the 'Restricted Mode' to prevent the entry of mature content video into the YouTube platform in your system.

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Method 2: Using YouTube video settings

Step 1: Go to an inappropriate video and select the three-dotted horizontal line at the right side below the video screen in your PC

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Step 2: From the pop-up list choose 'Report' option.

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Step 3: It leads to another pop-up window along with radio buttons for you to select the reason for reporting the specific video.

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Choose the desired option and tap the 'Next' button to block that video in your system. This action will end up with complete removal of the video from the YouTube server if it is against the terms and conditions of this channel.

The above-discussed methods assist you to block videos on YouTube in your PC

How do you remotely block certain videos on kid's YouTube app?

Another effective method, which prevails in this digital world to block videos on YouTube, is that by making use of FamiSafe parental control app from Wondershare. This app satisfies the expectations of digital parents without any compromises. The built-in features are the current needs to monitor the kid's gadget remotely in a precise way.

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Remarkable Features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • The 'Explicit Content Detection' option protects the kid's gadget in receiving inappropriate content from the cyberspace. This feature safeguards the kid from cyberbullying and sexual predator's issues.
  • Notify the parents immediately if it finds any suspicious texts in the message folder. This is applicable to all chats through social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Viber etc.
  • The App identifies potential issues in YouTube videos by scanning the title and comment related to the video.

The FamiSafe parental control app has unique features to deal with the YouTube app. Follow the below steps to embed the necessary settings to prevent the entry of inappropriate content into your kid's gadget through YouTube channel.

Step 1: App installation process

Visit the official website of Wondershare and download the FamiSafe parental control app to adjust the settings related to the YouTube app.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Step 1: Create an account

Next, you should create an account with your Email Id and Password on this platform to proceed with the installation process.

Step 3: Reveal the identity

You must reveal your identity as a parent when you try to install FamiSafe app in your gadget. In your kid's phone, you should select as 'child'.

Step 4: Add your child's device

To add the kid's gadget, you must select the type of OS compatible with your kid's phone. Therefore, you have to choose accordingly.

Step 5: Connect the parent and child device

Install the FamiSafe app in your child' phone and then click the 'Start' button in your mobile to establish a precise connection between the two devices.

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Step 6: Choose 'YouTube App Control'

After the successful installation process, you must tap the FamiSafe app icon in your device to trigger the software. From its home page, choose 'YouTube App Control'. This option is available only for Android devices.

A new window pops up when you click this option from the home page of FamiSafe app. This feature provides complete control of your kid's YouTube usage in their gadgets. In this window, you can find a list of links which was viewed by your kid on YouTube for a specific day. You can watch out the YouTube history for any day by selecting the calendar icon below the 'YouTube App Control' label.

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Step 7: Block Video or Channel

To block any particular link then you must tap the lock icon at the right side of the list. A popup screen appears with two options like 'Block Video and Block Channel'. Depending on your needs you can choose it accordingly. If you want to block only that particular video then select the first option. In case if you do not want any videos through this channel then go for the second choice. Both the options will help you to block inappropriate videos from entering into your kid's phone via YouTube app in a remote way.

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For an effective way to block videos on YouTube, you need sophisticated software like FamiSafe parental control app. There are methods to block certain YouTube videos on a computer using built-in programs on YouTube. It would not completely resolve the issue because the filter works only some extent and it is not reliable. There are chances for the adult content videos on YouTube to bypass the filter which is set using its built-in setting options. To safeguard your child from the inappropriate content from YouTube then FamiSafe app is the only recommended solution. Most professionals refer to this app due to its reliable and quick outcomes without any compromising factors.

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