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FamiSafe Features

Detect Suspicious Text

Detect Suspicious Text

Monitor social apps and YouTube to detect any explicit or offensive words. Set offensive words to get alert when they are detected on your kid's device.

Detect Suspicious Text
Know More About Disturbing Content on Social Media

My son got upset after he checked his Facebook messenger. I wonder what he received?

How can I keep an eye on what my
7-year-old son is watching on YouTube?

Can I block specific YouTube videos
from my kid's access?

Get Automatic Alerts for Potential Issues
Grasp your kids' online activities
Monitor Multiple Social Media at Once
No need to check your kids' social accounts anymore; using FamiSafe to monitor 7+ social platforms all at once. (Suspicious content detection on children's iOS devices is temporarily unsupported.)
  • Easy steps to connect kid's social accounts.
  • Support YouTube Content Detection on iOS.
  • Support WhatsApp, Messenger, Messenger Lite, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, or Kik Monitoring on Android.
Customize the Suspicious Words
Teens' popular slang is evolving. Better keep up with their pace by managing suspicious word settings.
  • Choose the category of the suspicious word you are concern about monitoring.
  • Add suspicious words to our keyword base to better protect our kids
  • Enable/disable monitoring on different categories of suspicious words easily.
Know kid's phone usage details
AI-assisted Inappropriate Content Monitor
FamiSafe has upgraded the content monitoring system to AI-assisted. With access to AIGC, the explicit words have been expanded and optimized.
  • Receive alerts when your kids encounter any cyber-violence, explicit, drug-related content, etc.
  • Detect inappropriate content more comprehensively and accurately.
  • Stay vigilant in your child’s digital world to keep them safe.
Get kids' devices app updates
YouTube Control & Detect
Free yourself from the trouble of checking your kid's YouTube browser history constantly. Get alerts on things that you are concerned about.
  • Categorize the potential issues of a YouTube video.
  • List potential issues found on your kid's YouTube watch list.
  • Block YouTube video or channel from kid's access.

Easy to Start with 3 Simple Steps

1 register famisafe


Register a FamiSafe account on the website or app from Google Play and App Store.

2 install


Install FamiSafe app both on parent's and kid's devices.

3 connect device


Connect and manage all devices from FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

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Related FAQ

    1. Open your Google play store and search the FamiSafe parental control app, you will get it. Install it on all devices you want to monitor ( you will be able to monitor five devices in one purse).
    2. Open a membership account with the app.
    3. Connect all devices to parents' devices and start monitoring.

    After the successful setup, you will be able to check kids' activity reports, restrict your kids' access to inappropriate websites and apps, lock games and other apps during breaks and study time.

  • Here are some signs that may lead you to think that your kid is addicted to the cell phone. 1) Your kid is angry most of the time 2) Facing depression 3) Looks tensed 4) The kid is mostly irritated and snaps over small things 5) Looks or behaves restless 6) Sleepness is another symptom you must not ignore 7) If your kid is unable to stop using his phone even during important events, eg., a funeral, etc. 8) Sudden lack of communication and aloofness 9) Neglecting dinner time with family or daily chores 10) Sleeping at odd hours.

  • The most popular iPhone and Android phone apps for kids are : 1) YouTube 2) Instagram 3) WhatsApp 4) Spin Safe Browser 5) Snapchat 6) Facebook 7) Android Messages (text) 8) YouTube Kids 9) Chrome 10) Netflix 11) Facebook Messenger.

  • Every child is different. Even experts could not provide a definite answer about how much time the kids should spend on digital devices. We recommend that 1-2 hours on school days is a reasonable amount. While on weekends or holidays, perhaps 3-4 hours is a reasonable amount. Most important of all, parents should set the kids up for a healthy relationship with technology.