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Detect Suspicious Text

Monitor social apps and YouTube to detect any explicit or offensive words. Set offensive words to get alert when they are detected on your kid's device.

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Know More About Disturbing Content on Social Media
My son got upset after he checked his Facebook messenger. I wonder what he received?
Can I block specific YouTube videos from my kid's access?
How can I keep an eye on what my 7-year-old son is watching on YouTube?
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Get Automatic Alerts for Potential Issues
monitor message on social platform with famisafe
Monitor Multiple Social Media at Once
No need to check your kids' social accounts anymore; using FamiSafe to monitor 7+ social platforms all at once.
  • Easy steps to connect kid's social accounts.
  • Support YouTube Content Detection on iOS.
  • Support SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Messenger Lite, Instagram, Twitter, Kik, Gmail, or YouTube monitoring on Android.
Customize the Suspicious Words
Teens' popular slang is evolving. Better keep up with their pace by managing suspicious word settings.
  • Choose the category of the suspicious word you concern about monitoring.
  • Add suspicious words to our keyword base to better protect our kids.
  • Enable/disable monitoring on different categories of suspicious words easily.
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YouTube Detect & Control
YouTube Control & Detect
Free yourself from the trouble of checking your kid's YouTube browser history constantly. Get alerts on things that you are concerned about.
  • Categorize the potential issues of a YouTube video.
  • List potential issues found on your kid's YouTube watch list.
  • Block YouTube video or channel from kid's access.

FamiSafe's Awards

FamiSafe has won awards from The National Parenting Center, National Parenting Product Awards, and Mom's Choice Awards in 2020 and 2021.

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Get Started with FamiSafe in 3 Steps
set up famisafe - register Register a FamiSafe account via our website or app.
set up famisafe downloadDownload FamiSafe on your phone and your kid's Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows or Mac devices.
set up famisafe completeComplete setup on both devices.
set up famisafeSet restrictions on kid's devices via FamiSafe on your phone.
Download FamiSafe on your kid's device to get started.
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More Parenting Tips for Getting Rid of Explicit Words

Let them know that words can hurt

Sometimes kids just find it fun to use a strong word without understanding its meaning. Parents should let kids know that words can hurt one's feeling and better not use them carelessly.

Find a substitute word

Find a substitute word to help your kids express their emotion instead of using curse or explicit words. Let your kids choose their own substitute words.

Limit exposure to explicit words

Kids get exposed to explicit words via TV shows, movies, games, and social media platforms. Parents should have a close inspection of them and choose the most proper one for them.

Behave yourself

Children model things that parents do. As a parent, you should set up a role model by not using curse words or explicit words in front of your kids.

Create a strong word-free environment

Ask everyone in your house not to use strong words, curse words, or explicit words to create a strong word-free environment at home for kids.

Know your kid's friends

Friends have a great influence on our behave. If your kids are hanging out with friends that love to curse, they will start to use explicit words unconsciously.

Related FAQ

  • How social media apps fight against cyberbullying:

    1. Facebook: bullying prevention and reporting tips for teens and parents.
    2. Twitter: rules of posting, safety blog posts, and reporting guidance.
    3. Instagram: tips for parents and report guidance on Instagram.
    4. YouTube: common-sense rules, YouTube tools & resources, and report guidance.

    Most of the apps and social networking sites state that bullying, abusive behaviors are banned. However, they just give tips and reporting guides and most people who reported cyberbullying said that no action was taken.

    How FamiSafe fights against cyberbullying in a more helpful way:

    • Monitor and control obsessive phone usage by limiting screen time or blocking harmful apps.
    • Explicit content detection and unique alert words setting
    • Suspicious photos detection protects kid's privacy and safety.
  • Android users can get to know what the kid was watching on YouTube with the feature called YouTube App Control. It will give you a record of the searches made, time, link of the video, and two options to block the channel or the video. For iOS users, they can connnect kids' YouTube accounts and receive keywords alert if they search some YouTube videos containing potential danger.

  • To add suspicious keywords, For Android, go to Explicit content detection from the dashboard, then click on the three dots (...) on the top-right. You will see two options; Suspicious text base and Add suspicious word. The first option will show a preset list of words that you can keep or turn off. The second option will allow you to add your choice of keywords to add to the list. For iOS, you can follow the same procedure in the YouTube content detection feature.

  • 1) WhatsApp 2) Instagram 3) Facebook 4) Facebook messenger 5) Snapchat 6) Kik 7) Tik Tok 8) Twitter 9) Tumblr 10) YouTube

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