Secured Sharing, See Loved Ones at Hands

Geonection protects your location sharing with end-to-end encryption.


Be closer to family and friends

Safer Sharing

End-to-end encryption adopted, Geonection allows safer location sharing between family and friends.

More devices

No barriers between iOS and Android, more devices to share location at the same time.

Location circles

More circle choices, join in circles to meet new friends, or add a circle with your family or friends.

How it works

Set Location Circles

Create or join a location sharing circle of relatives or friends. You can create permanent or short-term circles. Maintain "location contact" with family and friends when you are out alone; quickly get the location of your friends when you have a party or travel.

Share Real-time location

Refresh the location of members in the circle in real-time. When you become a member of a circle, you can view the real-time location of your "circle members", regardless of whether you are on an iOS or Android device.

Easy to Start with 3 Simple Steps


Search and download Geonection in the app store or google play

Sign up

Open the app, register and log in to your account, set the location permissions

Add circle

Create and share circles of yourself and your family and friends

Geonection FAQs

  • Circles are a group that you and your family & friends share location. Only people within the same Circle can see each other's locations.
  • Other people can use your Circle Code to join your Circle. When you create a Circle, you are given a Circle Code for that specific Circle. Please share your Circle Code with the people you want to invite. You can use the "Send" button to send the Circle Code. When other people get the Circle Code, they can open the "join Circle" menu and put the Circle Code there to join your Circle.
  • Permanent Circle will not expire, it will only be gone if you choose to delete it. 3-day Circle will expire in 3 days after you create it. After 3 days, this Circle will be deleted automatically and you can't see Circle member's location anymore. You can change a 3-day Circle to a permanent Circle in the Circle Setting menu.
  • You can add as many people as you like in your Circle. However, the maximum Circle member in the same Circle is 99. Also, it's strongly recommended to keep the Circle members below 20, the fewer people in the same Circle, the smoother Geonection works.
  • The GPS signal accuracy depends on where you are. If you are in an enclosed space like a basement, a tall building, or a tunnel, the GPS signal will be very weak, and the location on the map will not be accurate.
  • Please go to Circle Settings by tapping the gear icon on the upper right corner, then tap "Location Sharing", you can choose to only show your approximate location, or even hide your location.