#NoCyberbullying Challenge

Make an anti-cyberbullying post with the hastag: #FamiSafe #NoCyberbullying
Duration: 1st June,2021 - 30th June, 2021 Eastern Time(ET)

Cyberbullying Is Hurting Hundreds Of Thousand
Children Every Day

Facts about cyberbullying you might not know
of young people have done something abusive online
of U.S. teens have experienced cyberbullying
of teenagers are social media users
of parents believe cyberbullying often happens social media
of people think we need more anti-cyberbullying measures
of people have never heard of cyberbullying
FamiSafe will donate to Cybersmile through this campaign to help more cyberbullying victims
to get better supports
What is Cybersmile?
The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award-winning nonprofit organization committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online.
Why do we choose cybersmile?
Founded in 2010, Cybersmile has grown to become one of the world’s leading anti-cyberbullying and digital wellbeing nonprofit organizations.
What will our donation be used for?
Our donation to Cybersmile will be spent to:
1. Provide 50-minute counseling sessions for victims of cyberbullying
2. Provide long-term support and guidance for victims of cyberbullying.
3. Carry out an independent survey and research about cyberbullying and online abuse.

Complete The Challenge and Light Up the FamiSafe Tree

the star tree

Watch a video to know more

Learn more facts about cyberbullying and how to participate in the NoCyberbullying campaign

1. The participant needs to post the required content on social media, it will be better if submits and lights up the light after posting.

2. The post should carry the correct hashtag: #FamiSafe #NoCyberbullying, otherwise, we cannot find the right post and you cannot proceed to complete the challenge.

3. Every time someone completes the challenge and lights up, we will donate $0.5 to the Cybersmile Foundation.

4. The record and proof of our donation will be shared on our social media and website when the campaign is over.

5. If you want to be informed when we complete the donation, please leave us your email when you complete the challenge.

6. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to WonderShare FamiSafe. If you have any doubts or questions, please consult us via our official social media account.

FamiSafe: Detect Cyberbullying Messages

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Learn More About Cybersmile

The Cybersmile Foundation are committed to helping everyone realize their true potential by supporting those affected, changing
negative behaviors, and through education – preparing this and further generations for a safe and positive digital future.

The Mission
Our mission is simple – we believe that everybody should have an equal right to access and enjoy our connected world.
The Model
Our Tri-Pillar model is based on three primary areas or pillars of activity – Awareness, Education and Support. Cybersmile believe that a focus on all three of these pillars is important to achieve maximum social impact and meaningful societal change.
Stop Cyberbullying Day
Each year – every third Friday in June, Stop Cyberbullying Day is an internationally recognized day of awareness and activities both on and offline.

Explore More About How You Can Stop Cyberbullying

Light up Safe Tree
Take the challenge of turning cyberbullying words into encouraging ones.
Take a Quiz
Take a quick quiz of 5 questions to see how much you know about cyberbullying. 
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