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Life, these days is diligent & busy! Considering, the case of parenting which in itself is a tiring job, you always want to make sure that your kid is safe in every way. If you have a teen at home then, you would understand how hard parenting is! Every teen owns a phone in this technology-driven world. Teenage, surely is a phase when one wants to discover the unexplored world through the eyes of technology. Parents, on the other hand, want to make sure that their curious and vulnerable kid is safe and secure.

In order to protect your kid from getting tricked by the luring treat of the hi-tech world, parental apps with mobile geofencing came into the scene.

These geofencing applications let the parents surveillance their kids activities so that they don’t discover the wrong side of technical world at the wrong age. So, be it any purpose, from data restriction to location prohibition these software do it all.

In case you feel any need of such software then, here’s the list of 10 geofencing application software which would let you keep-in-check your children’s day-to-day activities!

Check it out!

1. FamiSafe: https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

This application software lets the parents be less concerned about their kids as it keep their kids under their close observations.

Key Features:

This application uses geofencing software to keep under check their kid’s current location, and internet browsing content. Famisafe is all about it.Let’s look closely the key features of this app.

a) Location Tracking: Use this feature of FamiSafe app to check whether your kid is safe and not in danger by going some forbidden place.

b) App Blocker: If your kid is a uses a cell-phone and you don’t want him to use a misleading app that you can put constraint on what he should and what should not.

c) Web Filtering: By the means of this app, you can block the websites you don’t want your kids to lay their eyes on

Pros of FamiSafe:

  • With FamiSafe, you can track your kid’s location.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Access its control panel through the app or visit the website.
  • Restricts the type of content your kid can access on his device

Cons of FamiSafe:

  • The features on the iOS/ Android phones are different.
  • The paid plan system might be a little issue for some parents
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

2) Sephora: https://www.sephora.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

Its a famous beauty brand which is recognized globally. Owning more than 2300 stores situated in 33 countries. Sephora app is designed for all the iOS/Android devices. The application for this brand is equipped with geofencing software which sends you a push notification when you cross any of the Sephora store nearby. This is the best geofenced example of this software.

3) SpyZie: https://www.spyzie.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

It is an app used to track the cell-phones. This is a great app for parents for protecting their kids from predators, cyberbullying and series issues of the sorts. This app is compatible on both the platforms-iOS and Android. SpyZie is a geofencing application which allows you the access to all the messages, call-logs, contacts, GPS location on a cell-phone. Being more affordable, this app is one of the favorite spying tools amongst the rest available on the internet.

4) GizmoControl Family: http://gizmocontrol.com/gizmocontrolfamily.aspx

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

No doubt, internet makes our life better and easier but surely hampers the privacy on the edge. Keeping in mind, security as the main concern for everyone these days, GizmoControl Family offers you great security solutions for your loved ones and family. This app has Android parental control and device management, anti-virus, family locator, and geofencing. Avail this app to protect your family from the internet security, and other potential threats.

5) Control-Apple Maps: https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT202570

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

Exclusively made for iOS platform, this apple-map service is by default is inbuilt onto the device. This service is equipped by the geofencing and other dynamic features which helps in detecting your current location and the place you are heading to. This service on apple-device and Google-maps on Android has made the driving experience convenient & better.

6) Kaspersky Kids Safe: https://www.kaspersky.co.in/safe-kids

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

Designed by Kasperskey Labs, this geofencing application is made to protect kids from the potential internet threats like cyberbullying, predators, pornography, etc. This app has features which would track your kid’s location and let you know if he is in any danger. It also helps in managing device time of internet/data usage. It also blocks the content which your kid is not supposed to watch.

7) LinkWise by RedTrac: https://www.red-trac.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

This app uses geofencing & GPS tracking as its main features. This mobile-compatible software will let you receive customized alerts & reports. This app uses complex technology like- telemetry & satellite transmission to collect the data. Although the technology used is complex, the user-interface of this app is pretty convinient & user-friendly. This app can availed as both cloud-based & installed version.

8) Telogis: https://www.verizonconnect.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

By using the geofencing technology as the key feature, this software helps you in geocoding and reverse geocoding. It supports the satellite imagery integration and GIS map layering. This supports map data in over 80 countries and can be installed on-premises and can be hosted on the cloud as well.The major industrial sector that uses this software is oil & gas.

9) Timesheet Mobile: https://www.timesheetmobile.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

Timesheet Mobile is an useful app helps you to geofence the accurately job related sites. This app in association with QuickBooks allows the user to export data to ADP & Sage payroll. This is a cloud-based geofence software compatible on both iOS & Android operating system.

10) GreenRoad: https://greenroad.com/

10 Best Geofencing Apps that Really Work for Parents

Green road is one amazing option for geofencing application. Its key-features include vehicle tracking, route optimization, real-time alerts and also reporting. By using this app, you can interpret the list of landmarks in CSV format. The client portal of this app lets you monitor the driver entry& exit from the restricted areas or the working sites. The software also in keeping the track of time spent by the vehicles or the crew at the job or project site.

How to install FamiSafe?

Step1: Install the app onto your iOS/Android device and on your kid’s device from your app store.

Step2: Register on the app on both the devices.

Step3: Make the settings on both the cell-phones.

On your kid’s i-phone:

i) Log into the account by choosing the identity as kid and fill the required details like name & age.

ii) Grant the necessary permissions (different on iOS and Android).

iii) Allow the app to use location.

iv) Install the “Mobile Management File.”

On your kid’s Android device:

i) Log into the account by choosing the identity as kid and fill the required details like name & age.

ii) Grant the necessary permissions (different on iOS and Android).

iii) Enable permission to app usage.

iv) Grant the FamiSafe permissions to the administrator.

v) Allow all the access to the locations.

Step 4: On the parent’s phone:

i) Log-in to the FamiSafe Account and set your identity as parent.

ii) Connect to the iOS/Android device of kid.

geofencing technology makes the use of GPS & other related software to keep in check the kids activities & location. FamiSafe is one of these apps, if you are already using this app then, share your experience else download it now!

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