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11 Best GPS Trackers - Tracking Devices for People

Tracking Devices for People

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Apr 24, 2022 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Utilizing GPS in the foremost activities of our day to day lives has become a consistent habit. Whether we are planning for a dinner on Saturday night or going on a hiking trip in the woods, GPS always come in handy. We have become so much habitual of its usage that sometimes we forget that it’s here. Its uses go far beyond traveling and navigation. The GPS trackers with advanced technologies can track people, pets, vehicles, keys, and almost every single thing that we can think of.

So, here we are listing the most popular GPS tracking devices for people that they can choose as per requirement.

11 best GPS Tracker For You

All the trackers that are listed below can be used for their specialized functions and also for other features. Every single tracker has its own specific use and is suitable for your different needs.

1. Wonbo GPS Tracking Smartwatch:

Kid Smart Watch by Wonbo is one of the dominant products when it comes to buying a GPS tracking device for your kid (also for you!). This smartwatch comes with a lot of admirable and useful features.

First and foremost, I can’t resist mentioning its all-day real-time location tracking feature.  It’s compatible with all iPhone and Android cellphones, and you can check your child’s position at any time, anywhere. Furthermore, its dual position mode will ensure double safety for your child.

With this product, you can dial the watch. Not only that, but your child can also make a call to you by using its SOS/ family number speed dial. Amazing, isn’t it?

Finally, this smartwatch will do a great job that you must appreciate-it can track your kid’s fitness activity.

Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$21.99 at Amazon


  • GPS Tracker and Two-way calls.
  • SOS/family number speed dial.
  • Alarm Warning of taken off.
  • Voice Chat on App.
  • Security fence.
  • Fitness Tracker.
  • Pedometer.


  • Safe for kid’s eyesight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Comfortable and durable.


  • It supports only 2G GSM network.
  • You need to buy Micro SIM Card separately.

So, you may raise an eyebrow thinking that "How long this smartwatch will work?" Well, for your utter surprise, this product is made of high-quality material. So, no need to be worried about its longevity.

Overall, this smartwatch is perfect for your child as a birthday gift or a special treat.

2. Anti-Lost - Key Finder and Phone Finder:

This tracking device for people works on Bluetooth technology. It can be attached to an important thing that you don’t want to lose.

10 Best GPS Trackers  - Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$15.99 at Amazon


  • It can be used for keys, phones, vehicles, and other assets.
  • The users can also ring the device to find the location of the object.


  • It can provide you with the exact location of the objects.
  • It is small and simple.
  • The battery can last up to a year.


  • The ring function only works up to a limit.

3. Trax Play Kids’ GPS:

With a simple and sleek design and high accuracy, Trax Play Kids’ GPS is the toughest GPS tracking device for people who want to keep an eye on their kids.

GPS Tracking Devices for People
Editor's Choice
$99.00 at Amazon


  • It supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • It is the world’s smallest and lightest GPS tracker.
  • Works on a built-in SIM card that is connected to a T-Mobile’s network.


  • It is water and dust resistant.
  • Tracking is done through a mobile phone app.


  • The SIM card works only when a data plan is purchased.
  • The battery life is only 24 hours.

4. Yepzon One Personal GPS:

The Yepzon One Personal GPS tracking device is specially used for the elder ones.

tracking devices for people - yepzon one personal gps
Editor's Choice
$129.00 at Amazon


  • It doesn’t have a distance limitation.
  • Works on the AT&T and T-Mobile 2G networks.
  • A smartphone app is also provided along with the tracker.
  • The tracker is completely waterproof.


  • The tracker is so lightweight that it can be worn as a pendant.
  • The battery life can last up to several months depending on the usage.
  • It comes with a 6-month free plan.


  • The tracking depends on the connection of the network.

5. Pod 2 GPS+ Wi-Fi:

This tracking device is used for the pets which people so dearly love. It only weighs 1 ounce so that its presence won’t even get detected by the cute and little pets.

Tracking Devices for People - pod 2 gps+ wifi
Editor's Choice
$170.00 at Amazon


  • It can detect both location and your pet’s activity level.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


  • It comes with a one-year free subscription.
  • You can also set up the Geofences.
  • The battery life can last from 6 hours to 6 days.


  • It is a little bit expensive.

6. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker:

Providing additional security to the vehicles owned by people is a must. That’s the main purpose of MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker. It is an excellent GPS tracking device for people to keep their vehicles safe.

Tracking Devices for People - motosafety obd gps tracker
Editor's Choice
$25.00 at Amazon


  • The device can directly connect to the Google Maps and provide high accuracy of location, speed, and traffic.
  • It also provides a customizable Geofencing feature.
  • It also maintains a daily report card of the vehicles including brakes, speed, and acceleration.


  • Convenient and flexible payment plan.
  • It can also track the amount of gas in the tank.
  • No activation or cancellation fees.


  • The $19.99 monthly charge is a little bit expensive for some people.

7. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker:

The STI_GL300 is a perfect solution to track motor vehicles and their speed.

10 Best GPS Trackers  - Tracking Devices for People spy tec
Editor's Choice
$50.00 at Amazon


  • It is a lightweight and remote device that can’t be detected easily.
  • It allows the users to set Geofences.
  • The device sends alerts when the motor vehicle gets out of its limits.


  • The battery consumption powers down when the vehicle is stationary.
  • The device has a motion detector accelerometer.


  • The battery drains faster when the vehicles are in motion.
  • The monthly subscription cost up to $25 per month.

8. SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device:

Although we are discussing the lightweight and simple tracking device for people, there are also some devices that are designed for bulkier bodies. The same applies to the SPOT Trace device.

GPS Tracking Devices for People - SPOT Trace
Editor's Choice
$100.00 at Amazon


  • Uses a satellite technology for tracking.
  • It provides an alert via emails and text messages.


  • Don’t need to worry about the cellular networks.
  • It is completely waterproof.


  • The device is expensive for some people.

9. Spot Gen3:

This is like a dream tracker for every person who loves to hike. The Spot Gen3 tracker has a rough look which makes it a perfect choice for the people who are going on hiking. This tracker can withstand harsh environments and still work with the same flow.

 GPS Tracking Devices for People - Spot Gen3
Editor's Choice
$150.00 at Amazon


  • It comes with a rubber edge and plastic exterior which makes it shockproof.
  • The tracker is also completely waterproof as its body is completely sealed.
  • Spot Gen3 can update the GPS after every 5, 10, 30, and 60 minutes.
  • It works on a Satellite phone line to broadcast location even in remote places.


  • The battery can last up to 150 days when used at the lowest frequency.
  • Provides a 100% clear-cut view of the location.


  • The high-frequency rate utilizes the battery at a very fast rate.

10. Monster Magnetics MiniMag 2 GPS Tracker:

This tracking device for people is true to its name as it works on Magnet technology. It is the most ideal choice when it comes to protecting your valuable assets.

Tracking Devices for People- Monster Magnetics
Editor's Choice
$19.95 at Amazon


  • The device uses the magnet technology and hence can stick to any metal body.
  • It has a watertight plastic enclosure that protects it from different environmental conditions.


  • The device is completely waterproof.
  • Has a sturdy and compact design.

11. Amcrest AM-GL300:

This GPS tracking device for people helps them to prevent the loss of their bags or luggage while traveling. This feature just makes the GPS technology a lot more valuable.

GPS Tracking Devices for People - Amcrest
Editor's Choice
$60.00 at Amazon


  • It works on a 2G GSM network powered by AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • A smartphone app and a website are provided for tracking.


  • It is water-resistant.
  • It comes with two weeks of battery life.
  • It can multitask as it can be used for car tracking or kid’s tracking.
  • Alerts through emails and messages.


  • It also needs the purchase of a data plan after a while.

Can the above tracking device be used to track a mobile device?

The answer is yes as long as you can keep the phone with the tracking devices. However, not everyone will agree to bring a tracking device with them. That's why you need location tracking app like FamiSafe.

With FamiSafe, all you need to do is install the app on the target mobile device you would like to track, complete the setup. Then you can check the real-time location of the target device.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

FamiSafe offers more than real-time location tracking. It also supports the below features.

  • Geofences: You can set up a specific area and get notified when the target phones enter or leave.
  • Location History: You can check the location history of the target device.
  • Driving Reports: If you would like to track the driving routine of your kids, you can also use FamiSafe's Driving Report features. You can also check the driving details like average speed, driving distance and number of overspeeding.

famisafe drive safety

All the above-mentioned devices are perfectly capable of tracking location activities of almost every single object. Whether it is your phone, keys, your pets, or your vehicles, these GPS tracking devices for people is the device on which every person can rely.

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