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Cheap GPS Tracking Devices to Buy for Parents

Cheap Tracking Devices

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Parents are important people in our lives, and we always want to ensure they are safe indoors and outdoors. For the rich, employing bodyguards and installing CCTV cameras everywhere will suffice. But for the average Joe like you and I, modern technology allows us to remotely monitor all movements of our loved ones. With the cheap GPS tracking devices on this review post, you'll know the exact GPS position of your parent and receive alerts whenever they enter or leave a specific area. Remember, expensive GPS tracking devices are not always the best, as this article proves.

10 cheap GPS tracking devices to buy in 2023

#1 - Hangang Personal GPS Tracker

cheap gps tracking devices hangang

Hangang Personal GPS Tracker is a small, portable, waterproof GPS tracker designed for use anywhere. You can drop this GPS device inside your parent's bag, purse, pocket, and other hidden places and monitor all their outdoor activities. You'll enjoy accurate GPS positioning up to five meters on the intuitive map and set up geofences for live location alerts. In addition, you can check the device's live location history for up to six months. Meanwhile, this mini tracker allows your parent to send you an emergency alert by merely pressing the red SOS button. However, the SIM card must use a 2G network to monitor live locations.


  • Small, compact, and waterproof design.
  • Inbuilt 1000mAh battery.
  • Create geofences and receive live GPS alerts.
  • Get live GPS location history for up to six months.


  • It doesn't support AT&T and Verizon networks in the US.
  • It can be a little hard to set up for non-techies.

#2 - Germin Forerunner 35

 cheap gps tracking devices germin forerunner 35

Germin Forerunner 35 is an excellent budget smartwatch if your parent is a fitness freak. It features an inbuilt GPS chip that allows you to monitor your parent's outdoor fitness activities like cycling, jogging, walking, and running on the Germin Connect app. Although it's clearly a sports watch, the elegant design allows your parent to don this watch during meetings and important events. As your parent goes about their business, this device will monitor their heart rate, stress level, calories burnt, and steps. Using the sleep tracker, you can also see if your parent is getting enough sleep. Overall, it's an excellent entry-level GPS tracking device.


  • Super easy to set up with the companion app.
  • Lots of fitness activities.
  • Multiple health-tracking features.
  • The battery lasts up to seven days with heavy use.


  • The GPS tracker isn't so sophisticated.
  • The blocky design may not appeal to some wearers.

#3 - Amazfit Bip U

cheap gps tracking devices amazfit bip u

Amazfit is known for creating some of the best GPS-tracking watches in the industry. With Amazfit Bip U, you'll enjoy an ultra-light and durable design that you won't even feel the watch on your wrist. This watch boasts a 1.43-inch HD screen that supports 320 x 320-pixel resolution. On the companion Zepp app, you can monitor all your live locations while outdoors running, jogging, cycling, driving, etc. This can help you know where your parent was during the day and if they honored appointments with their doctor, trainer, teacher, etc. Moreover, this watch offers 24 hours of heart rate, stress, blood oxygen, and sleep monitoring.


  • The Zepp app is straightforward and detailed enough.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • It shows incoming calls and text messages.
  • It has excellent battery life.


  • It only works with a Bluetooth connection.
  • You cannot answer calls and messages via the app.

#4 - SUUNTO 5 Sports Tracking Watch

cheap gps tracking devices suunto 5

$250 isn't much to spend on your parent, is it? With SUUNTO 5, you'll enjoy global GPS positioning, thanks to the inbuilt GPS/GLONASS/Galileo chips. The Heatmaps on the companion app will show you the live positioning of the watch and the recently used tracks. You can also plan your routes using the topographic maps and sync them to the watch for timely alerts and reminders. This watch can also measure several metrics, including heart rate, sleep, altitude, calories, distance, and more. Plus, the watch's battery can last up to 40 hours with heavy use.


  • Long battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • Track heart rate, stress, sleep, and calories.
  • Monitor live locations and get location history.
  • Connect the watch to third-party apps and monitor activities.


  • The price tag is on the higher side.
  • The 40-hour battery life is below average.

#5 - TKSTAR GPS Tracker

 cheap gps tracking devices tkstar

TKSTAR GPS Tracker is a robust and waterproof device for finding the exact position of your parent, car, child, luggage, etc. This device can take a thorough outdoor beating, even surviving the most bruising off-road driving and cycling. It is also effortless to install, thanks to the strong magnetic field that sticks to any iron surface. Upon activation, it delivers accurate location data to your smartphone via the easy-to-use app compatible with Android and iOS platforms. TKSTAR boasts an accuracy range of within 5 meters, and you can also set geofences to receive live location alerts. Even better, it has a massive battery that lasts up to 90 days with a single charge. You can get this excellent GPS tracker for only $63.98.


  • It has a strong magnet for sticking it to any metallic surface.
  • Rugged and waterproof design.
  • Accurate GPS positions within five meters.
  • Affordable monthly SIM card fee of $5 in the US.


  • It doesn't come with a SIM card or calling data plan.
  • The device only supports GSM/2G networks.
  • The size is bigger compared to other GPS trackers.

#6 - CARLOCK Advanced GPS Tracker

 cheap gps tracking devices carlock

CARLOCK claims that this device is like "GPS on steroids." Well, let's find out! It's a versatile unit that keeps track of your parent's car locations without losing an inch. This GPS tracker is compatible with your car's 01302 port and has an intuitive application that helps track the car's position. It monitors your car's live location whenever the engine starts or if the vehicle is moving. CARLOCK will notify you even with the slightest vibration of your card. This GPS tracker will also inform you about the health of your vehicle's battery. And best of all, the monthly subscription of $9.60 is reasonably priced. By the way, the first month is free!


  • Accurate live location tracking of your car.
  • Detects unusual acceleration, hard braking, and sharp corners.
  • It monitors your car's battery health.
  • Affordable pricing and subscription.


  • Regularly fails to send geofence signals.
  • Customer service is not prompt.

#7 - Tracki

cheap gps tracking devices tracki

For just $16.88, cheap GPS tracking devices don't come any cheaper than Tracki. And don't be fooled by the low price because this device does everything that more expensive GPS trackers can do, if not better. That said, Tracki comes with an international SIM card with subscriptions starting at $9.95. After connecting Tracki to the internet, you can attach this device to your car, belt clip, purse, key chain, or even drop it inside your pocket. It can monitor your parent's actual location and send live geofence alerts. In addition, you can monitor indoor locations using Wi-Fi routers and matching computer IDs. It simply works!


  • Monitor outdoor and indoor locations.
  • Small compact design that fits anywhere.
  • It comes with an international SIM with affordable rates.
  • The rechargeable battery can last up to five days.


  • Monthly payments are billed in USD only.
  • Lots of complaints about unhelpful customer support.

#8 - MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker

cheap gps tracking devices motosafety

This versatile GPS tracker is perfect for tracking your parents, child, elderly, or fleet of cars. In fact, it can be your third eye in an online delivery business. Quickly moving forward, MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device can track your vehicle in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The device uses a 4G/3G network to track locations when attached to your automobile's OBD2 port. The location positioning is pretty accurate, and the device will provide details about the driving direction, traffic, and speed. You can get MOTOsafety for $24.99 only. But note that the monthly service fee starts at $25, which is way higher than what devices like Tracki and CARLOCK charge.


  • Accurate GPS tracking on the intuitive map.
  • The device doesn't charge activation or cancelation fees.
  • Simple to set up, thanks to the short manual.
  • Provide reports about rapid acceleration, speeding, and hard braking.
  • It updates live locations every 1 to 2 minutes.


  • It provides live GPS tracking in three countries only.
  • Expensive monthly subscriptions.

#9 - Mini Guardian

cheap gps tracking devices mini guardian

Mini Guardian is one of the best GPS trackers for the elderly that money can buy. It's a small and discreet device with a clip to secure it on your parent's belt, clothing, purse, and more. The package also has a lanyard for securing the device around your neck. This device supports nationwide 4G networks to offer accurate GPS/Wi-Fi monitoring. It also comes with a crystal-clear two-way speaker for communicating with the wearer in real time. In addition, Mini Guardian lets your parent send you an emergency SOS call with a push button. The monthly plans start at $39.95.


  • Two-way voice calling on the HD speaker.
  • IP67-rated water resistance.
  • Easy-to-press help button for emergency SOS.
  • It comes with a magnetic clip and lanyard for wearing on the go.


  • Expensive subscription plans.
  • Customer support can be unresponsive.

#10 - Caregiver Pager Wireless Call Button System

 cheap gps tracking devices caregiver pager

If the Mini Guardian expensive subscription scared you off, try this live location tracker and caregiver device. Caregiver Pager is a lightweight and waterproof device that your parent or pregnant partner can carry whenever they are going. This device can operate within a 300-feet range outdoors and 50 feet indoors. It houses a super-responsive emergency SOS call button and a two-way communication speaker. The device has up to 52 ringtone melodies and a strong call vibration. It will definitely serve you well if you want to monitor your elderly parent or grandparent.


  • 52 ringtones and a vibration alert.
  • Easy to connect to a lanyard or belt clip.
  • Four volume levels up to 110dB.
  • It uses two replaceable AAA batteries.


  • Setting up the device can be challenging for non-techies.
  • Maximum of 300 feet of open area monitoring.

Discover FamiSafe - Best Car Tracking Control Tool

gps tracking devices

Everyone owns a smartphone these days. As such, you don't need to purchase a physical GPS tracker to monitor your parent's location. With FamiSafe, you can remotely get your parent's GPS points from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or FireOS device. You just need to install this app on both devices to monitor the locations. Excitingly, the $9.99/month subscription fee is a great steal, considering you can monitor up to 30 devices.

Below is how FamiSafe can help keep your parent safe:

  • Get real-time GPS locations: FamiSafe allows you to see the live location of your parent's device on the intuitive map. Tap the "Live Location" button on the home screen to start monitoring locations.
  • Set geofences: Sometimes, you may want to get real-time reports when your parent leaves the house, visits their doctor, enters the gym, and so on. FamiSafe allows you to circle multiple areas and get real-time location notifications.
  • Get location history: Did your parent forget their phone at the hospital, gym, yoga class, or anywhere else they like going? FamiSafe will help you find their phone, thanks to the live location history feature. You can track the device's location for the past 30 days.
  • Accurate driving reports: FamiSafe gives detailed information about your parent's driving sessions. You'll get clear stats for speed and hard braking.

There are many affordable GPS tracking solutions for your parent, child, vehicle, pet, and more. Some of these GPS devices will give you detailed information about your car's speed, braking, battery life, and more. But if you want to monitor your parent's location without spending much on the subscription fees, we recommend using FamiSafe. You do not even need an instructional manual to install this app on your parent's phone. Try it and discover an ideal GPS tracking tool!

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