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The Best GPS Trackers and Senior Wearables Tracking Devices

Best Senior Tracking Watch

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

There are many reasons to need a GPS tracking device. Besides tracking vehicles and luggage, you might also want to know the exact location of an older person. This is especially true if the person has diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers, which can lead to memory loss. Concerned parents and guardians will also want to know their kids' whereabouts, with the many cases of kidnappings not making life safer. So, whichever reasons you might have to see live GPS locations, this article reviews eleven excellent senior tracking devices. Make a pick!

Why do we need senior tracking devices?

Older persons are indeed the most vulnerable in society. As age catches up with people, they'll begin to suffer from diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer, which lead to frequent memory lapses. As such, letting your old parent or grandparent leave the house alone is not advisable because they may forget their way back. You might also need a GPS tracking device for seniors to know if your loved one honored their doctor's appointment, gym session, and more.

Thankfully, you don't need to invest a fortune in bodyguards and detectives to keep tabs on an older adult. That's because modern technology allows you to monitor every step of your loved one remotely from your workplace or home. These tracking devices for seniors also come with advanced features like fall detection, crash detection, emergency SOS calling, and more. So, keep reading to learn the best eleven options for every budget.

11 GPS Trackers and Senior Wearables Tracking Devices

So, without wasting time, below are our recommended GPS tracking watches for adults in 2023.

1. Mini Guardian

best senior wearables tracking devices mini guardian

Mini Guardian by Medical Guardian is one of the best GPS-tracking devices for seniors suffering from health issues. This device is designed to help you know whenever your loved one needs emergency medical attention. It's a lightweight device with a lanyard, so your parent can secure it around their neck while outdoors walking or training. It also has a clip for connecting it to a belt, purse, backpack, etc. This device supports Wi-Fi, GPS, and 4G LTE nationwide services to give you the most accurate location readings. There's also an easy-to-press emergency alert button.

Key specs:

  • It's easy to connect to a lanyard.
  • It uses 4G, Wi-Fi, and GPS for accurate location readings.
  • 5-day battery life with a single charge.
  • It has a water-resistant coating.
  • Includes premium automatic fall detection feature.

2. Tile Pro

best senior wearables tracking devices tile pro

Although this device is not a GPS tracker, it will definitely come in handy for your elderly parent or grandparent. With Tile Pro, your parent can find anything around their home or outdoors if they forgot their bag or purse somewhere. This device uses strong Bluetooth to help you find your keys, smartphone, luggage, or anything within the recommended 400 feet range. You can also clip it on your purse, key holder, bag, lanyard, or pet. Interestingly, your parent can find their lost phone by merely pressing the Tile button. What's best, the $45.00 price should be within range.

Key specs:

  • The map provides accurate location data.
  • 400 feet Bluetooth connectivity range.
  • Waterproof and durable plastic material.
  • Large rubber button for locating your phone.
  • The replaceable battery can last up to a year.

3. Apple Airtag

best senior wearables tracking devices apple airtag

Tile Pro is undoubtedly the best Bluetooth item finder for seniors using Android. But for iPhone and iPad users, Apple Airtag is the ideal purchase. This Bluetooth tracker is cheaper than Tile Pro and supports up to 800 feet of finding range. After connecting this device to your phone, you'll use the Find My app to quickly locate your lost phone or bag with pinpoint accuracy. As expected, it also has an inbuilt speaker to play a sound whenever you want to find the device. And yes, it's small enough to fit inside your pocket or wallet.

Key specs:

  • Super easy to connect to the Find My app.
  • Up to 800 feet of Bluetooth connectivity range.
  • The replaceable battery can last up to 1 year.
  • Inbuilt speaker to find it easily.
  • The Find My network can help you track the device when it's far away.

4. Apple Watch Series 3

best senior wearables tracking devices apple series 3

More superior Apple Watch Brands like Series 7, Series 8, and Ultra exist. However, your elderly parent may not be too keen on these fancy watches. For this reason, get the Apple Watch Series 3, which will do an impressive job tracking your loved one's location. This watch has a GPS + Wi-Fi antenna to give you accurate live locations of your parent whenever it's connected to the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn't have critical Apple Watch features like crash detection and fall detection. But still, it's a steal for $145.99.

Key specs:

  • It supports cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS connection.
  • Emergency SOS calling is supported.
  • It monitors sleep, stress, calories, and heart rate.
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • 18-hour battery life with heavy use.

5. Bay Alarm Medical GPS Smart Watch

 best senior wearables tracking devices bay alarm medical watch

Here is the perfect smartwatch for sickly seniors. It's a sleek and stylish watch that keeps things minimalistic and straightforward for the elderly. This watch uses a 4G LTE network to give accurate location data from the companion app. The watch also houses a speaker and microphone for two-way communication with the Bay Alarm Medical team in case your parent has pressed the emergency SOS button. In addition, you can set daily goals like sleep time and steps for the wearer. However, it lacks a fall detection feature, and the battery lasts only 6 to 18 hours.

Key specs:

  • Sleek, modern, and waterproof design.
  • Inbuilt mic and speaker for two-way communication.
  • Dedicated emergency SOS button.
  • Set daily goals like steps, sleep, etc.
  • 24/7 location tracking service in the US.

6. AngelSense GPS Watch

best senior wearables tracking devices angelsense gps watch

This GPS watch by AngelSense is perfect for the elderly and persons who have Dementia and Alzheimer's. This sleek and comfortable watch allows your parent to wear it almost anywhere. You can instantly find your loved one on the intuitive mobile app, which will also give you timely push alerts. For example, you can set a geofence, and the watch will tell you whenever your parent has left home or is somewhere unknown. This watch also supports the critical fall detection feature.

Key specs:

  • Reliable and accurate GPS tracking.
  • Inbuilt speaker and mic to speak to your loved one.
  • Share your live locations with the wearer.
  • Automatic fall detection feature.
  • Instant location notifications on the mobile app.

7. Nuttag Guardian 4G GPS Watch for the Elderly

best senior wearables tracking devices nuttag guardian gps watch

At $325, the pricing of this watch is definitely on the higher side. But if you can pay up, this is one of the best medical GPS watches for the elderly. Manufactured by Nuttag, an Australian company, this watch supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks, depending on which cellular is stronger in your area. With the companion Android/iPhone app, you'll know the instant and exact location of your loved one. You can also set boundaries and receive alerts when the watch enters or leaves a geofence. In addition, the battery can last for three to seven days with a single charge.

Key specs:

  • Set geofences and receive email and SMS alerts.
  • It supports a 4G/2G/3G internet connection.
  • The watch is rated IPX7 water resistant.
  • It comes pre-installed with a SIM and up to a year of service.
  • The battery can last for there to seven days.

8. CPR Guardian GPS Tracker

best senior wearables tracking devices cpr guardian gps tracker

CPR Guardian is a 2G-supported GPS smartwatch, automatically ruling out services like Verizon. This watch comes pre-installed with a SIM card that uses a 2G/3G/4G network, depending on the strongest signal. After connecting it to a network, the inbuilt GPS antenna will automatically activate, giving you reliable live locations on the mobile app. Like any other GPS tracking watch for the elderly, this watch also sends location alerts after setting geo-zones on the mobile app. Additionally, it has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication with selected contacts. But the 48-hour battery life is quite disappointing.

Key specs:

  • Unlimited location tracking with geo-zone alerts.
  • Prompt fall detection alerts.
  • 48-hour battery life with low-battery warnings.
  • Body temperature and heart rate monitoring.
  • Stylish, durable, and waterproof design.

9. Qbit Personal GPS Tracker

best senior wearables tracking devices qbit tracker

This slim and portable GPS tracker for seniors comes with a keychain and lanyard hole for seamless attachment. With this device, you'll get your loved one's exact location on the LNCOON app, which is simple and quick to navigate. It refreshes the live areas every ten seconds, giving accurate GPS positions. If your parent accidentally lost the device, you can track the live location history for up to six months. As expected, it also has an easy SOS button for emergency calls. You should seriously consider this GPS device!

Key specs:

  • Real-time location tracking with a location history of up to six months.
  • It works with a 2G SIM card.
  • Create geofences and receive alerts.
  • Add up to three SOS numbers.
  • Share the device location with up to 15 safelist contacts.

10. LandAirSea 54 Live GPS Tracker

 best senior wearables tracking devices landairsea

Do you want to get unlimited live GPS locations for your loved one? Try this GPS tracking device by LandAirSea. This device is small, rugged, and waterproof, so you'll track live locations without worrying about the rain. In fact, it supports magnetic mounting, meaning you can attach it to any metal surface on your parent's car. That's not all. The device is small enough to hide in your parent's pocket, purse, or wallet. You'll enjoy fast and reliable live location tracking powered by 4G LTE. Plus, you can set geofences and receive live location alerts.

Key specs:

  • It uses the latest 4G LTE technology.
  • Mark geofences and receive text/email alerts.
  • Directly share the live location link.
  • Strong magnetic mounting on bikes and vehicles.
  • The rechargeable battery can last for one to two weeks.

11. Aional Mini GPS Tracking Device

best senior wearables tracking devices aional mini gps tracking device

Lastly, check out this GPS tracker by Aional if you want to monitor an older adult on the road. This device has a strong magnet for attaching anywhere on your parent's car, including the front/rear bumper, chassis, door, etc. It supports Wi-Fi, GPS, LPS, and AGPS positioning, allowing you to get the device's exact location. Your loved one can also press the emergency SOS button whenever they are in danger or need help. And lest I forget, the 500mAh battery can last up to six days.

Key specs:

  • High-definition GPS/AGPS/LPS/Wi-Fi positioning.
  • It supports 2G/3G/4G network frequency.
  • Strong magnet for attaching it to any metallic surface.
  • 500mAh battery that lasts up to six days.
  • Inbuilt mic for listening to surrounding sound remotely.

Get to know FamiSafe- a handier location tracking app

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The GPS trackers and wearables for seniors listed in this article will help you find your loved one quickly. However, some come with backbreaking price tags that may be way beyond your budget. Even worse, you have to contend with hefty monthly subscriptions.

Fortunately, you can install FamiSafe for free and enjoy unlimited location tracking on your phone. After installing this device on Android/iOS phones, it will do all the dirty work for just $9.99/month. Note that you can monitor up to 30 devices with a single plan. FamiSafe is also perfect for managing your child's digital activities on their iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire tablet, MacBook, or Windows PC.

Below is how FamiSafe can help you keep an older person safe:

  • Real-time location tracking: Know the live location of your loved one whenever you are worried about them.
  • Get live location updates: With the "Geofences" feature, you can set geo-zones and receive alerts when your loved one enters or exits an area.
  • Sixty days of location history: Check where the older person has been by viewing their location history to ensure their safety.
  • Driving report: If you're worried about your loved one on the road, FamiSafe lets you get detailed driving reports like hard breaking and overspeeding.

We can all agree that GPS location tracking is not only helpful in finding stolen cars or smartphones. You can use senior tracking devices to keep an eye on your loved ones suffering from memory loss or diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer's. And if you find the GPS tracking devices too expensive or don't have the patience to order one online, install FamiSafe and start tracking your loved one's location instantly. Safety is important!

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