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GPS Tracker for Kids: 10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2024

Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

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Jul 02, 2024 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

As a parent, knowing where your kid is while outdoors is critical. However, you can't go about following your kid's every step because you also have other commitments to secure. Thankfully, technology has evolved to allow parents to track their kid's GPS movements remotely on their smartphones. With a GPS tracking device with no monthly fee from Amazon, you only need to install an app on iPhone or Android to see all your child's movements on the intuitive map. So, in this listicle, we want to introduce you to the best GPS tracking devices to track your kid remotely. Keep reading!

 10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2024

1. Wonbo Q50 Watch

wonbo q50 tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.5/5

The Wonbo Q50 is an ideal smartwatch for kids from a construction standpoint, seamlessly integrating the reliability of GPS tracking devices into its design. This feature-rich watch doesn't just tell time; it also acts as a personal tracking GPS, allowing parents to monitor their child's whereabouts with pinpoint accuracy. The blue silicone band is comfortable and covers the 0.96-inch screen to protect it against knocks and scratches. You'll find an SOS/Phone answering button on the left side and a USB charging port. Then on the right, you'll see a power button and two buttons for calling family numbers and increasing or decreasing the volume.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

If your kid is over 7 or 8 years old, we advise you to check other options on this list, like Wonbo Techcom Q90. That's because Q50's design is ideal for younger kids. As said before, it has numerous buttons to help your younger kid operate the watch efficiently.

Parental control: 4.5/5

This watch comes with an emergency SOS feature that allows your kid to call and receive emergency calls from two family members. Also, the watch will record the last 15 seconds of calls your kid receives, and parents can remotely switch off the watch from the companion app. Moreover, you can activate the class mode to allow your child to concentrate during classes.

User experience: 4.3/5

Our user experience with this phone was a mixed bag. We feel the watch should have come with an e-SIM instead of the physical nano-SIM. Also, the watch is only compatible with 2G networks, which rules out Verizon users. But overall, the GPS positioning is excellent, allowing parents to monitor every movement of their kids.

2. TechComm Q90

techcomm q90 tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.6/5

TechComm Q90 is a sophisticated GPS tracker for kids that's tailored for slightly older children who possess the basic skills to operate a touchscreen device. This smartwatch offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy for kids to access essential features, such as the single button dedicated to emergency SOS calling and the power function. On the practical side, it includes a USB charging port for convenient recharging on the right side and a SIM card slot for network connectivity on the left. Sporting a vibrant color scheme with options in yellow or blue, the TechComm Q90 not only stands out as a fashionable accessory but also integrates the functionality of a reliable GPS tracker, providing parents with the ability to track their child's location with ease and confidence. TechComm Q90 more than just a smartwatch, it's a versatile GPS tracker that ensures safety and peace of mind for both kids and parents.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

The touchscreen can look small, but it's intuitive enough to interact with your kid. It's super responsive to touches, and the watch interface is easy to navigate. Also, the silicone strap won't leave cuts and bruises on your child's wrist.

Parental control: 4.5

As expected, the watch helps parents cultivate healthy digital habits among their children. After inserting a SIM card, parents can call and text their kids to know their whereabouts. Also, your child can send an emergency SOS call with a mere button push. In addition, you can track your kid's sleep quality, steps, and live locations. And another thing, the watch can send an instant alert whenever your kid enters or leaves a geofence.

Hands-on experience: 4.3/5

Like Wonbo Q50, this watch doesn't have an inbuilt e-SIM, although you don't need to unscrew anything to insert a SIM card. Also, this watch only works with GSM networks, ruling out Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint in the US. But this watch is perfect when it comes to doing its job, like monitoring locations and sending real-time alerts.

3. Laxcido 4G GPS Smartwatch

laxcido tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.6/5

The modern and sleek design features to impress any child above 7 years. The watch's aesthetic appeal is such that even adults could find it stylish enough to wear. However, for those seeking a more robust solution, this watch also integrates the functionalities of a family locator app and a locator GPS, providing an added layer of practicality and safety. This dual capability allows parents to keep track of their children's movements with ease, ensuring that the watch is not just an accessory but a reliable tool for family safety and peace of mind. 

Kid-friendly: 4.6/7

The $89 price tag represents a manageable risk for a kid's smartwatch. Also, it features exciting features like an HD camera, flashlight, and water resistance that your kid will love. The touchscreen is also responsive enough.

Parental control: 4.6/5

The two-way calling and video chat feature allows parents to contact their kids and know where they are or what they are doing. Also, parents can set safety zones and monitor their kid's live locations with prompt updates. Plus, you can remotely enable the "Do Not Disturb Mode" during bedtime, study hours, and more.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

Here is one for you if you're looking for a watch that supports 4G networks. Simply purchase a SIM card and subscribe to your favorite 4G provider. After connecting the watch, explore the extensive features like calling, video chatting, location tracking, and more. Your child can also take HD selfies and install apps like WhatsApp and Google Translate. However, the commonly-used Setracker 2 app is ad-supported.

4. Findmykids Pingo Smartwatch

findmykids pingo tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.2/5

Straight out of the box, this smartwatch by Findmykids looks and feels like the ultimate watch for young kids. It will fit perfectly on your 5 to 12-year-old's wrist, and the plastic straps feel comfortable. Silicone straps would have been better here!

Kid-friendly: 4.4/5

Most parents wouldn't want to invest more than $100 on a kid's smartwatch that could come home in the evening with a broken screen. Although the pricing of this device is on the higher side, the build materials are hard enough to withstand abuse. Also, the screen has an HD camera for taking photos and videos. And guess what? The watch has an 8GB internal storage capacity.

Parental controls: 4.4/5

After installing the companion Android/iPhone app, you can add a contact list and choose contacts for emergency SOS calls. Also, the watch automatically blocks your child from installing social media and gaming apps. And yes, your child can only call or text selected numbers.

Hands-on experience: 4.2/5

This watch supports nano-SIMs from AT&T and T-Mobile with prepaid plans. After purchasing a SIM and activating it, your child will enjoy smooth 4G coverage, making the watch perfect for video calling and chatting. The watch also offers précising GPS positioning up to 10 feet. However, the battery drains pretty quickly.

5. Apple Watch SE

apple watch se tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.8/5

Do you have an older kid, let's say a teen, who is rarely impressed by anything? This smartwatch by Apple will put a smile on their face. The watch looks modern, sleek, and stylish. It's simply excellent in terms of the looks, feel, and build material.

Kid-friendly: 4.7

This watch is indeed Apple's best watch for kids. It delivers 18 hours of battery performance, allowing your kid to get through the day. This watch is also perfect if your kid likes participating in yoga, cycling, running, weight lifting, and other fitness classes. Overall, it's not for kids below 12 years.

Parental controls: 4.5/5

Apple Watch SE doesn't have many parental control features like other dedicated kid's watches on this list. However, the available options should help out. First, you can set a screen time directly from the Apple Watch app. It also has critical features for sleep tracking, emergency SOS calling, fall/crash detection, and so on.

Hands-on experience: 4.8/5

You may not hand over this watch to your child after using it. That's because everything about the Apple Watch SE looks modern and practical. It offers accurate live GPS positions, seamless e-Sim connection, 50m water resistance, and powerful fitness features. But that's if you can pay up. Also, the 18-hour battery life is a letdown.

6. Apple AirTag 4 Pack

apple airtag tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.5/5

Apple AirTags are wearable piggybacks that your child won't even notice are fitted on their backpack. Your child can even drop this device inside their pocket and walk around.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

Apple clearly says this device is not for tracking kids and pets outdoors. That's true, considering it uses Bluetooth positioning. However, its accurate positioning and affordable price tags make it an excellent pick for kids who want to find their bags, phones, pets, etc.

Parental controls: N/A

Well, there is nothing much to say here.

Hand-on experience: 4.7/5

These tiny tags will ensure that you never lose anything again. Besides tracking your kid within a short range, it can track vehicles, luggage, phones, and other valuables. It works with iPadOS/iOS 14.5 or newer. But as said before, it doesn't use GPS, which limits its finding range to around 800 feet.

7. Samsung Watch Active 2

watch active 2 tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.5/5

The round design of this smartwatch may not be ideal for those cute little fingers. This means Watch Active 2 is perfect for older kids, preferably teenagers. It boasts a minimal and modern look that will undoubtedly impress your teenage child.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

If you're buying it for an older kid, we advise you to go ahead. The build materials are comfortable, manageable, and durable to take the watch on hiking trips, runs, cycling, gym sessions, and more. Also, the $150 pricing should be within reach of most budgets.

Parental controls: 4.0/5

Unfortunately, this watch doesn't have many parental controls because it's not designed for kids. The only thing to rely on is the built-in GPS antenna that can track your child's location with or without pairing it to a mobile device. The location positioning is reasonably accurate.

Hands-on experience: 4.6/5

The durable aluminum build makes this watch pretty light, and the leather straps are super comfortable. You can also opt for the rubber bands, which feel natural, although things can get sweaty during workouts. Like the Apple Watch SE, Active 2 has an inbuilt e-Sim that supports an LTE connection. But on the flip side, Tizen supports limited third-party apps.

8. Amazfit GTS 2

amazfit gts 2 tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.5/5

Amazfit GTS 2 is another excellent watch for teenagers. It boasts a slim and sleek design with an edge-to-edge curved display panel. The 1.65-inch display is big enough and supports the critical Always-On Display.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

Amazfit clearly says that this watch is for adults. So, don't look for features like screen time, class mode, etc. Even worse, it doesn't support emergency SOS calls. But to compensate for that, this watch allows the wearer to pick up calls via Bluetooth.

Parental control: 4.4/5

Amazfit GTS 2 has a Do Not Disturb Mode for your child to mute notifications whenever they want to sleep or study. This watch can also track steps, sleep, heart rate, workouts, and oxygen levels. In addition, the built-in GPS can track outdoor running and distance consistently and accurately.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

It didn't take us long to connect GTS 2 to the Zepp app via Bluetooth. After connection, the app will sync every detail captured on your phone, like sleep tracking, heart rate, steps, distance, and more. The GPS map is super accurate, especially when running or cycling. However, you may need a learning curve to know your way around the app.

9. Handa 4G Kids Smartwatch

handa tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.3/5

The design of this smartwatch may not be the most unique, but it still holds its own against the best. Handa T8 boasts a modern, durable, and waterproof design with a silicone watchband. The 1.4-inch screen is big and highly responsive to touches. The screen also hides an HD camera.

Kid-friendly: 4.5/5

This watch is perfect for kids aged 3 to 15 years. The food-grade silicone bands are comfortable and scratch/dustproof, keeping your child healthy. The watch also has intelligent games to keep your child busy.

Parental control: 4.6/5

After installing the app, this watch allows parents to connect with their kids via two-way video and voice calls. Also, parents can set safety zones and monitor their child's movements directly on the app. That's not all. The watch has a class mode for reducing distractions and an SOS button for emergency calls.

Hands-on experience: 4.5/5

First, this kid's smartwatch supports 4G and Wi-Fi connection, meaning that remote connection and calling are smooth and stable. We also love the built-in thermometer that offers instant and accurate temperature measurements. Another thing, your child can take snaps and save them in the gallery. However, the battery life isn't great.

10. OKYUK 4G Smartwatch for Kids

okyuk tracking device no monthly fee

Appearance: 4.2/5

The pink color of this smartwatch will impress your little daughter. It features a fashionable design with an interactive 1.69-inch display. The straps also use soft silicone materials, making them super comfortable.

Kid-friendly: 4.2/5

Voice chats, video calls, and dual HD cameras are some of the things that make this a kid-friendly device. The watch also has a flashlight and multiple games for your child to play. But is it worth $100? You decide!

Parental control: 4.5/5

This smartwatch for kids offers inbuilt Wi-Fi/LBS/GPS for accurate outdoor/indoor positioning on the companion app. The watch also supports 2-way and emergency calls for parents to speak to their kids in case of emergencies. This watch also comes with classroom and do-not-disturb modes to reduce distractions.

Hands-on experience: 4.2/5

We love the giant 1.69-inch touchscreen that's interactive enough for teenagers and younger kids. The Setracker 2 mobile app is also simple to navigate, although this app is relatively common for its shortcomings among smartwatch users. Parents can also set three different alarm clocks to manage their children's time and allocate tasks.

FamiSafe - The Parental Monitoring App.

Convincing modern kids to wear smartwatches instead of using smartphones can be mission-impossible. Therefore, it might be best to let them use both devices. But because smartphones can be addictive and toxic, using a parental control app like FamiSafe is a must. This app allows parents to set geofences and track their kid's live locations remotely. The app will send you prompt notifications whenever your child enters or leaves a circled area.

Below are other FamiSafe app features to enhance your child's digital lifestyle:

  • Track the real-time GPS location and access your child's location history.
  • Block distracting or addictive apps.
  • Get details of mobile phone usage to know what they have been doing on their phones.
  • Know his online activities and block inappropriate sites.
  • Set a screen time limit to restrict kids' access to the phone.
  • Compatible with most devices, including Android, iOS, Fire OS, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows.

This article proves that several GPS tracking devices for kids are available online. While some are best for younger kids, others are ideal for teenagers and adults. So, keenly browse the unbiased review and choose the best product for your kid.

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