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GPS Tracking Devices for Kids without Monthly Fees

Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

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Mar 09, 2022 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

As a parent, you always want the best for your kid and have a constant desire to protect him from posing threats. However, he has to be on his own, and you cannot be with them for 24 by 7. So, while freedom is important for your child’s growth, it is essential to know about his whereabouts while he is away from home and you.

Technology is growing fast, and on the one hand, while it has increased threats in our lives, it has also blessed us with certain devices that can help you to track your kid remotely.

You can purchase a tracking device with no monthly fee from Amazon and be aware of your kid’s safety.

1. Wonbo SmartWatch for GPS Tracking

Undoubtedly, Wonbo SmartWatch is the best GPS tracking watch that is available in the market. It offers every feature that must be present for the kid’s safety. For concerned parents, it is the best gift that they can give to their kids. GPS tracking systems present in it make this smartwatch most preferable by many parents worldwide. Moreover, it is made with advanced technology and top-quality material that ensures its high durability.

gps tracking watch without monthly fee - wonbo
Editor's Choice
$21.99 at Amazon
  • Two location monitoring systems are integrated into it, such as GPS and LBS.
  • SOS alert button is there, which can be used by kids to alert their parents when they are in any kind of danger.
  • It is a durable and eco-friendly smartwatch.
  • Every iPhone and Android model works with it.

2. Kids Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

It is one of the best buys in GPS tracking watch, at a reasonable price. Try it for your kids, and you both will love it.

GPS Tracking Devices for Kids without Monthly Fees
Editor's Choice
$30.89 at Amazon
  • Dual location technology based on AGPS, Location Base on Cell Tower Station, ensures extra safety for kids by keeping you aware of the accurate real-time location.
  • By pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds, your child sends an alert to 3 numbers during any emergency.
  • With the camera, 2-way calling, phonebook, flashlight, and alarm clock features, your child can enjoy most of the benefits of a smartphone.
  • While keeping the SOS key active, deactivate other features during school time.
  • Monitor your kid through the app compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Its drawback: only supports T-Mobile’s SIM card.
  • Amazon price: $30.89.

3. IP67 Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Phone

One of the best-rated tracking device from Amazon with no hidden cost is best suited for your child between 3 to 14 years.

gps tracking device for kids - IP67 waterproof watch
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$47.99 at Amazon
  • Let this be your child’s first smartphone, and imbibe him with some good handset usage habits.
  • Using the triple mode tracking system of AGPS, LBS & GPS, you can be doubly sure of your kid’s safety.
  • Use the app to track the exact location of your kid and know that he is safe.
  • Being waterproof, your child can enjoy wearing the watch throughout the day and even while indulging in water activities.
  • The SOS key is very useful for sending quick alerts.
  • Using the pedometer, you can keep track of your kid’s health.
  • Its drawback: slightly costlier than its competitors.
  • Amazon price: $50.99.

4. iCooLive Waterproof IP67 Kids Smart Watch

This superior quality tracking device with no monthly fee watch cum smartphone is apt as the next birthday gift for your child.

free gps tracking watch - icoolive
Editor's Choice
$49.97 at Amazon
  • This waterproof device can keep giving you the accurate real-time location of your kid even while he is taking a plunge in the pool.
  • Has all the features of smartphones like 2-ways calling, alarm, high-quality camera, games, and chat option.
  • You can control the usage remotely through your app.
  • Free SIM card from Speedtalk included in the pack.
  • Lovely themes for your child’s entertainment.
  • Its drawback: doesn’t support Sprint, Verizon, AT&T.
  • Amazon price: $49.97.

5. Kids Smart Watch IP67 Waterproof

With the 4-layered technology, it is a great tracking device with no monthly fee.

Top GPS Tracking Devices for Kids without Monthly Fees
Editor's Choice
$46.89 at Amazon
  • GPS, LBS & AGPS can provide you an accurate location of a kid when he is outdoor, and WiFi can keep you updated when the kid is indoors, in a WiFi zone.
  • The superior quality waterproof and dustproof ensures that your child never has to part away from it, keeping you always posted.
  • When in trouble, your kid can use the SOS key to make quick calls.
  • Turn off all the functions of the watch except the SOS key during his school time.
  • Its drawback: doesn’t support Sprint, Verizon, AT&T.
  • Amazon price: $46.89.

6. Waterproof Watch Smart Watches for Kids

With remote control access over the usage, it is one of the best introductory smartphones for your kid.

gps watch for kids without monthly charge
Editor's Choice
$39.99 at Amazon
  • Get the precise location of your kid using this tracking device with no monthly fee.
  • Its interesting features like ‘2-watch friendship’ makes the watch more attractive for your kid.
  • It comes with IP67 waterproof and thus can be worn by your kid during his daily activities.
  • Has a plethora of interesting features like a good quality camera, 2-way calling, flashlight, and games.
  • Using the electric fencing feature, you can be altered if your child enters any specific area.
  • Its drawback: the SIM installation process is complicated.
  • Amazon price: $39.99.

7. Kids Smart Watch Phone GPS Tracker

Gift your child with this cool watch and make tracking a fun experience for you both.

kids gps watch no monthly fee
Editor's Choice
$48.97 at Amazon
  • Know about your child’s safety by using this tracking device. No monthly fee included.
  • Remotely track your child using text messages or from the company’s website.
  • He can make calls and send texts using the touchpad.
  • For emergency scenarios, he can send you alerts with a single click of the SOS key.
  • Its drawback: it has a 24-hour clock, which is tough for young kids to decipher.
  • Amazon price: $49.97.

8. TKSTAR Smartwatch with Camera

This sleek-looking watch can help you to ensure your child’s safety more accurately.

free gps tracking device for kids
Editor's Choice
$35.98 at Amazon
  • Your kid can enjoy all the smart features of the phone like calling, text, alarm clock, weather forecast, etc.
  • Your child can send alerts to up to three numbers with a single press of the SOS button.
  • Control the watch’s usage remotely.
  • By controlling the watch’s camera and voice recorder remotely, you can know about his surroundings.
  • Its drawback: vague product manual.
  • Amazon price: $35.98.

9. Kids Smart Watch

This waterproof touch screen watch is a sleek tracking device with no monthly fee involved.

GPS Tracking Devices for Kids without Monthly Fees
Editor's Choice
$40.99 at Amazon
  • Know about the exact location of your child using the updated GPS tracker.
  • Inbuilt with great smartphone features like 2-ways call, text, flashlight, alarm, and math games.
  • Put it on do-not-disturb mode during school hours.
  • The SOS button can help your child to reach out to 3 numbers on priority.
  • Its drawback: works best with the T-Mobile network only.
  • Amazon price: $40.99.

10. Kids Smart Watch Phone IP68 Waterproof GPS Tracker

Get a free SIM card included with this waterproof and device and start tracking your kid’s location conveniently.

kids smart watch without monthly fee
Editor's Choice
$29.95 at Amazon
  • Made of good material and thus very safe for your kid’s skin.
  • Use the pedometer to keep track of your child’s health.
  • Using the SOS key, he can reach out to you on priority if required.
  • Be in touch with your child through calls and texts.
  • Within a range of 500m, parents can set up alarms for specific areas.
  • Its drawback: most compatible with T-Mobile network
  • Amazon price: $49.94.

11. Kids Waterproof Smartwatch GPS Tracker

This cute looking watch is one of the best tracking devices with no monthly fee, which will not only solve your purpose but will be loved by your kid.

GPS Tracking Devices for Kids - no monthly charge
Editor's Choice
$43.99 at Amazon
  • Being a high-quality waterproof and dustproof device, your kid can securely wear it daily without fear of destroying.
  • You can control the camera and voice recorder remotely and ensure your child’s safety.
  • The GPS tracker can keep you aware of your child’s location.
  • Using the SOS switch, your child can call up to 3 numbers in with two rounds of the ring on one dial.
  • Its drawback: SIM cards of AT&T, Sprint & Verizon are not supported.
  • Amazon price: $49.99

Famisafe – The Parental Monitoring App.

In the era of the internet and smartphones, tracking the online activities of kids is very important. Almost every kid has a mobile phone or tablet these days, and it is not possible for parents to stay around to watch their online activities. That's why we need parental control app like FamiSafe. Besides tracking their location, FamiSafe helps in keeping track of the online activities of your kids, including social networking activities, and filter inappropriate information.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Using Famisafe, parents can enjoy a large number of features:

  • Track the real-time location and have access to the target's location history.
  • Block apps which are a constant cause of distraction for your kid.
  • Get details of his mobile phone usage to know what they have been doing on their phones.
  • Know his online activities and block sites that pose threats.
  • Set up a screen time limit to restrict kid's access to the phone.
  • Compatible with most devices on the market, including Android, iOS, Fire OS, Mac, and Windows.

GPS Tracking Devices for Kids without Monthly Fees

There are several GPS tracking devices available online for kids. Some of the best products on Amazon have been collated for your reference. You can compare them and choose the best product for your kid.

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