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The 11 Best GPS Tracking Watches for Elderly

gps tracking watch for elderly

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Life expectancy has reduced drastically due to many challenges in today's modern world. But those that grow old also have their own challenges, with diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, and many others dogging their day-to-day lives. For this reason, caregivers and relatives may need to keep tabs on all their outdoor movements to ensure maximum safety.

With personal tracking devices for the elderly, you can monitor their exact GPS locations from a mobile app. Some of these devices also come with SOS features in case of health scares, accidents, and more. So, in this review post, we'll list the 10 best GPS tracking watches for elderly people. Note a cheaper GPS tracker is not necessarily more effective, and vice versa.

#1 - Theora Connect Wearable

best gps tracking watches for elderly people

Theora Connect is a GPS smartwatch that will look sleek and stylish on your wrist. Straight out of the box, you'll connect this smart device to the Theora Link Android/iPhone app to set unlimited Safe Zones and start monitoring your loved one's real-time location. This watch comes with the "Turbo mode," which updates live GPS locations every five minutes to give more accurate locations. You can also add phone numbers to the Theora Link app and call the wearer to confirm their location. And, of course, this watch for the elderly has an easy-to-find SOS button for sending emergency calls. It's undoubtedly one of the best watches for the elderly.


  • Simple-to-locate SOS button.
  • Refreshes live locations every five minutes.
  • 4G/LTE cellular connection.


  • The watch band could be bigger.

    #2 - Elderly GPS Smart Watch Phone

    best gps tracking watches for elderly

    A GPS smartwatch for the elderly should have many health features to ensure your loved one is safe from those gut-wrenching health scares. With this GPS watch, you can measure heart rate, blood pressure, and the number of daily steps to ensure your loved one is within the safe zones. Also, this GPS watch for seniors allows you to create a "safety fence" and receive notifications whenever the wearer enters or leaves a secured location. Note that this GPS watch also has an SOS button to send emergency calls or alarms with your tagged live location. Plus, its supports two-way voice and video calls.


    • Accurate blood pressure, heart rate, and step monitoring.
    • Send SOS emergency calls and alarms.
    • It supports voice calling and text chats.


    • The button stops working sometimes.

    #3 - Osmile ED1000 GPS Anti-Lost Tracker

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people osmile ed1000

    Osmile ED1000 is another excellent GPS tracker for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia. This GPS watch will help you monitor your loved one's heart rate, blood pressure, and the number of steps. Other health management services on this intelligent device include medicine reminders and sleep tracking. Meanwhile, the wearer can send an emergency call by merely pressing the SOS button, and you'll receive a notification with live locations on the app. The wearer can also take a picture of the environment using the remote camera to help you locate them quickly.


    • Heart rate, pressure, sleep, and step monitoring.
    • Send SOS emergency calls with live locations.
    • Remote camera and microphone.


    • The $249 price can scare potential buyers.

    #4 - MorePro HM08

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people morepro hm08

    MorePro HM08 is a GPS tracker that's more of a doctor on your wrist. This affordable fitness tracker accurately checks your heart to allow you to have a better understanding of your heart's condition. It also tracks your sleep patterns in the background to learn if you're getting enough sleep or not. That's not all; this fitness tracker has advanced sensors to monitor your blood pressure and oxygen levels. Excitingly, you can send/receive messages via apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. However, you might find the screen smaller than usual.


    • Affordable pricing for the features.
    • Multiple health management features.
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use FitCloudPro app.


    • It doesn't send notifications sometimes.

    #5 - Airtag Hidden GPS Tracker

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people airtag hidden

    Use this hidden and safe GPS case if your older person doesn't have a soft spot for GPS watches. Although its primary purpose is to protect kids and the elderly outdoors, you can also use this convenient device to track your pets. It's a light and comfortable GPS tracker that you can attach anywhere, including inside your pants, jacket, cape, bag, and so on. In fact, you can secretly plug it into the wearer's clothes, and they will not notice. But be careful when fastening the pin because it can pose a danger if it snaps.


    • Lightweight Airtag case at 8g only.
    • You can hide it anywhere on the target's clothing.
    • It can be used to track pets.


    • It can be dangerous if the pin slides out.

    #6 - Amazfit BIP Smartwatch

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people amazfit bip

    Amazfit smartwatches are some of the most reliable in the business. But if you're on a budget, premium options like GTR 4 and GTR 3 Pro can be out of reach. Fortunately, Amazfit BIP is an affordable option at around $80. This smartphone is sleek, bright, and comfortable to wear all day long. It features an inbuilt GPS to track your live location, distance traveled, and steps. Also, this watch calculates burnt calories, quality of sleep, and heart rate. Additionally, you can receive one-way notifications for incoming calls, SMS, and emails. The battery can last for 30 days with a single 2.5-hour charge.


    • Accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring.
    • Running, cycling, treadmill, and walking sports modes.
    • Receive alerts for email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps.


    • Digital watch faces are in 24-hour format.

    #7 - Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people amazfit gtr3 pro

    Does your old man/woman love to work out? Buy them GTR 3 Pro for $189 only. Unlike the BIP version, GT3 3 Pro features unlimited sports modes. The 150+ sports modes will fit any activity, including running, aerobics, yoga, weightlifting, swimming, and more. You can even add custom sports modes. As you continue exercising, this watch will track essential metrics like fats/calories burned, heart rate, stress levels, oxygen levels, and more. Also, the 12-day battery life ensures that you can track all your movements without worrying about running out of battery. But as good as it comes, we expect future options to monitor blood pressure.


    • Unlimited sports modes with customized options.
    • QZSS satellite navigation for accurate GPS tracking.
    • Excellent visual clarity clocking up to 330 ppi.


    • "Golf" mode is missing from the activities list.
    • No emergency SOS function.

    #8 - TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people ticwatch pro 3 ultra

    Here is another GPS smartwatch to keep the elderly as fit as a fiddle. Like the GTR 3 Pro, this watch features hundreds of sports modes to handle your daily exercising activities on the 1.4-inch AMOLED screen. The panel also uses the Always-On display technology to give wearers a crystal-clear view in bright outdoor surroundings. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra will help keep your health in check by monitoring your sleep patterns, heart rhythm, energy levels, mental fatigue, and blood oxygen saturation. But for a $300 watch, we expected it to offer more health features.


    • 4-inch AMOLED screen with Always-On display.
    • Accurately assess mental fatigue and energy levels.
    • 45-day battery life with a single charge.


    • The price tag can get a better smartwatch.

    #9 - Medical Guardian MGMove Watch

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people mgmove watch

    MGMove by Medical Guardian is an excellent GPS watch for active tech-savvy seniors looking to keep tabs on their health issues. For starters, it features a red SOS button on the left side to allow you to contact Medical Guardian for immediate health assistance. The watch also enables caregivers to schedule frequent reminders to remind the wearer about sleep time, taking medicines, medical appointments, and more. In addition, you can send a message via the MyGuardian portal, and the wearer can read them right on the watch. However, you'll have to pay for features like step tracking, checking the weather, sending messages, and more.


    • Immediate access to the Medical Guardian call center.
    • View the smartwatch's location in real-time.
    • Set step-counting goals.


    • No fall detection feature.
    • Some features require a subscription to use.

    #10 - Apple Watch Ultra

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people apple watch ultra

    Not everyone lives on a tight budget. So, if you have some money to spend, consider purchasing this $800 smartwatch for your parent or grandparent. The developer even calls it the "most rugged and capable" Apple Watch. That's right, considering this premium-class watch gives you quick access to multiple functions and super accurate live location tracking. But the main reason to get this watch is the plethora of powerful health features. This watch can monitor your heart rhythm, sleep pattern, skin temperature, and blood oxygen levels. Also, it houses practical safety features like crash/fall detection and emergency SOS.


    • Get real-time directions on the intuitive map.
    • Siri voice assistant for convenient use.
    • Pay for services and send money using Apple Pay.


    • Hefty price tag.

    #11 - Grewtech Elderly Watch GPW04

    best gps tracking watches for elderly people grewtech gpw04

    For just $40, you'll get an all-in-one device to keep your older person safe and secure outdoors. This GPS smartwatch comes with an iPhone/Android app for setting electronic fences on the map and watching all the live movements of your loved one. The watch also sends prompt notification alerts whenever the wearer leaves/enters a geofence. That aside, the wearer can press the red SOS button for three seconds, and Grewtech GPW04 will send an emergency call to the wearer. It also supports two-way communications with voice messages. But sadly, it lacks critical features like step counting, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more.


    • It sends SOS emergency calls.
    • Android/iPhone app for tracking locations and setting geofences.
    • It supports two-way voice communications.


    • No essential medial features and sports modes.

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    When it comes to tracking your elderly loved ones for their own safety and well-being, getting them a non-intrusive smartwatch can be one of the best ways to give yourself complete peace of mind.

    Any of the 11 GPS tracking watches for the elderly we've listed above make ideal choices, so simply pick the one that best suits your individual requirements!

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