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10 Best Car Tracking Devices for Parents in 2024

Car Tracking Device for Parents

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Dec 27, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

If you have entrusted your adolescent child with the use of a vehicle, you should be aware of how to keep tabs on it remotely. You will be able to monitor your children's locations and ensure their safety in this manner. Additionally, it will reduce the likelihood of the vehicle getting stolen.

Over the last several years, the number of parents who use GPS for teenage cars has significantly grown for a variety of compelling reasons. You have arrived at the appropriate location if you need the same things as the other people here. We have researched and selected the top ten car tracking devices for parents' awareness.

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1. MOTOSafety GPS Tracker

Official website: https://www.motosafety.com/

The item occupying the top slot on our list is arguably one of the most widely utilized GPS for teenager car now available in North America. After you have connected to the device, you can monitor the car's current position using the information it provides. Additionally, it is connected to Google Maps to make navigation more accessible and convenient.

User Reviews

This device is excellent! It is pretty simple to install in an automobile. It simply connects into the OBD plug-down found by most hood releases, after which you create an account on their website. That takes a maximum of 20 minutes. Then install the app on your smartphone, sign in to the account you created on the company's website, and you're all set. I get precise notifications for speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration.

motosafety gps tracker

2. CarLock Advanced Real-Time Tracker

Official website: https://www.carlock.co/

This trustworthy automobile monitoring gadget for parents will be of tremendous use to you in various situations. It is simple to install and use, and it monitors the precise position of the car in real time.

User Reviews

Twice, our vehicle was taken. The installation of this device couldn't be more straightforward, and the GPS even located the car without having to drive it. Since the criminals destroyed our vehicle and we are awaiting insurance to pay for repairs, it was fantastic. My phone's vibration alarm is loud enough to wake us up without a doubt. I don't know how well the tracking works since we can't drive the truck now, but the vehicle's location is precise. It is an excellent product for the price.

carlock advanced real-time tracker

3. Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

Official website: https://www.linxup.com/gps-trackers/vehicle-tracking-device.html

This real-time car tracking device for parents offered by Linxup is full of valuable and innovative features. Compared to other goods, the monthly charge for this one is more expensive, but it provides a far wider variety of superior functions.

User Reviews

The product and app are adequate for the price. Installation and setup went well. You must leave a message for tech assistance, which is a drawback. I contacted you concerning the device being unplugged without permission, which you received an alert for; awesome! However, the wait for a callback was two weeks. I phoned every day until I spoke with someone during that time. It still works well and accomplishes our goals. So, would I repurchase it or buy more? Yes!

linxup obd gps tracker

4. Vyncs Smart GPS Tracker

Official website: https://vyncs.com/

This GPS for teenager car monitoring system for parents will undoubtedly be a massive comfort if your kids have just started driving. Once the technology is deployed, your phone can remotely monitor its precise position.

User Reviews

I've used my tracker for two years now. I like it. It keeps me informed on the whereabouts of my vehicle. Although it won't be real-time, it provides me with updated locations for my workers and box truck. Sometimes the website loads slowly, but refresh it, and you're ready to go!

vyncs smart gps tracker

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker

Official website: https://optimustracker.com/

This is one of the market's most sophisticated teenage driving monitoring devices with robust GPS tracking. Even if there are no more packages in the vehicle, an extended magnet-based device can tell you that.

User Reviews

My only complaint is that it records the time as one hour later, so if my daughter parked at 10 am, it records 11 am. Nevertheless, I love my gadget since it helps me keep track of my daughter when she travels. When I have a query, no matter the hour, tech support is fantastic and always gets back to me quickly. Great battery life. I use it from Monday through Saturday, and when I recharge it again, it still has around 40% of its original battery.

optimus 2.0 gps tracker

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6. ABLEGRID GT001 Magnetic Small GPS Tracker

Official website: https://www.ablegrid.com/

Try this battery-operated automobile monitoring system for parents if you want to avoid using USB devices. After a full charge, it may last for weeks and allow you to follow the vehicle's real-time position.

User Reviews

I previously purchased their GT series GPS, but this AB series seems more professional. The on/off button is present. The best thing Ablegrid does is that you can switch the tracking mode so that it becomes a once-a-day location upload. In this mode, you don't need to buy the plan, while, of course, I may attempt to monitor the automobile in 12 hours or no longer than 24 hours using the every 20-second tracking method.

ablegrid gt001 magnetic small gps tracker amazon

7. Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Tracker for Vehicles

Official website: https://amcrest.com/

This teenage driving monitoring device is a long-lasting and reliable gadget for parents, so you'll find it helpful. You may monitor the vehicle's speed, overall health, and current position.

User Reviews

This gadget has a robust and well-made feel about it. A great addition was the case that was included. You should use it since the device's front is susceptible to scratches. No use is affected by this. The gadget only has one tactical button labeled "SOS." It doesn't seem like you can set the alarm if someone presses the button, and I've looked through the choices on the app. I saw that pressing the button adds a new point on the map.

amcrest am-gl300 v3 portable tracker for vehicles

8. Bouncie GPS Tracker

Official website: https://www.bouncie.com/

Despite being new to the GPS for teenager car, Bouncie includes all the most significant features of other well-liked trackers, such as compatibility with intelligent assistants. So, we anticipate seeing it go to the top.

User Reviews

I wonder if you can top it for the price of the gadget and the monthly membership, and it does exactly what it promises. I wish the activity logs were more in-depth and could assist with engine light codes. It gives you the code and a brief explanation, but I'd love it if it had a crowd-sourced database on how to fix the problems or, in the best-case scenario, detailed step-by-step instructions from experts on how to fix the problems. I also love how roadside assistance is included with your monthly subscription.

bouncie gps tracker

9. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Official website: https://landairsea.com/

Excellent tracking is provided with the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker. Users get updates as quickly as every three seconds thanks to its frequent refresh function, which delivers precise coordinates within 6.0 feet of your car's position.

User Reviews

I never thought I could be as happy with this unit as I am. While it was starting to charge, I picked it up and moved it about a little. That was all it took to connect to the satellites and begin sending its location. Both the app and the website's location are accurate to the precise parking space the car is in. The reception has been excellent since I could place the device inside the car without being hindered by metal and point it out a big window.

landairsea 54 gps tracker

10. Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker

Official website: https://ng-tracki.glopalstore.com/

With several attachment options—a magnet, belt clip, keychain, or lanyard—the Tracki 4G Mini GPS Tracker is an ideal car tracking device for parents and users outside your automobile. It has exact geofencing capabilities and can provide updates every 15 seconds.

User Reviews

Requires very minimal preparation. It just has to be charged and turned on to begin tracking. It is portable since it is so tiny. You are only entitled to 10 complimentary "motion" alerts per month. One flaw—and maybe I haven't seen it—is that it doesn't show the direction of travel. You may see the movement trace and conduct historical tracking. Due to its extreme sensitivity, even a simple pick-up and sit-down will cause "travel".

tracki 4g mini gps tracker

A family will have to spend more money on a car tracking device for parents, and parents may need help putting the gadget in their children's cars. Do you know of any other options?

Yes, there is a solution. Nowadays, practically everyone considers a smartphone to be essential. Teenagers often possess a phone of their own and carry it with them everywhere they go. This enables you to use tracking applications like FamiSafe and Life360 to determine where your child is.

Although many tracking apps are available, we would like to introduce you to FamiSafe. FamiSafe, the most dependable parental control software, comes with robust location tracking tools that make it easy to see where your child's vehicle is at all times. Install FamiSafe on your teenage driving monitoring devices, then finish the setup. After that, you'll be able to see where your child is right now.

Check this video to know how FamiSafe works

Features of FamiSafe.

Track real-time location: Make sure your children are where they should be by keeping track of their whereabouts.

View location history: If you don't have the time to monitor your child's whereabouts often, you may see their location history to see where they've been.

Set up Geofences: Do you want to be notified when your children depart for school or home? All things are possible with geofences.

Driving reports: With FamiSafe's driving report, you can examine how your children drive. You will discover many details, like how long your children have been driving. It will also provide a weekly driving report.

car tracking app

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Why do parents need to use car-tracking devices?

Parents may use an automobile tracking system for a variety of reasons. Here's why the majority of parents like using it:

  • It may follow your children's whereabouts and location in real-time.
  • Most of these devices will notify you if the car is being stolen or tampered with for prompt action.
  • Every time one of your children uses the automobile, you'll receive immediate notification.
  • Parents may look up the routes their children have previously traveled.
  • You can track where your children are going and coming from by installing geofences.
  • Some trackers also keep track of the vehicle's speed, allowing you to determine if your children are driving too fast.


Now that you know some of the unique car tracking devices for parents in 2023, you may make your decision. These trackers allow you to keep an eye on your children at all times, know where they are, and even track the speed of their car. Alternatively, parents may use FamiSafe as a teenage driving monitoring device and set parental controls for their gadgets. Please let us know about any more automobile monitoring devices for parents that should be on our list in the comments section below.

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