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Verizon Wireless Family Locator for Family Location Tracking

Verizon Wireless Family Locator

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

Between school, work, and extra activities like sports, our families are out of the house for most of the day. We are not always with our children, no matter how much we would like to be, so how do we protect our kids? After all, children can get lost or go to unknown places, and it is the scariest thing in the world if we lose track of them. So the question is, how can we protect our children when we are not around? The solution is the Family Locator technology. There are several services designed to help parents track their children's location, wherever they might be. One of these services is Verizon wireless family locator, which is perfect for tracking children when they are at school while you are at work.

verizon wireless family locator

Verizon Wireless Family Locator

Verizon Wireless Family Locator is a service from Verizon that lets you keep track of your family through your device. Whether you own a tablet or a smartphone, you need to only log into the app to know the location of your children in real-time. The service will work on any phone or tablet with working Internet. In case you need to track your kid's location throughout the day, then Wireless Family Locator is perfect for you. The service provides a family dashboard, a map, location history, and alerts.

With the Verizon Wireless Family Locator, you can perform several locations related task beyond just tracking your kids such as:

  • Check where your kids have been to in the past 7 days.
  • Set up daily or weekly schedules, so you know in advance where your children are supposed to be.
  • Receive notices about arrival and departure from home in real-time.
  • Locate the location using the Map along with a satellite view.
  • Provide with the Family Base to check with whom your kids communicating.

Some of the pros of the Verizon Family Locator are:

  • You can monitor your kids using your mobile device.
  • Keep track of the past 7 days of location history.
  • Use a map to familiarize yourself with unfamiliar locations.
  • It has an easy setup process.

Although Verizon Family Locator is an excellent tool to monitor your kids, it comes with its own set of cons such as:

  • Not free – must pay a monthly subscription.
  • Not as accurate on iOS devices compared to Android.

Cost: $9.99 per month.

verizon wireless family locator

Verizon Wireless Family Locator helps locate the family members. Thus you can remain tension free from your family members whereabouts.

Alternatives to Verizon Wireless Family Locator

Though Verizon Wireless Family Locator is a good way to keep track of family members and their location, you might find it insufficient for your needs. They are somehow limited to location tracking only, and most of its service does not do much beyond that. Hence, if you are one of those parents for whom Verizon Wireless Family Locator is not enough, then you can consider an alternative parental control app. Parental or family control apps provide a similar service to Wireless Family Locator but offer more features. In fact, tracking your kid's location is one of many features available for parents on parental/family control apps.

Some of the things you can do with family control apps are:

  • Provided with a screentime management facility.
  • Download the images/videos stored on their device.
  • Place restrictions on certain apps or block them completely.
  • Restrict access to the device during certain periods of the day, a great way to minimize distractions.
  • Track precise location through GPS.
  • Track the children's social media activity
  • Want to know what they are searching for? Track the words they use through Keylogger technology.

There are several high-quality parental control apps on the Google Play Store and App Store. You just need to search and find the perfect app for your needs and download them. Of course, if there's no time for research, you can download our recommended alternative for Verizon Wireless Family Locator called FamiSafe. You will learn more about it in the next part.

FamiSafe - Best alternative to Verizon Wireless Family Locator

FamiSafe is the best family control app in the market. There are very few apps that match the quality and vast scope of features it offers, like filtering content and regulating app usage. However, Geo-location monitoring is the winning feature of FamiSafe. The app allows you to track your children's location with precision, regardless of the OS on your mobile device.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

FamiSafe lets you place Geo-location boundaries to ensure your kids don't go anywhere they are forbidden to. For example, if you want your kids to stay at home during the evenings, you can place a Geo-fence around your house. If your children leave the house, you will get a notification immediately. You can even set Geo-fences around the places you don't want your kids visiting. So, if your child goes to these places, you will be notified even when you are in the office.

FamiSafe is not just restricted to Geo-location fencing, but there are several other features available, some of them are as:

  • Monitor how much time your child spends on the tablet/smartphone/desktop.
  • Track their favorite apps or app usage details.
  • Where have your kids been in the past 7 days? Observe your kid's location history.
  • Track your children's location in real-time.
  • What are your kids doing on the web? Find out by keeping an on their web history.

FamiSafe is much more than a tracking app. It allows parents to curb the time children spend on mobile devices. Many parents have praised FamiSafe because it lets them keep track of their kids regardless of their location. You can be sitting in the office, and you will still know whether your kids are at home or out. The app has been praised by many parents. Not only can they keep their children safe, but they can also inculcate better habits in them. Parents can monitor which apps children use and place restrictions on them. Hence, if children need to study, but they are too busy playing games, parents can simply block the app. That way, parents can ensure that children are focused on their studies and not distracted. Hence, FamiSafe enables parents to keep track of their kids while encouraging better habits.

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As parents, we have an obligation to keep our children safe. Sadly, it feels like it's harder than ever with technology. Kids these days spend a lot of time outside the house, oblivious to the dangers around them. However, we can easily use technology to our advantage. There are several online services and parental control apps to regulate where children go, such as Verizon Wireless Family Locator. Also, products like FamiSafe are fantastic for parents who need easy to use technology to monitor their kids with. If you are interested, visit the Google Play or App Store to download FamiSafe.

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