How do you track a family member's iPhone?

Family phone tracking app

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Part 1: Introduction

How do you track the family member’s iPhone? This type of tracing is possible using tracking apps. You can find out your family member’s location details, and the last visited location history, using this family phone-tracking app Despite native ‘Find my iPhone’, there is a separate application to identify the location precisely. This type of tracking method helps when your family members are travelling. Instead of texting and calling, you can enable this functionality to discover the current location of your family members.


Part 2: How do you track a family member's iPhone with ‘Find my iPhone’?

It is easy to track the family member’s iPhone using the inbuilt tracking feature ‘Find my iPhone’. Initially, you have to enable this feature to establish the desired task.

This feature focuses only on location tracking, and you will not be able to use this tool to try out other forms of parental control options like app blocks, web filter etc. This in-built functionality traces the live location precisely.

From the below steps, you can learn how to add a family member on your iPhone

Step 1: On your iPhone, tap the ‘Settings’ option, and activate the ‘iCloud’ screen. Here, you must choose ‘Family Sharing’ option, and then click on ‘Add family member’.


Step 2: If you are making use of iOS 10, then enter the family member’s name, Email ID, etc. You should follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process. If you own iOS 11, then you can invite members personally.


The below guidelines assist you to learn how to track family member’s iPhone using ‘Find my iPhone feature.

Step 1: You must enable the ‘Find my iPhone’ option in the iCloud storage. This option is available at the home screen of iCloud. You have to flip the icon to ‘On’ position to activate this feature. A single tap on this icon helps you to turn on this option.


Step 2: Now, you should trigger the tool from the home screen. Next, you must sign in to the iCloud account using the Apple ID credentials. The credentials allow you to access your account in no time.



Step 3: As soon as the signup process ends the screen displays the map window with the location details of your family members. In this window, you can find the details of John’s iPhone.


In the above screenshot, John is the family member, and you can view the location details at the centre of the image along with the time factor. You can tap the ‘Play Sound’, which stimulates a beeping noise on John’s phone. The next option ‘Lost Mode’ does not allow you to access the location details. It is lost, and this scenario happens during poor GPS connection on the devices.

Finally, the next button ‘Erase iPhone’ deletes the phone details from your iCloud account. When you erase the device, then it is impossible to track the location details again. This ‘Erase’ option deletes the details of your family member from your device forever.

Part 3: How do you track a family member's iPhone with FamiSafe?

There is always a better alternative, and FamiSafe is one such parental control app with more features. It is from Wondershare, a well-known reputed software developer, which delivers quality products, and receives 100% customer satisfaction. The FamiSafe serves as a current need to fulfil the desires of the parents to control the gadget activities of the kids remotely. It has completely removed the guilt of the working parents, and you can monitor any devices connected with the parent gadget accurately.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Notable features

  • The Location tracking option assist you to find the exact location of the connected devices
  • The geo-fencing feature helps the family members to move within the safe zone thereby prohibiting the entry into unwanted places.
  • You can use the ‘Smart Schedule’ option to plan for the day optimally
  • The ‘Explicit content detection’ option sends a notification to the parent’s gadget if the connected device receives any suspicious texts.
  • You can block inappropriate apps from your kid’s device using ‘App Block’ feature
  • Quick download and installation process
  • The user interface is simple, and the novice can handle it wisely

How do you use FamiSafe to track the location?

The location-tracking feature assists the parent gadget to supervise the movements of the connected device on the map area. The location of the connected devices will appear flawlessly when you make use of the ‘Real-Time location’ feature of FamiSafe. You can connect any number of devices with the parent gadget without restriction. The map will show the entire connected device’s live location in a single shot.

A complete guide about the FamiSafe parental control app to track the location as follows

Step 1: You have to take a quick tour at the official website of FamiSafe and download the iOS version of the software at Apple Store. This software has a trial version, and hence you can download the tool without any regrets. The download process takes a few minutes, and then you have to follow the screen instructions to complete the installation process.


Step 2: Then, create an account on the FamiSafe platform. You have to enter the name, email, and password to generate a reliable account on FamiSafe. This account serves as a common bridge to connect the parent, and other iOS devices optimally. Make sure you enter a valid email ID while creating the account else you will end up with unsuccessful account creation.


Step 3: Install this software in your Family member’s gadget. Download, and install as discussed in steps one and two to upload the FamiSafe on the other iOS devices. The FamiSafe app and the related account connect the devices with the parent gadget in no time.


Step 4: Now, you must establish a connection between your device and your family member’s gadget. In your family member’s device login to the FamiSafe account, and enter the details like name, age etc. Here, you have to select the identity as family member


Download ‘Mobile Device Management’ file in your kid’s device, and grant necessary permissions while establishing the connection with the parent’s gadget. You have to allow the location accessibility to enable the location-tracking feature in FamiSafe. In your gadget, sign in to FamiSafe account, fill in the identity, as Parent, and connect with your kid’s device.

After the three-step installation process like download, register, you can now finally explore the features. Tap the FamiSafe icon in your iOS device after the successful installation process.


Step 5: Next, select the ‘Real-time location’ option from the feature screen of FamiSafe. In this option, you will be able to view the live location details of the connected device.


In this screenshot, only one device is available. You can view many live location details based on the count of connected devices.

Part 4: Conclusion

Therefore, FamiSafe can track the location details precisely. You can receive a flawless data with the help of this reliable app. Apart from location details, you can also try out many features like web filters, app blocks, screen time, etc on the connected device. If you establish a connection between the two gadgets through the registration process, then you can take complete control over the bonded device in no time. Enjoy these benefits using FamiSafe, and utilize the app to the fullest without any regrets.

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