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How to Turn off Location on life360 Without Anyone Knowing?

How to Turn off Location on Life360

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Oct 28, 2021 Filed to: Parenting Tips Proven solutions

Kids are naive and innocent. They can be easily manipulated and taken advantage of. As parents, it is your responsibility to look after your kids and try your best to protect them from any kind of violence, harassment, abuse, and danger. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are many apps today which allow you to stay in touch with your loved one all the time. One of the apps that can help you do that is Life360. While it's good to stay connected, it can feel like an invasion of your privacy – especially for teenagers. Kids today look for different ways to cheat such apps and stay offline. Such tactics are very risky and could end up very dangerous.

This is why parents need to know how such apps work and what kids do to cheat them. Today, we will talk about what Life360 is and how to turn off location on life360 without anyone knowing.

Why do teenagers want to turn off Life360?

Life360 is a group or family-centered location-based app that allows you to communicate, chat, and use driving safety tools. This app's main goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing where your loved ones are by tracking their live location.

What is life360

As stated earlier, while location tracking plays a great role in connecting with friends and family, it can also be intimidating to know someone is tracking your every move. Especially for teens who do not want their parents to track them, they will be looking for ways to turn off locations of Life360. They may want to turn off location for reasons like:

Feeling invasion of their own privacy and mistrust. For parents, it is necessary to get their teens' real-time location to make sure that they are safe. However, from the teens' point of view, tracking their location is invading their private zone.

Reasons to turn of location on life360

They do not want their parents to monitor their location so that they can hang out with friends at ease. A teenager would not want their parents to show up suddenly at his/her friend's home and take them home.

how to turn off life360 without anyone knowing

Have a secret plan with friends. Should it be a birthday party for friends or a meeting with some close friends, teens do not wish their parents to know so that they won't spoil the secret.

intentions to turn of life360

How do teens turn off location on Life360 without parents knowing?

Do you want to know your kids hide their Life360 location? Well, here are some common ways to turn off location on life360 without anyone knowing. See this article if you want to exit a life360 circle.

1. Location Spoofing

If your kids have an Android device, they can fake their location with the help of location spoofing apps. It just takes three steps.

  • Download Fake GPS Location app or other location faking apps from Google Play

Fake Location for Life360

  • Turn Developer Settings on the device
  • Turn on the Select mock location app to tell the phone to use Fake GPS Location
  • Fake GPS Location app is not the only way to fake GPS on your phone. Plus, it won't work on IOS devices. To learn more about fake GPS, you may want to refer to these articles: How to fake GPS location on IOS devices and Use Hola to fake your GPS location.

2. Turning off WiFi and Data

Turning off WiFi and Data for Life360 is another common way teens use to stop their parents from tracking their locations with life360. Here is how it work.

  • Turn on battery saver mode to stop apps from background refreshing.
  • Turn off Wifi and data. For the iPhone, teens can choose to turn off wifi and data for the Life360 app only.
  • Get to Setting, find Life360, turn off Celluar Data, Background Refresh, and Motion & Fitness.
  • The location on Life360 will pause on the place.

How to keep location at one place

3. Burner Phone

This sounds like a hassle, but it is a very simple way of how to turn off location on life360 without anyone knowing.

  • Install Life360 on the burner phone with the same account.
  • Connect the device to the Wifi of the place you should be.
  • Delete Life360 from your phone. Your parents will be tracking the location of the burner phone instead of yours.

How to get around tracking app

What are the possible dangers of turning off location sharing?

Privacy concern is a big issue when it comes to tracking apps like Life360, and that is why some users want to know how to turn off location on life360 without anyone knowing. However, there are possible risks to turning off or faking your location, such as:

  • Sneak Out

A lot of teenagers often sneak out at night to hang out with friends and attend parties. In such a case, if their location is turned off or hidden from their parents, it can be quite risky for them. They are missing valuable sleep time on a school night.

turn off loction on life360

  • Risk of Kidnapping

There are a lot of criminals and dangerous people in the world. Not knowing your kids' location could put them at a greater risk of being kidnapped or abducted and not knowing where they are.

Turn off life360 without parents knowing

  • Lack of Supervision

When kids turn off their locations, parents cannot supervise where they are and what they are up to. This puts your kids at the risk of hiding inappropriate activities from you. This is why parents need to track and monitor their kids' every move.

how to turn off life360 GPS

What to do if you find out your teens have turned off location on life360

  1. Be open and honest with your teens. Tell them what is in your thoughts so that they can understand the importance of sharing location.
  2. Show them the positive sides of using Life360, like getting to know if you are going to be late for school pick-up. You can get to them sooner if anything happens to them.
  3. Use an alternative parental control app to serve as a backup plan. Having a plan B is always better. Of all the parental control apps on the market, FamiSafe may be the one you are looking for.

Why is FamiSafe the better alternative?

FamiSafe is a parental control app that allows you to detect inappropriate content, control screen time, and locate your children's devices' real-time location. For parents who are looking for a comprehensive solution to take care of their kids, FamiSafe is a good choice.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Let's take a look at the features of FamiSafe to better understand how it is going to help parents to control their kid's devices.

  1. Live Location: This is a very useful feature of FamiSafe, which allows you to track your kid's devices' location.
  2. Geo-Fences: Parents can also set certain locations and geofences, which will notify them when their kids leave or enter that area. In Geofencing, FamiSafe uses Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, or cellular data to sense a pre-programmed action when the smartphone enters or exits a specific virtual geographical location.
  3. Location History: FamiSafe can also collect and record the last active locations and creates a location history for parents to track their kids' activities.
  4. Web Filter: This enables you to block all websites that contain inappropriate content like violence, pornography, drugs, etc., by blocking certain websites.
  5. App Blocker: This feature of FamiSafe allows parents to block inappropriate apps and check all the apps that are in use.
  6. Smart Schedule: The smart schedule features make it easier for parents to set a recurring timetable for everyday activities. They can customize the location, date, and time to block the device.

As you know already, FamiSafe comes with a wide range of features that all parents need for digital supervision and protection. It is one parental control app that all parents should have. When your teens are seeking every method to turn off location on life360, it is a good backup choice for you. Also, if you find FamiSafe not the ideal choice for you, click here to see more options.

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