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10 Things Parents Should Never Do for Their Kids

What Parents Should Not Do for Their Kids

Being a parent can be so frustrating and tiring sometimes. Always being concerned for the kids and their wellbeing is a norm for parents. However, sometimes parents might be doing the best for their kids, but that ‘best’ may be the worst for them. To endure a sensible relationship and mutual understanding with your ward, parents might even go that extra mile, but this may actually destroy the whole bond and shake the relationship to the core. Here are some of the most important things parents should never do to their kids to help their kids grow and develop themselves as a better human being, and of course, the better child they want them to be.

10 things parents should never do for their kids

1. Never do the talking on your kid’s behalf

Let your kids grow. At a very young, your child is excited to learn new things and take charge of themselves. Let them speak for themselves as they like. For instance, if a passerby approaches you and your kid and asks for your kid’s name, your intuitive would be to tell it yourself. WRONG! This way, you are suppressing your child’s self-esteem. Instead, encourage them to take charge and speak. Tell them to be confident even if they don’t do it great. At least they tried! So next time someone asks your kid’s name, let your kid do the talking. Your kid will feel a sense of accomplishment. They will feel proud of themselves for doing something. And most importantly, your kid will become self-confident. They will thank you for all this in the future!

parenting tips - things that parents should not do to their children

2. You can never be your kid’s best friend by ‘trying’ so hard

No matter what, every parent has been there. But admit this: one can never get something by trying so hard. Just keep things natural and acknowledge the fact that you can never be your kid’s best buddy. Friendship demands equal positions from both sides. And you can never be equal to your kid. You have a responsibility to take care of your kid and tell them what is wrong and what is right. Parents have authority over their kids. Many parents want their kids to treat them as their best friends and don’t keep any secrets. It is impossible for this strategy to strengthen the relationship ties between the sacred bond. Stop getting into equal terms with your child. Trying to impose a friendship tag can eventually weaken the relationship.

things parents should never do for their kids - useful parenting tips

3. Never mix up your child’s needs with your child’s wants

You may think that children don’t know what’s important. But do not mix their wants with their needs. A child is a child, and so would they act like one, no? Instead, let them get what they want and convince them to do what they need afterward. A persistent ‘NO’ to your kid’s wants can lead to lower self-esteem, they might think of them being the victim, and it can suppress your child’s personality.

10 things parents should never do to their kids

4. Stop spoiling your kids with that ‘extra’ help

Kids are always eager to learn and grow. Some people really think their child wouldn’t be able to do anything without their help. The truth is, they do not let their kids do anything in the first place. Helping your kids a lot will make them lazy, stubborn, inactive, most importantly, reliant on others. Let your kids do their dishes or tie their shoelaces next time. This will make them feel much better about themselves. They will see everything from a much better perspective. This will help them experiment and learn.

things that parents should not to do to their children - offering extra help

5. Your kids, just like you, have their own taste in everything

Try to understand and respect your kid’s taste. Your kids are well, just like you, a human. They can have their own taste in music, food, or other things based on their own observations and how they explore everything. Stop imposing your taste on them. Instead, let them choose for themselves what they like better.

parenting tips - what parents should not do to kids

6. Do not keep a check on their money expenditure

Every child, at some point in life, gets their first pocket money. Or a grown-up gets their first pay. Just like every human being, they too have the right to spend their money. The worst you could do is to interrogate them about their money expenditure. Of course, you might want to make sure they are not spending their money on drugs, alcohol, or anything that may be dangerous to them. Instead of being worried, teach them to spend wisely and where not to spend and leave the rest to them. Your kid will never disappoint you.

parenting tips - give your kids the freedom to use their money

7. Let them choose their hobby without any force

Often it is noted that people try to force their kids to get into something they themselves failed to do when they were kids/grown-ups. Trying to impose a hobby that your child doesn’t like makes them less creative, and some might even start misunderstanding you for this, especially the teenagers. Instead, observe what they are into or what they really like and then encourage them to pursue their interests.

10 things parents should never do for their kids

8. Do not take credits for your child’s achievements

Children hate it when moms or dads take credit for their success. It is seen a lot of times parents telling others how ‘they’ have done this or done that. Instead, appreciate your kid’s success, even if it’s just the first step they took or the first fish they drew. Celebrate your kid’s success!

10 things parents should never do to their kids - useful parenting tips

9. Let them tell what they want as a present for themselves

Imagine wanting that remote control car as a present for so long only to get surprised with the “importance of vegetables in your life” book. Disappointment? Let your child choose what they want for a present. This will help sharpen their decision-making skills, and one can never go wrong with this.

useful parenting tips - let your children choose their presents

10. Do not intervene in their personal lives

Especially never invade your teenager’s personal space. A lot of teenagers have such a rollercoaster life with crushes, relationships, and lots of drama. The last thing they would want in this rollercoaster would be their mom or dad interfering in it either by interrogating or asking questions. Trust them and give them the authority to make decisions. If they don’t share anything with you, it’s okay. They will share with you when they feel safe and trusted.

While these were the DONTs, there still is this one DO that is a must for every parent. This is especially important for your kids' safety and to help strengthen your bond with your child while they are on the verge of being themselves, exploring, learning, and growing.

things parents should never do to their kids - invade their personal space

FamiSafe - a useful parental control app for concerned parents

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Since kids are getting their own phones at a young age, it is much more difficult for parents to monitor what their children are doing online and who they are talking to on social accounts. This uncertainty could make parents panic. That's why we would need to look for assistance from parental control apps.

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More supported features of FamiSafe

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  • Screen time tracking and control: Putting screen time on your kid’s phone allows you to restrict their phone usage and prioritize other important things.
  • Flexible remote control: You need not worry about activating parental control every time. Just let the app know the time and place you want to activate the controls, and it will do so automatically.

famisafe feature

As parents, we all want our children to grow up safe and sound. That's why we keep learning about how to be a good parent. Find the list of dos and don'ts for parents is not difficult these days. What is hard is to stick to the rules. The above list of 10 things that you should not do to your children may enlighten you on maintaining a good relationship with your children. You can also try FamiSafe out and see how it will reduce your burden of parenting in such a digital world.

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