Kik Parental Control: Hidden Dangers that Parents Often Ignore

Kik Parental Control

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Thanks to the invention that is technology, there is a high rise in the number of private messaging apps. They are useful in facilitating more accessible communication among people across the globe. And with young people owning electronic communication devices, they have access to these applications as well.

Unfortunately, these apps, most of them are causing more harm than good to kids. People have taken advantage of the anonymity features available to molest vulnerable young people. One such app is Kik.

Kik is a messaging service that embraces anonymity among its users. It allows users to create usernames to communicate freely with other 200 million people using the app. It is possible to chat with practically anyone around the world without having to know their usernames. Furthermore, these messages are encrypted so much so that it is difficult to track them. It enables perpetrators of crimes to walk away freely, and nothing much can be done by law enforcement personnel to bring them to justice.

Hence, Kik is not safe at all, especially when kids are involved.

In this article we look at:

  • Why is Kik chat app a tremendous digital danger to your child?
  • How can you monitor Kik messages on your teen’s phone?
  • How can you prevent any harm befalling them via the app?

So, keep reading.


Part 1: Hidden Dangers of Kik

Besides users remaining anonymous, videos, photos, and games can be shared effortlessly via Kik. It is compatible with mainstream devices, i.e., iPhones, Windows, and Android gadgets. In addition to that, the app is filled with adverts and in-store purchases.

Now, wondering if Kik is safe? Find out below:

    1. Allows chatting with random strangers

It is a window for sexual predators to reach out to your kid and exploit them. The fact that it enables users to send texts anonymously, as well as videos and pics, these perpetrators will ask for sexually explicit material from your child. Once the messages get deleted, they are irretrievable. Thus it is challenging to monitor phone activity on your kid’s phone, or catching these predators and have them prosecuted.


    1. It is a paradise for predators

Once a sex offender told CBS News that Kik is a haven for predators. Many crimes got facilitated via this platform. There was an instance when a predator confessed to having taken sexually explicit pics of himself with a two-year-old and shared them to other users on Kik. Some of whom he chatted with about what to do to the infant. There are similar cases recorded relating to this app.


    1. The main target is children for sexual grooming

An investigation done by Forbes and Point Report revealed that young teens, about 14 years of age, are being hunted for grooming via this app. Furthermore, Kik has not put any effort into having the profiles of those sexual predators delated.

Stats show that 57% of the users of Kik chat app are aged 13-24 years old, and their parents have no clue about the existence of the app.

    1. There is no form of security measures set up

With the anonymity in conversations, you’d think there is some form of the privacy policy in place. But there is none.

Kik is well aware of the problems and the dangers the app poses and encourages its users to report any hint of inappropriate Kik messages, pictures, and videos circulating. But this is not good enough to help protect children. The amount of sexually explicit content on this platform is pretty significant and needs deletion.

Next, we look at how we can help prevent harm from getting to teens through Kik sex chats, videos, and pics. If your child is already using Kik chat app, we give a guideline how to handle the issue. It gets more interesting.

Part 2: How Parents Can Handle Such a Problem

Communication is key. It is very vital that you establish good communication with your children and teenagers. Once you create it, then employ one of the two ways below, or both of them to help protect your kid Kik digital dangers.

Normal ways

Educating them

Inform your kids about how unsafe Kik is and why it is not okay for them to share personal information. You can use videos to show them the dangers of the Kik messaging app and how predators use it to exploit and harm young people. It will serve as an eye-opener to your teens if they are in the dark about such issues.

Share with them what you have heard, read, and seen the dangers of inappropriate online and offline activities. Allow them also to speak their mind concerning the matter, discuss, and find a better way to stay safe and informed on the Internet. It is essential that they also know that you are in the loop about the latest tech trends and you understand what they are experiencing.

The point is to create a haven for them to open up and share what they know about the app. Build trust in your kids, and stay connected.

Embracing open phone policy

It is a way you can keep track of what your kid is up to, who they are communicating with, and what they talk about amongst themselves. It is most effective if there are trust and understanding between you and your kid. Your kid will be sincere and will not have hidden app accounts. Consistent communication and setting boundaries with the types of apps kids can access, and letting them know why the limits is a way to help protect kids from predators.

Sometimes the kids are unwilling to share login and password information to their social media accounts. You may well suspect that they have multiple accounts on a particular app and are reluctant to share their online activity with you. In such cases, you can use parental control apps to save them from themselves. FamiSafe is one such app.



It is a trusted and reliable application that assists parents to

  • Protect their children from cyberbullying,
  • Monitoring their whereabouts,
  • Blocking suspicious and malicious apps,
  • Filtering website content, and
  • Controlling the amount of time spent on their devices.

FamiSafe comes explicitly equipped with software to help you handle and prevent digital dangers from harmful sites and apps like Kik chat app.

Here are some of its exclusive features:

    • Explicit content detection

The application enables parents to create their own suspicious words list and receive alerts when these words are sent or received in their devices.

    • Activity report

Besides, the app allows parents to know when their kids are manipulated, coerced, or bullied into taking sexually explicit pictures and videos.

    • Suspicious photos

Whenever someone sends suspicious content to the kid’s phone, parents can check them out and take necessary actions.

These are the significant features of FamiSafe parental control app. t is simple to use. All you are required to do is install the app on your kid’s device. Then set up everything else on your phone and you can remotely control the target phone.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


Inventions and technological advancements are inevitable. Technology is here with us, and our kids seem to be more tech-savvy than us which is a good thing. But when their safety, sanity and lives are on the line, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. As much as they are meant to make life simpler and enjoyable for us, there is a downside to becoming a digital world. Kik chat app is one such major downside of tech. We have addressed how Kik isn’t safe at all for you and your children. Also, there’s a guide on how to handle digital dangers posed by Kik messaging app. Don’t ever doubt your effort in protecting your kid from sexual predators. Feel free to utilize parental control apps like FamiSafe and take all the necessary precautions to save your children.

Remember, you can never be overprotective when it comes to saving your kids from perpetrators on the internet like Kik Messenger. Ensure you stay informed about the latest tech matters at all times to help protect your child from online and offline dangers.

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