Parental Control Tips

Parental control is not an easy thing. In this topic, you will find all the tips & tricks for parental controls.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android 2018

Looking for the best free parental control apps for iPhone and Android? In this article, we have given some of the best parental control for iPhone and Android.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Useful Guide to Set Chrome parental controls on Android

How to set Google Chrome Parental Control to protect kids from explicit results or images? Here are some effective ways of how to set parental controls on google chrome.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
How to Set Up Parental Controls on Google

Looking for all the information you need when it comes to parental controls for your family and using Google and the internet? Click here for the complete guide.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
The Best Parental Controls for Teen Social Media

Social networks are today essential in our connected world. We have compiled a list of the top 10 social media apps around the world.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
How to Set Parental Controls on my Netflix?

Learn how to use Netflix parental controls in this guide. We have listed a step by step tutorial to block Netflix adult content in different ways right here.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
How to Set up Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch

Get to know about Nintendo parental controls in this guide. We have come up with a stepwise tutorial to set up Nintendo Switch parental controls right here.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
MTV Parental Control: How to Keep Your Kids' MTV Watching Safe

Get to know about the best MTV parental control right here. We have discussed the negative effects of MTV and how to control them using a parental control MTV.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Use Your Router to Limit Kid’s Internet Usage

Looking to help limit and restrict your child’s internet usage, as well as the content they’re watching? Click here for everything you need to know.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
AT&T Parental Controls: Smart Limits, Family Map, Review and Alternative

Want to know more about AT&T parental controls? Read this extensive guide and learn more about its services like AT&T Smart Limits and AT&T Family Map.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
How to Set Parental Controls on Social Media Apps

Are you worried about the social media apps usage and its addiction on your kids? Then follow the article to help yourself tackle this menace with the top social media apps.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Best Parental Control Software 2018 - Time Control

Using parental time control software, we can save and defend our kids from potentially damaging activities like cyberbullying, posting private information, phishing, sexual predators etc.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Free Download the Best Parental Control Software

Are you looking for free parental control software? FamiSafe is smart and flexible software that allows parents to manage their kids Android and iOS devices.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Best Free Parental Control Software for Computer

Looking for the best free parental control software for your child and their computers? Click here for the complete guide with everything you need to know and also find the best app to monitor kids phone.

Thomas Jones 09/09/2020
What Should Parents Do If They Find Out That Their Children Watch Porn?

In this insightful post, you’ll learn the disadvantages of watching hot videos and how to protect your child against the vice.

Moly Swift 11/09/2020
10 Reasons You Need Parental Control Software

Are you considering using a parental control software in your day to day lives? Here are ten of the best reasons why you should install one today!

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp?

You can now view your child's messaging activity remotely. This can be accomplished by using FamiSafe. This application makes it possible to perform remote surveillance on their device.

Anton Schmitt 12/09/2020
The Best Parental Control Software And Apps Of 2020

The above article showcases the top ten parental controls software that are available and the different features that these apps possess. We also take a look at FamiSafe and its features, it is the top parental control app in the market.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
The Best Parental Control Software

If you want to set up better parental control over kids, then you choose FamiSafe is one of the best parental control software. With this app, you can easily access your kid’s online activities.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Parental Control Software Reviews

Computer parental control software enables the parents to ensure the safe use of the cell phone and makes the child monitoring an easy game.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Kik Parental Control: Hidden Dangers that Parents Often Ignore

Developing an open relationship and consistent communication are key to protecting kids from digital dangers. So, save your children from sexual predators on Kik chat app using Famisafe monitoring app today.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 12/09/2020
Parental tip: What age is appropriate for social media?

Do you have any idea about the age restrictions to access social media? This guide gives you awareness about it. Come on! Explore it!

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Effective Ways to Make Spotify Kid Friendly

Spotify Streaming App has proved to be one of the most after-sought music streaming services. For this reason, we are going to highlight the best Spotify parental controls that every parent should have in place. This is one of the sure way to keep your children safer on Spotify.

Moly Swift 12/09/2020
How to set up parental controls on Hulu?

Hulu is an online streaming platform, and it consists of some adult contents that kids must not watch. Thus, as a parent, you must know to set up the process of Hulu Parental controls to prevent your kids from watching such videos.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Effective ways to set up parental controls for Amazon prime video

If you are concerned that your kids spend a lot of time on Amazon prime videos, then you must check their activities. There are some mature contents in this platform, which a kid must not watch. Thus, you must go for amazon prime video parental controls.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How Do Parents Set up Xfinity Parental Controls

With Parental control Apps like Famisafe and Xfinity Parental Control, parenting is now natural. You can check, monitor, restrict, block the access to some adult content on your child’s device, giving them access to only healthy information available on the web.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
A Complete Guide to Set Parental Control for Xbox One

Xbox is a common gaming device that most kids use. To protect your kids from gaming addiction and inappropriate exposure you should learn how to set Xbox parental control such as Xbox One screen time.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How to Set up Parental Control on Sony PS4?

Think your children are playing too much PS4? You need parental controls. FamiSafe is a brilliant new solution. You can set time limits and re-engage your kids with the real world. Register and download it today to help your kids avoid video game addiction.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How to Make Steam Safer for Kids?

As a parent, you can make the platform safe for your kids by using Steam parental control and other apps like FamiSafe. Here are the simple steps.

Moly Swift 12/09/2020
How to Set up Apple TV Parental Controls?

Parental control on Apple TV and an app like FamiSafe is helpful to make your child’s TV experience more age-appropriate. Check here to know more.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to set internet parental controls on different browsers

Are you in search of effective internet parental controls for your kid’s device? Then, you are at the right place to explore sophisticated strategies to deal with parental controls.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Epic Games Parental Controls: Parents Must Know

While elders and adults are more addicted to creative and adventurous games, kids get affected the most. So, here is an article on the Epic games' parental controls to keep your kids safer.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Effective ways to set Firefox parental controls

Do you have any idea on how to set up parental control on Firefox? It is high time to control the online activities of your kid. Just scroll down to know more about the parental control features.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How to Set Spectrum Internet Parental Controls?

We will discuss an ultimate user guide to Spectrum internet parental controls for security. After all, the rise of new technology demands such measures, so let’s dive into the subject!

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Roblox Filter for Parents: Why Kids Want to Bypass Roblox Filter and How?

Roblox is a popular gaming system that kids and teens today are hooked to. The roblox filter is easy for bypass, so we help you ensure how you can protect your kids.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Explicit Content Filter On Discord: Is It Really Helpful For Kids?

Read this post to know more about explicit content filter, and what FamiSafe can help to make sure your kids are safe on the internet.

Moly Swift 14/09/2020