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10 Free Online Parenting Classes for Needed Parents

Free Online Parenting Classes

Everyone wants to raise their children the correct way. Parenting requires you to balance your priorities. It can be one of the most difficult jobs, and yet it's also rewarding. In this article, we'll at the best free online parenting classes and their benefits.


Part 1: What Are Parenting Classes?

Parenting classes involve seeking professional guidance to help raise a successful, honest, and kind child. They help you feel more involved, connected, and focused on your kid. These classes provide parents with advice, tools, and strategies on how to raise their kids. They also provide parents with an opportunity to share concerns and ideas with other parents who are going through similar issues. What's the best part? There are free online parenting classes available that you can take advantage of to help you bring up your kid.

Someone who has taken online parenting classes is likely to feel confident when it comes to parenting. Many people, however, may be reluctant to join the free parenting classes because they don't like to seem like weak parents. But to be aware, parents really need to avoid being controlling parents. The bottom line is: Free online parenting classes provide you with the best tools that you will need to raise your child.

Part 2: What Are the Advantages of Taking Parenting Classes?

Parenting classes are very crucial when bringing up a child. Most parents fail to attend these classes due to the perception that they will know what to do. Bringing up your child for success is complex and needs advanced preparation; this necessitates free parenting classes. Below are some of the benefits of taking online parenting classes:

  • Teaches Recent and Basic Parenting Skills: There are many different approaches to parenting. Online parenting classes provide you with up-to-date basic parenting skills. These skills help you understand how you can create a good parent-child relationship. The classes provide you with details such as how to change the diaper of an infant to how you can feed a new-born. Besides, you will learn how to overwhelm the feelings that come with raising a child. Basic parenting skills can help you ease the fear and anxieties you might experience.
  • Help You Master Basic Parenting Skills: Parenting is usually frightening and overwhelming, especially when the infant is dependent on you. Most parents lack experience in taking care of their newborns. Every parent should master some basic skills such as feeding and changing diapers. Free parenting classes help lessen fears and anxiety about dealing with a child and develop the skills needed to take care of infants. To choose the right parenting style that matches your child's personality, you are advised to know the parenting style that will match their personality. Communication helps the parent understand the needs of the child and find ways to help them. The classes support the parent to develop insights for choosing the fitting parenting style for their children.
  • Help You Build and Improve Confidence: Parenting requires a lot of confidence. Your children should be able to believe that you know what you are doing. Parenting classes will help you learn more beneficial strategies from other parents and help you become a better parent.
  • Help You to Communicate with Your Child: Communication improves the parent-child relationship and helps the parent understand the child better. Online parenting classes will teach you the different communication styles suited for different situations.

Part 3: 10 Free Online Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are essential for developing the knowledge and skills needed for the guided upbringing of children. With that said, here is a list of 10 free parenting classes that we recommend for parents.

1. The Science of Parenting

The Science of Parenting focuses on providing facts and parenting statistics. We recommend this class because its five-week syllabus tackles controversial issues such as breastfeeding, vaccinations, and changing diapers. What's more? It teaches you how to apply new parenting skills when making a decision.

Official Website: https://www.edx.org/course/the-science-of-parenting

parenting classes - The Science of Parenting

2. Positive Parenting Solutions

Is your newborn giving you sleepless nights? Do you want to know what makes a kid restless? Then we recommend that you take this class. Positive parenting solutions provide you with seven steps to tackle such situations. The free online parenting class talks about child psychology, misbehavior. The class will also equip you with the knowledge you need to create a positive parent-child relationship.

Official Website: https://www.positiveparentingsolutions.com/

free online parenting classes - Positive Parenting Solutions

3. Meghan Leahy Parent Coach

Meghan advises parents on a large number of topics. The classes begin by educating parents on how to understand and handle situations. She takes you through the art of discipline and how to create good connections with kids. The classes are ideal for spouses and new parents.

Official Website: https://www.mlparentcoach.com/

online parenting classes - Meghan Leahy Parent Coach

4. Advanced Parenting Skills

Kids are difficult, stubborn, and cannot make decisions on their own. What's the worst part? They tend to test boundaries and see your reaction. Advanced Parenting Skills provides you with the approaches to talk to children. You will learn why your child behaves the way they do and how to create a connection with them to know more about them. In turn, this will help you find out what is triggering their tantrums.

Official Website: https://alison.com/course/advanced-parenting-skills

online parenting classes - Advanced Parenting Skills

5. Priceless Parenting

If you want to prepare how you will raise your child, consider taking this class. It comprises 11 lessons, virtual coaching lessons, and unlimited support. In case you have any areas of concern, you can always share them on the platform. After you complete the online course, you can navigate your way through parenting.

Official Website: https://www.pricelessparenting.com/

best online parenting classes - Priceless Parenting

6. Active Parenting of Teens

Parenting does not have to be stressful as some people say. This free parenting teen course aims to provide you with confidence and courage. These two things are essential to solve the challenges posed by your teen. The class also educates you on how to communicate with your child properly.

Official Website: https://activeparenting.com/

best online parenting classes - Active Parenting of Teens

7. Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce

It is with no doubt that parenting is difficult. It even gets worse when raising a child separately. Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce offers 5 strategies that help create healthy relationships. These classes are ideal for partners who have divorced. It provides some approaches to support and raise your kid while you continue to work.

Official Website: https://activeparenting.com/

online parenting classes - Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce

8. Neuroscience for Parents

This class provides parents with insights on how to raise successful kids. It also focuses on how to strengthen healthy family relations. Many people take this course to help them understand the available parenting methods. The instructor does a great job in providing parents with helpful knowledge that helps them understand how to raise amazing kids.

Official Website: https://freevideolectures.com/

parenting classes - Neuroscience for Parents

9. The Path of Conscious Parenting

Dr. Shefali takes you through a 35-day class on parenting. She explains the myth of conventional parenting techniques. You will learn about how conscious parenting helps nature and create good relations. This free online parenting class is suitable for new parents and those with kids.

Official Website: https://www.mooc-list.com/course/path-conscious-parent-mindvalley

parenting classes - The Path of Conscious Parenting

10. Power of Positive Parenting

This class provides parents with sound principles and practical techniques for working with children. When you apply this positive parenting system, your kids feel confident, accepted, and loved while they develop a good understanding of discipline and consequences. Power of Positive Parenting is inclusive of reading materials and recorded lectures.

Official Website: https://www.positiveparenting.com/

parenting classes - Power of Positive Parenting

[Video Guide]10 Free Online Parenting Classes for Needed Parents

Part 4: What Are the Most Important Parenting Tips in Today's Digital World?

Raising a successful and independent child requires you to sacrifice a lot. You have to balance between your work schedules and parenting. Below are some of the most important parenting tips that will help raise your kid in the current digital world:

  • Keep an Eye on Your Children's Digital Device Usage: In today's digital world, kids are constantly surrounded by technology and they are exposed to digital media. It's crucial to know what your kid is doing online and limit their screen time. When your kid spends long hours staring at the screen on their device, this could take a toll on their body, especially their eyes. Too much screen time can result in blurred vision and retina damage.
    Using FamiSafe will help you limit the time your kids spend on their digital devices. The app comes with a screen time limit feature that makes it easy to keep your children from their digital devices, which can be addictive. The app also allows you to see your kid's online browser history. So you'll know how long they use their device every day and the apps that they use. By using FamiSafe, you'll ensure that your children focus on school and they don't get addicted to their devices.

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  • Prioritize on Communication: Share open conversations with your kid's from time to time. You cannot expect your kids to do everything you instruct them. They also deserve explanations the way adults do. Failure to explain some rules to your kids can make them doubt your decisions as a parent. Reason with your kids when making decisions and help them understand them.
  • Be a Good Role Model: Kids learn by imitating the actions of their parents. Parents should make good decisions so that their kids can learn from them. Children with good parent-child relationships are likely to copy the actions of their parents. Always show good examples if you want your child to be respectful and successful.

There is no better way to increase your confidence when it comes to parenting than joining free parenting classes. They allow you to focus on the areas that you need to improve. Take the step and keep an eye on your children's activities when they are on the internet by using FamiSafe.

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