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Things about Animal Crossing: New Horizons & The Possible Dangers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Danger

The New Horizons version came into existence as the fifth series in the Animal Crossing. In March 2020, this version occupied the Nintendo Switch of the teens. In this New Horizons version, the player in the disguise of their favorite character moves into the deserted island. The game starts in exploring the places of the island. The character engages itself by involving various activities like fishing, catching insects, inventing items, gathering things. This version seems to be successful in the series of Animal Crossing because more than 5 million players installed this new series immediately after the release.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Things teens can do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Rebuilding the islands

There are options, which trigger the curiosity of the young minds to rebuild their islands. You can completely erase the data related to the island to recreate a new one or you can reform the current island with extra functionalities provided by the developer Nintendo. During the island reformation, you can perform the following tasks such as:

      • Install outdoor items like flower, light.
      • Build an attractive fence.
      • Upgrade the infrastructure of your island.
      • Attract business and invite people into your island using innovative ideas.
      • Look for variety and try out some unique items to make the island beautiful

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Rebuild the Island

  • Communicate with friends

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to communicate with your friends on this same platform. You can chat with them anytime when you log in to the platform. To talk with the other players on the island you have to press 'R' and type in the message. Finally hit the ‘Confirm’ button to send the message to the friends in this Animal Crossing New Horizons environment. Apart from messages, this app allows the players to send postcards to their friends.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Communicate with Friends

  • Inviting friends to their islands

There are options to invite friends into your island. To call the friends the player should reach out to the airport and talk to Orville. Here the player selects ‘I Want Visitors’ and choose between ‘Local Play and Online Play’. The Local Play refers to the users who are nearby your locality whereas the online play directs to the players far away from your place. The player should select the type of visitor and the Orville gives you a list based on your selection. Choose the users in the list and set the island’s gate opens for the visitors immediately. All these controls excite the teens and the players interact with the real world users, which in turn shoots up their curiosity in exploring more at this platform.

Animal Crossing - Invite Friends

  • House customization

To customize the house the player interacts with the Tom Nook. The player should initiate a conversation with Tom Nook, select 'About my home', and then hit 'I want to customize'. Tom Nook will give you a quotation for your house customization task. The total cost may fall between 4000 to 5000 bells. If the player is comfortable with the cost, then he/she can process with the 'Yes' button. If not, they can revert the action and go back to their island without any issues. If the player proceeds with the customization procedure then he/she can view a display of options related to the door, mailbox, etc. This customization process allows the player to make a preview before confirming the house design.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon - House Customization

Is it safe to allow teens to play Animal Crossing without any monitoring?

No, it is not safe to permit the teens to play Animal Crossing New Horizons version without any supervision process. In a general note, this game looks child-like and you might think that this is a safe game. However, the hidden fact is that the highly free setting allows the players to add adult content in the process of island customization. The highly interactive nature ruins the innocence of your teens in no time. This type of game requires monitoring and as parents, you have to implement it without the knowledge of your kids.

Possible Danger in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Inappropriate Content:

During the island customization process, the teens will make use of porn content and racist images. When you take a deeper note of the customizing controls, you can view many possibilities to include porn images and inappropriate pictures.

  • Communication with Strangers

This game allows the player to talk with unknown persons. It is a great threat to young minds. When your kid communicates with the strangers, there are chances for the interaction with the sexual predators. Strangers can interact with offensive languages, which may lead to cyberbullying.

  • Addictive behavior

As you all know, that young minds are highly prone to addiction. The Animal Crossing app attracts kids and teens with its cute characters and various of activities. The island exploration drives the eagerness in the teens and they get addict to the game quickly. Gradually the teens will start to spend more time on islands customizing, chatting, playing in this series, etc. The parents will face a tough time to get back your child towards normal activities. The kids and teens may lose interest in their academics due to this addictive nature of this game.

What Guidance should parents provide for their kids?

  • Raise Awareness

The parents should talk to their children and provide awareness related to the consequences of this game. The parents must learn the techniques to communicate with their kids in a proper way. It is difficult to handle the current generation of kids and teens. The parents should identify possible ways to get closer to your kid and educate the hidden dangers behind this game.

Guidance to Kid - Awareness

  • Involved Professional Consultant

The parents can choose professional consultants to communicate with their teens. The profsessionals can read the kid's mind easily and they can talk to the innocent souls in a better way. The parents can seek assistance from the professionals and help their children to get rid of unwanted cyber issues related to this game.

Professional Consultant to Help Kids

  • Imply Monitoring

Another effective suggestion for the parents is to make use of sophisticated parental control to supervise the activities of your kid. Nintendo has its own parental control for Switch. If you are looking for parental control for other smart devices like tablet, mobile phone, FamiSafe may be the one you need. The FamiSafe app is one such reliable app and you can make use of this program to supervise every online activity of your kid in a precise manner. Through remote supervision, the parents can take immediate action when their kids encounter any cyber issues like cyberbullying, pornography, etc.

FamiSafe Parental Control

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection
  • Real-time illustrations

Parents can create a login at the Animal Crossing platform and display real-time illustrations on the hidden dangers of this game. Through realistic demonstration, the kid will be able to understand in a better way than simple communication. The parents can disclose to their kid the related possible dangers the child can encounter while playing this game. The parents can sit with their kids and play along with them for a clear illustration. A visual demonstration grasps the attention of the child quickly and they will realize the negative impact of this game.

Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing - Real-time Illustration

  • Motivate physical games

The parents can motivate the kid to involve in various physical and outdoor games. When the kid finds pleasure in outdoor playing, they are less likely to look for gadget games during leisure time. You can encourage them to focus on specific outdoor games and train them in that particular field for better diversion from gadget games. From a practical perspective, it will be difficult during the initial stage but when the kid begins to enjoy the outdoor games then gradually the parents can observe immense changes in their gadget behavior.

Motivate Physical Games

Thus, this article serves as an informative feed for digital parents. The parents should be aware of the gadget games and take respective actions before the situations become worse. Animal crossing porn content seems to be a great threat to young minds. It is high time to educate the kid and realize the cyber issues they might encounter in the future. There is an immense collection of exciting games targets teens and kids in the digital market. The parents must utilize the above-discussed suggestions to overcome the adverse effects of these games. It is the perfect time to take immediate action to protect the kid from the negative impact of gadget games conquering innocent souls with unique titles.

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