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Parent Review: Is Tiktok Safe for Kids?

Is Tiktok Safe for Kids

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Social App Control Proven solutions

TikTok app provides a platform that allows both children and adults to create and share short, funny videos. You can also share the same videos with other users. Most importantly, you can interact with your friends and family online using this social networking service. But is TikTok safe for kids?

TikTok parents reviews:

While TikTok videos are designed to be creative and fun, there are concerns when it comes to children using this app. Is TikTok bad for kids? To answer this question, let's look at some reviews from parents.

Is TikTok bad for kids

First Review

TikTok app is not suitable for children without strict parental supervision. Your child can access adult content that will spoil their comprehension abilities. You might be wondering where your child is getting weird behaviors that you have noticed. The reality is, unsupervised use of this application can result in a sudden change in character. Children have young minds that cannot differentiate between good and bad information. Then how old does kid have to be for TikTok?

Second Review

Kids like to view funny videos and dance moves available on the TikTok app. It gets worse as the chances of exposing your kid to obscene language and content from the music videos and dances are high. Failure to give your child guidelines to use the app and supervise them will affect their integrity. Is TikTok safe for kids? Ask yourself this question before you decide to give them unrestricted access to use the app.

Third Review

The TikTok mobile app is not ideal for underage children; at an early age, it's not a good idea when your kids talk with random adult people who use the platform for their wicked intentions. The chances of a psychopath user making contact with your child and harassing them online are quite high. It gets worse as the platform has lots of songs with filthy lyrics that can change your kid's behavior. The worst part is that you cannot avoid your child from accessing these songs.

parent reviews of TikTok

Current Status and Data of People Using TikTok:

This video-sharing social networking service has taken over the whole world by storm. The younger generation in particular is the major fan of the app. The funny clips and spontaneous dance music videos fascinate young users.

The app usage continues to be on the rise as it is available in over 141 countries worldwide, and it is ranked as the top used app in most of the countries. The app rating has surprisingly surpassed other popular social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

With a massive download of 2 billion in April 2020, TikTok social media's performance and rating have surprisingly surpassed other popular social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. The app continues to gain traffic at a very fast rate. During the COVID-19 quarantine period, recent polls have revealed that users aged between 4-15 spend up to 86 mins watching content on TikTok daily. But is TikTok bad for kids?

Potential Dangers That TikTok Poses for Children

Is your child active on TikTok? Are you taking the right measures to ensure they don't access content beyond their ages? This question should run through your mind each time you see highly sensitive content on the media.

TikTok contact users from different parts of the world. As such, this poses several hazards to your kid. The chances that your teen could be talking to a sexual predator are high. Sexual predators tend to prey on underage kids by using flattery compliments that make teens feel safe even when being taken advantage of. Prevent your teen from the following potential dangers by monitoring their activities on the site.

1. TikTok Is Highly Addictive

Although people use it as a new way to interact with friends online, research has shown that the TikTok mobile app is highly addictive. Children aged between 4 and 17 spend most of their valuable time online creating short dance videos. TikTok audience - mostly children who do not seek the consent of their guardians when using the app - end up growing as spoilt kids in the future.

2. Dangerous Challenges

Viral challenges that often circulate on the TikTok app are the major causes of serious accidents that occur worldwide. Challenges such as the penny challenge and the skull breaker challenges have caused many children to be hospitalized.

3. Low Safety Standards

TikTok safety measures are not the same as other well-known social media apps. Several accounts are created by internet predators who are out to harm or endanger other users. So Is TikTok safe for kids? No, because even after setting your account in private mode, other users can still view your kid's user name and photos.

4. Your Kid May See Inappropriate Content

Your kid may be exposed to content that contains swearing, pornographic material, racism, violence, and more. This type of content might tempt or lead your kid into unlawful and dangerous behavior, which might put them in trouble. As well as this, conversations related to health are also dangerous for your kid. The videos are often disturbing and reactions to these types of content usually encourage deliberate injury to your body.

5. Cyber-bullying

Cyber harassment can affect any user at any given time. Children nowadays can access TikTok with just a single click. As a result, this increases the chances of being exposed to cyber-bullying. As a parent, the idea of strangers contacting your teen to threaten them is traumatizing. Kid's access to TikTok without supervision can end up endangering their lives or cause a mental disturbance.

Cyber-bullying on TikTok

Kids Safety Measures on TikTok:

Safety measures are necessary if you want your kids to be safe when using TikTok. Use these two methods to keep your child safe.

1. Set TikTok Family Safety Mode

The Family Safety Mode feature allows you to link your TikTok account to your kids' account to control their activity on this app. This feature allows you to set screen time limits, which will limit the time your kid can access TikTok on their phone. When you set Direct Messages control, you can disable and enable messages or choose who can contact your child via the messaging feature. It also allows you to restrict messages to followers who are approved or friends only. Lastly, you can turn on the restricted mode, which is an algorithm-driven filter that hides inappropriate content from your child.

TikTok Family Safety Mode

2. Use Parental Control Apps

Kids of this era spend most of their time on the internet. Some have even come to accept the fact that it is an inherent part of them. But Is Tiktok bad for Kids? Yes, that why you should use parental apps to protect your underage kid from accessing adult content. Protect your child with ease when they are on the internet by using the FamiSafe app. This parental control application has several features that allow you to ensure your kid is safe when using TikTok. The FamiSafe app allows you to do the following:

  • View how your child is using the app: With this feature, you can check your kid's TikTok browsing history and monitor your kid's activities on TikTok. FamiSafe simplifies your work by enabling you to know how your kids spend their time each day.
  • Set a limit for using the app: FamiSafe parental control app allows you to censor TikTok, ensuring it safe for your kid. With the app, you can set a screen limit for your child. Once you pair your TikTok account with your child's one, you will get full access to their account. Once the set time limit is over, the device will automatically disconnect from the current apps.

set screen time limit

  • Block unrestricted apps: The app allows you to block specific apps, such as Twitter and Instagram, to prevent your child from accessing them. They then disappear from their device and your child can never access them.
  • Informs you in case of unrestricted content viewing: It gets better as the FamiSafe mobile application will send you an instant warning message when your child tries to view unrestricted content or access apps that are beyond their age limit.

detected suspicious photos

FamiSafe is a useful parental control app that allows you to manage your child's TikTok app with ease. Instead of preventing your teen from accessing funny music clips, and dance clips on the media, install this app on your phone and pair your account with your child's TikTok account. If you have been wondering is Tiktok bad for kids, it depends on how they use it.

Children should get a chance to access the digital space under the supervision of a guardian or parent. Strive to have an open conversation with your teen to make sure your child is well-informed of the potential dangers of using social media services. So is TikTok safe for kids? Yes, it's safe when you use the FamiSafe app.

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