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Is Gogoanime Safe? Parent's Safety Guide

More than 100 million people find anime series fascinating. Therefore, young kids and teenagers are constantly searching for anime streaming platforms. While one can easily find anime streaming platforms on the web, the security and legality of these platforms concern the parents most.

is gogoanime safe

One such website that we will introduce today is Gogoanime. It's one of those platforms popular among teens with a massive collection of Anime that can be downloaded for free. But, the question here is – is Gogoanime safe? We will discover it in this article.

So let's find out what Gogoanime is and whether it is legal and safe?

Part1: What is Gogoanime?

what is gogoanime

Gogoanime is one of the most popular anime websites among teenagers, and it is free. The website has a massive collection of animated shows and movies, including dubbed Anime, Japanese Anime, subbed Anime, and some standard Chinese Donoghue. One of the reasons this website is so popular among teenagers is that it allows free download of unlimited content.

However, the server changes frequently to prevent the website from being banned. You will also find plenty of ads for popular animation series and shows on the websites; some are for products.

Anime series and movies are highly in demand right now, but parents find it challenging to understand Anime and the reason behind their kid's passion for animated shows and films. To understand your kid's love for anime, you will have to understand what actually anime is.

Part2: What is Anime?

Do not assume that Anime is something new. On the contrary, it has existed for more than a century already. The beginning of Anime was marked somewhere in 1917. However, the golden age of Anime came only after the 1970s, when different genres were introduced into the Japanese animation culture.

Anime has stood the taste of time because it has characters that grow with the viewers. Earlier, it was assumed that Anime was something that only kids could enjoy but not anymore. Anime has also been focusing on the adult audience. There is romance, comedy, action, adventure, suspense, drama, and horror. Besides, there are some unbeatable visuals, extremely beneficial life lessons, and music.

Most parents are confused that Anime and cartoons are the same, but not. The former is Japanese animation, whereas cartoon is a two-dimensional visual art form that creates an illusion of movement for the graphic images.


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Part3: Is Gogoanime Safe?

Gogoanime might have risen to popularity because of its free content, but is it safe? Well, it depends. Your kids can indeed get access to many popular animes for free on the website, but there are still safety issues parents should be wary of. First, Gogoanime is a torrent website that supports piracy, and secondly, the content is entirely unregulated.

is gogoanime safe for kids

Other potential risks of Gogoanime include:

The platform can be addictive

One of the biggest problems with Gogoanime is it can be addictive. Once your kid starts watching a series, they will be in a hurry to complete it (even if it affects their study, life, or any other commitments). And, after one series is complete, they would start looking for another, which will form a cycle that is hard to break. So, you need to watch out if your kids are developing an addiction to the Anime series

The site is not entirely legit

Lots of content provided by Gogoanime need cost to get access to other sites. The reason that it's free on Gogoanime is that the content is collected illegally. That is why Gogoanime keeps changing its server addresses from time to time to avoid being banned. Allowing your kids to watch content on Gogoanime is like supporting piracy, which is not good at developing kids' recognition of property's copyright.

18+ content

The website is not made exclusively for 13 years or younger kids. It is available for everyone, so there will be a lot of 18+ content on it. There are all kinds of genres like horror and romance, which is not suitable for young kids. Parents need to ensure that your kids will not access any adult content.

Part4: How to make Gogoanime safer for kids?

Preventing your kids from exploring anime content is not entirely possible. Instead, you should take the help of the following steps to make platforms like Gogoanime safer for them. So let's see what you can do:

Create a smart schedule

Allowing one hour of screen time every day to watch anime is the best way to regulate anime time. Besides, it will also prevent your kids from developing an addiction to their favorite series.

Discuss the term "piracy"

Kids need to understand what piracy is, why it is illegal, and how it can get them into trouble. Unfortunately, most kids do not understand the consequences of supporting piracy. It would help if you had an enlightening conversation with them regarding the illegal content provided on the app and why it should be avoided.

Enjoy the series together

Parents consider animation very childish, but they need to understand that Anime is very different from comics, and even elders can enjoy it. Having family anime time will also enable you to watch what kind of content your kids are watching.

Engage in outdoor activities

It would help if you showed your kids that there is an exciting life outside the animated world also. Take them out for a game of football, basketball, or any of their favorite sports. Families can also go camping, fishing, or trekking. Once young kids start enjoying outdoor activities, they will spend less time on platforms like Gogoanime.

Take the help of a Parental Control app

It's the best way to ensure that your kids are not being exposed to explicit content and control your kids' time spent online. One of the most reliable parental control apps you will find on the web is the Wondershare FamiSafe, which will safeguard your kids on Gogoanime.

Part5: What can Wondershare FamiSafe do?

wondershare famisafe

Wondershare FamiSafe is here to keep your kids safer in the online world. The app offers screen time management, app blocking, geofencing, etc. So, you can have complete control over kids' online activities.

Unlike other parental control apps, the FamiSafe app works discreetly, ensuring that your kids' activities will not interfere with the app. Some of its best features are:

  • Screen time management: Set a smart schedule for your kids on a specific app. Once this schedule is breached, the app will not be available anymore.
  • Location sharing: Track your kids' location in real-time.
  • Web history: Parents can track what their kids are watching every day and how much time they're spending on websites like Gogoanime.
  • Safe browsing: Prevent your kids from accessing adult content with the safe browsing feature of FamiSafe.

Web Filter: If you want to prevent your kids from accessing the Gogoanime site entirely, it is hard to achieve by setting a word rule with your kids. But that's what Wondershare FamiSafe can help. The app enables parents to block websites by different categories, like violent, adult, etc. And parents can also add an exception to block or allow. In this way, parents don't need to worry that kids may access Gogoanime secretly.

Try FamiSafe to protect your kids from accessing Gogoanime:


Download the app on your phone and your kid's. Next, create an account, log in on your phone, and choose the identity as Parent.


Login on your kid's hone, select the identity as kids and provide the code you received on your account. You can connect 5 devices at a time.


On the app dashboard, select the Web Filter option. Here are multiple categories prepared for you to block or allow.


To block Gogoanime specifically, yap Exceptions option next to Categories.


Type in the website you would like to block, like gogoanime.org, choose Block, and tap Save. Then you are all set.


You can test whether you can access gogoanime.org or not with your kids' device.

If you prefer video guide, the following video will show you how to use Wondershare FamiSafe to block website.


While it's fantastic to have access to such a massive collection of anime on Gogoanime, do not forget that the site is not legal, and there is also plenty of 18+ content on it. So, keep an eye on what your kids are watching on it.

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