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Telegram App Review: Is It Safe for Teens to Use

Telegram App Review

If you make detailed research on the communication apps, you will end up with the surplus collection of voice calls and instant messengers. The great question mark arises is it safe for teens and kids. The Telegram app is one such app, which faces similar queries from the perspective of digital parents. This article focuses on the app analysis and the effective way to provide secure cyberspace for the present generation kids to explore a lot beyond boundaries. Proper awareness of app usage seems to be necessary for today's teens and kids. It is the foremost duty of the parents to give ample exposure related to cyber issues in society.

Telegram App

What is the Telegram app?

The Telegram app is an open-source tool with voice over feature. You can make use of this application to connect with your friends and family anytime and anywhere. This app has many features to look upon in detail. It is simple to install and explore. The immature minds can handle this app in an effective manner without any technical issues. The procedure is straightforward and there are no technical complications while installing the app.

You can change the screen of this app as per your desires. It is possible to create multiple accounts using unique phone numbers. Secret chats are possible using the Telegram app with end-to-end encryption technique. There are built-in programs to share live location only to your reliable friends. You can mute groups and conversations with the help of the 'Mute' options in the Telegram app settings. The hashtags allow you to organize the messages within the chat app effectively. This app is widely used by kids and teens across the world.

Telegram app review: What should parents need to know about IT?

The parents have the sole responsibility to protect their children from the harmful effects of the Telegram app. They should know more about the positive and negative impacts of this app to safeguard from the threats of unsafe apps in the cyber world. A detailed knowledge gives you a better idea about the impacts of this software.

Positive effects of Telegram App
  • Connect with friends at any time despite boundaries
  • Explore a lot depending on the kids and teen's interest
  • The app is free of cost and compatible with the device version
  • The 24/7 support service assist the kids to find out more in this app
  • Pack of stickers with striking colors and images are available to use
  • It is possible to synchronize the app for cloud storage
  • The excitement in meeting new friends through group chats. The kids meet people from various professional backgrounds.
The negative impact of the Telegram app
  • If your kid adds any unknown member in this app, then there is a high risk for hacking and bullying issues.
  • Cyberbullying serves as a common threat to the kids and teens in this communication app.
  • There is no effective procedure to check the account holder's age. The kids and teens can easily violate the age restriction by entering a fake date of birth while navigating through the registration process.
  • This app provides the best platform for sexual predators. The strangers trap your child easily on this platform in no time.
  • No encryption provision is available for the normal chat messages in this app. The hackers intrude into this app and get hold of chat messages easily due to a lack of security settings on this platform.
  • Kids and teens develop addiction issues due to the consistent usage of this communication app. The excitement and curiosity of the kids serve as a root cause of the addiction problems. They want to try out all the built-in features of the Telegram app because of peer pressure.

What can parents do if teens use this Telegram App?

The parents should look for a sophisticated parental control app to monitor the gadget and online activities of the kids remotely. The FamiSafe parental control app is the best and recommended software for digital parents. It is an incredible product from Wondershare firm. The user-friendly interface helps the parents to explore its features in a detailed note easily. All the controls and options are explicit and there is no need to search for it. It is a less time-consuming parental control app with excellent features to monitor the kid's gadget activities precisely.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Take a quick look at the below features of FamiSafe parental control app

  • You can handle the kid's excessive gadget usage effectively using this parental control app. It is an excellent app to limit the screen time of your kids and teens.
  • Safeguard your kid from unwanted cyberbullying issues
  • The 'Explicit content detection' feature of FamiSafe sends an alert message to the parents if their kids receive any offensive content in their gadgets. Automatic alerts from this app assist the parents to take immediate action before the situation goes worse
  • Creates a safe cyber environment for the kids to explore and grow
  • The Geo-fencing option alerts the parents if their kids enter into the unsafe zone.
  • You can make use of the 'Activity Report' to know about the time duration spent on each app, website, etc.
  • The sophisticated tracking techniques are reliable and you will get precise data related to your kid's gadget usage.

FamiSafe Parental Control

The highlighted features in detail are as follows

Screen Time

This feature protects kids from addiction issues. You can limit the number of hours spent on gadgets by your kids easily using this awesome program. The "Screen Time" allows you to set the time limit for the app and gadget usage. When the set time expires then immediately, the app or the gadget locks itself without any notification. It is impossible for kids and teens to unlock the system. When you set the "Screen Time", then you will get complete control on your kid's phone easily. Make use of this feature to overcome the addictive behavior of your children.

FamiSafe Screen Time Feature

Web Filter:

It is the best feature of the FamiSafe app. With the help of this option, you can block inappropriate web content, gambling websites, pornography stuff, adult content etc from entering into your kid's and teens gadgets. You can filter the harmful and violent content and safeguard your kid from the cyber threats. By enabling this option, you can ensure your kid revolves on the safe cyberspace without any issues. This feature helps your child to reach out for necessary web content despite unwanted stuffs on the internet.

FamiSafe Web Filter

The Telegram app seems to be popular among teens and kids of the present generation. It is high time for the digital parents to make use of effective FamiSafe parental control apps to protect their kids from online threats. The amazing features of this app provide a better internet platform for the kids. You can rely on this FamiSafe app without any regrets. This parental control app ensures a bright future for your kid. You need not worry anymore if your kid uses the gadget for long hours. The remote monitoring and precise activity report from the FamiSafe app make sure that your kid is within the safe zone of the cyber world.

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