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These Random Video Chat App That Child May Use with Strangers

Random Video Chat App with Strangers

In the current scenario, a random video chat app has become a great threat to the young innocent minds. These chat apps provide a risky platform for the kids as it encourages them to communicate with strangers in this online mode. As digital parents, you should learn feasible effective ways to get rid of these random video chat apps. This content gives you a better idea to deal with risky chat apps and protects your children from the unknown dangers of these chat apps.

Random Video Chat App

Synopsis on Ten Random Video Chat Apps

Jus Talk

This video chat app is compatible with Android and iPhone. It supports nearly 9 members to communicate at a time as a group. This chat app allows your kid to talk with strangers without any interruptions. This platform offers a user-friendly interface for the kids to adapt to its environment easily. There are filters and stickers to enhance the chat in this online platform. The video calling option triggers the innocent minds to communicate with strangers easily.

Jus Talk


This type of video chat app suits well for iPhone. This app is exclusively for adults but there are chances for your kid to enter this space without knowing the hidden risks. It is the platform where the users make use of it to find a perfect match. The kids will be misled by the strangers and end with cyber issues later. The users will use this app to make friends worldwide.


Live Talk:

This random video chat app is exclusively designed for Android devices. Here you can use webcam while making chat with strangers. It is an amazing chat app with mind-blowing features. It connects the users worldwide and help them to make friends without much difficulty. The live chats sometimes become risky for innocent minds. The kids should be cautious when they login to this chat app because there are ample chances to meet strangers.

Live Talk

> Facebook Messenger

This chat app is a free tool which assists the users to meet in the online platform without any interruption. In this space, you can send images, videos, messages, etc, and make live chats easily. The strangers become a great threat to your kids if they are unaware of the hidden dangers of this messenger zone. It is a widely used video chat app worldwide across boundaries. It is a perfect app for all age groups but the kids should be cautious when they deal with unknown friends requests.

Facebook Messenger

Google Duo:

It is one of the simple video chat app used across boundaries in an effective manner. It is compatible with Android devices and operates between iOS and Android phones. You can make calls between different platforms easily. There are unique features to excite the inquisitive minds of the kids. The Google Duo is the perfect app that satisfies the expectations of the users efficiently. It is one of the prestigious products from the giant software developer Google.

Google Duo


It is a free video chat app with exciting features to trigger the innovative minds of the kids. Here, you can find colorful stuff like stickers, emoji, images etc to share with your friends. It is highly recommended for mobile gamers. You can make use of this chat app while playing games on the online platform. This chat app allows users to share text messages, multimedia files with their friends.

Kik App


This video chat app is one of the best apps worldwide. You can use this platform to share files with your friends easily. This app supports more than 25 members in a group. You are allowed to chat with a group of friends in this space comfortably. It provides a convenient interface for effective interaction across boundaries. A simple sign up process with quick verification is sufficient to commence a chat with the friends on this Skype platform.

Skype App


It is a reliable video chat app from Google. This platform allows the provide synchronize with this app. It can support nearly 150 contacts. You can connect with 10 people at a time flawlessly. This app is compatible with all devices like Android and iOS etc.



It is a fabulous chat app with extraordinary features for iPhone users. You can make high definition video calls in no time. This app allows you to call Mac devices anywhere across boundaries. It is the right video chat app for iOS devices.


Tango :

There are nearly 400 million users worldwide making use of this chat app effectively. You can switch between voice and video calls easily. This app supports both Android and iOS devices.


Potential risks that children will get from these random video chat apps

  • Your kid might face cyberbullying issues when they try to talk with strangers.
  • There are many sexual predators available on these platforms to attacks your kid on this online mode.
  • These random video chat apps allow strangers to share adult content files to your child easily
  • The teens gradually addict to these chat apps because it connects friends across boundaries.

Also, apart from random video chat apps, parents also need to notice there are some dangerous anonymous chat room apps that many predators can chat with kids without age restriction.

What can parents do when children use these apps to chat with strangers

The only effective solution for digital parents is that makes use of a sophisticated parental control app to monitor the kid's online activities of the kids remotely. The FamiSafe app from Wondershare is the best monitoring apps. This tool records the online activities of your kid precisely. You can make use of those records to take immediate action to protect your kids from unwanted cyber issues.

FamiSafe Activity Report

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  • Web Filtering & Blocker
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

The remarkable features of FamiSafe parental control app

Activity Report :

This parental control app creates a report comprising of the online activities of your kids. A complete report on the time spent on each app and website are listed out on this analysis. The parents can receive this report from FamiSafe easily by a single click.

FamiSafe Activity Report

Block features

In case, if you find any video chat apps which are inappropriate to their age then immediately make use of the block app feature. This feature allows you to lock apps, websites remotely from the parent device. Your kid will not be able to access those locked apps anymore. It is the perfect feature to provide a safe online environment for the kids.

FamiSafe App Blocker

Screen time

This functionality helps the parents to set a time limit on gadget usage for the kids. It helps to overcome the addictive nature of your children. You can set a time limit on each app and website and lock the phone automatically when the set time expires. This feature gradually assist the kids to get rid of app addictions precisely

FamiSafe Screen Time

Therefore, at the end of this article, you had a better understanding of the FamiSafe parental control app and its related functionalities on the remote monitoring process. Utilize this app to control the online activities of your kids. It is the best app to safeguard your children from risky random video chat apps on this online platform.

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