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Ome TV Video Chat Review for Caring Parents

Ome TV Video Chat Review

For many teens, meeting and talking to people they don’t know online is one of the most exciting things. Although you might have probably thought your child that talking to a stranger is dangerous, you will find out that they so online all the time. One of the social platforms young teens uses is Ome TV video chat. It is a social media app that allows you to meet people, create new friendships, and start a conversation via your web cameras. On Ome tv chat, you will be the one to determine the person you chat with, the kind of discussion you have, and how long the conversation lasts.

Even though this app gives you the freedom to socialize and meet new people, do you think it is safe for your young children? In this Ome tv app review, we will show you all the essential information about the platform, including if it is safe for kids or not, how to use it, and more. Read further to be educated!

Is Ome TV Safe?

Is Ome TV and Omegle the Same?

Ome tv is an alternative to Omegle as both apps allow you to chat with people through video calls instantly. Although these platforms offer similar services, they are not affiliated, and they are different in some of their features. If you are using Omegle, you can’t know whether you are talking to someone in a basement in Germany or the UK. On the other hand, Ome tv allows you to know where the person you are talking to is. Also, you can get instant translation on Ome tv with the available text translation features that allow you to video chat easily with an individual who speaks a different language. Besides, unlike Omegle, Ome TV is ads-free.

We also discussed if it is safe for kids to use Omegle in this article:

Omegle for Kids: Is Omegle Safe?

How to Use Ome TV?

Using Ome tv does not involve complicated steps. You don’t need to register or sign-up before you have access to it. All you need to do is: Go to the homepage of Ome tv

  • You will see Start in the upper part of the home page. Click on it
  • When the page opens, drag your mouse to the right side and click on settings
  • On the page that comes up, you will have the chance to choose the language you want to chat with and if you want the messages to be translated or not. After you have picked your choice, click on Log in
  • You can choose to log in with Facebook or VK (a Russian online social media) if you have one.

If you are using the Ome app on your smartphone, the steps are more straightforward.

  • Download and install the app from Google Store or Apple Store
  • Log in with Facebook or sign in with VK

Remember that you will grant access to your camera, microphone, storage, and phone.

Is Ome TV Safe?

Wherever chatting with strangers, whether via text, voice, or video, are involved, parents should be aware that such platforms are not safe for kids. Ome TV is not an exception as it puts children at the risk of exposure to adult content and predators. On this platform, users are picked at random and then paired to have a one-on-one conversation. It means you can’t predict who your kid will be paired with. Your young children can be paired with strangers or people that can endanger their lives or even force your kids to do what they don’t want to do.  

Also, you can remain anonymous on the platform. However, anonymity can be a pathway to disaster. Many strangers you will be paired with on the app can be men pleasuring themselves or doing other things you won’t want your kid to come across. Illicit photo request can also occur as you can attach photos and files via a text conversation with people you don’t know on Ome TV. Even though the developers of this app claim to monitor the violation of chat rules automatically, can live-stream video chat be monitored 24/7?

Additionally, Ome TV offers in-app purchases. Using this feature may not be secure as it may expose your bank passwords and card accounts. So, overall, everything about the platform is what you will want your young teen to stay away from as parents.

Parents' or News Reviews to Ome TV  

Jefferson Parish Public School System officials said – “Students at Harry S. Truman Middle School who access the online chat website Ome TV on a class computer encountered a stranger who exposed himself. A seventh-grade student recorded part of the chat, including the stranger’s flash of his genitalia, with her cell phone and showed the video to her mother. “

Carnoustie High School said - “We have just become aware that a number of our pupils have downloaded an app called OME.TV – this app allows live contact via webcam with random other people worldwide who have downloaded the same app. A swipe can simply initiate this contact on the screen, and no personal information is given. As you can imagine, we are very concerned about how others may choose to use this app and would encourage all parents to check phones and delete the app if it has been downloaded.

Karlstadsbon Catherine Andersson’s ten-year-old daughter and her friends went into the OmeTV app, a video chat that is said to give new friends. But instead of new friends, they were met by adult masturbating men. - It’s disgusting, disgusting to have to see this wholly forced

Does Ome TV Have Parental Control or Privacy Protection Setting?

The Ome TV has chat rules and regulations, and it's developers claim that the system monitors violation of chat rules automatically. Also, the moderators of the app are always available to respond to any complaints from users. However, Ome TV does not come with parental control. 

Apps and Websites Like Ome TV Parents Should Know

There are many Ome TV alternatives that parents should know. The popular ones include ChatRuletka, Shagle, ChatBlink, YouNow, ChatRandom, ChatHub, EmeraldConnect, DirtyRoulette, and more. So, if you see any of these apps on your kids’ device, you should know that he/she is video chatting with a random person or stranger.    

How Can Parents Protect Kids from the Potential Dangers of Ome TV?

Let your children know that one-on-one chat with a stranger on platforms like Ome TV and its alternatives is risky by educating them. Some ways to protect your kids from the dangers of Ome TV Video Chat are:

  • Blocking people on the app – you can be the digital partner of your children by being around them when they are using the app and blocking people that do not add good value to their life. When you have an intimate connection with your kid through communication, such a kid can share whatever is going on with him/her on the app with you without hesitation.
  • Delete the Ome TV account – you can protect your child by deactivating and deleting his Ome TV account.
  • Protect, monitor, and alert with FamiSafe – download and install FamiSafe, which is the best parental control application for Android and iOS. It is packed with useful and highly functional features that allow you to block the apps you don’t want your kid to have access to. It can also limit how your child uses the Ome TV app or any other related apps. More interestingly, you can get a report on how much time your kid uses on the app, if he/she installed it, and if the app was deleted before you come. Additionally, you can monitor all the activities on the web browser of your young teen, delete browsing history remotely, and also block inappropriate websites and content automatically.

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As you can see, Ome TV comes with its dangers to young children. Don’t be carried away with the fun your kids will get by using the app. It would be best if you keep them safe online, and one of the best ways around this is by monitoring them with the help of an efficient and best-in-class parental control application like FamiSafe. Remember, this app does not only work for Ome TV. It also works for lots of similar applications or platforms. 

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