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Blendr dating app review for parents

Is Blendr dating app safe?

1: Introduction: What is Blendr app used for?

The Blendr app is a dating application which connects like-minded people at a nearby location. In this platform, the user can surf through the other profiles and connect with them through chat. It tracks the location of the users using GPS technology. As there is no proper age verification procedure, the teens and kids can create a profile without any difficulty. Most of the fake profiles target the innocent minds at this space and the predators do not reveal their real name and location. Few users spoof the location of their devices to threaten the teens in this unsafe environment. In this article, you will give you some insights about the dangers related to Blendr app. Scroll down for more enlightening details.


2. Why should parents be aware of?

Most entertaining apps target young souls because they are highly prone to an exciting application displayed in the online platform. The parents should explore the trending apps in the digital market to safeguard the kids and teen from its hidden potential dangers. If you take a closer look at most dating websites and apps there is no proper procedure to stop the kids and teens to enter into this adult space. A mere entry of date of birth is the only program fed into the app system to judge the user’s age. This is not sufficient and effective to protect the kids from entering this adult environment. The Blendr app is one such inappropriate app for the kids and teens. If the parents are aware of the hidden threats in these apps, they can protect their kids and teens before the situation becomes worse. The parents will be able to take timely measure to safeguard their children from cyber threats.

3. Is the Blendr app safe for kids?

No, The Blendr app is a dangerous program for kids. This is not a simple chat app whereas similar to that of the dating apps. Take a quick look at its unknown threats below

Cyber Stalking

The Blendr app tracks the location details of the users and it feeds the cyber stalkers with locality details of the young souls. It offers a comfortable environment for the stalkers to harass the teens. The stalkers maintain a smooth friendly relationship with the teens and offend them whenever they get the chance to do it. The Blendr app provides a platform for online harassment which happens frequently with innocent teens when they connect with the dating websites.

Online sexual predators

In most of the dating apps, the online predators hide behind sophisticated profile looking for the best traps in the online platform. They target the young ones and start to share inappropriate content with them like porn videos, images etc.

Sexting issues

The mature adults in dating websites like Blendr app, connect with the teens through the fake profile and share sexual texts along with nude and porn videos amidst their chat. The teens face the sexting issues and they get affected psychologically.

4. Parents’ or News reviews to Blendr app

    • The Economic Times states that Blendr is an app which matches women and men for sex at the same locality.


    • The Daily Dot labelled the Blendr app as an adult program to connect men and women to have sex and flirt one another.
    • (
    • Tom’s guide pointed out that Blendr is a dangerous application and it has to be deleted immediately from your teen kid.


5. Does Blendr have an age restriction? Can kids bypass it?

Yes, Blendr app permits the teens of age 18 and above to create a profile at its networking space. There is no proper age verification algorithm to monitor the age during the signup process. The kids can easily bypass the age restriction by entering a fake date of birth at the time of account creation procedure.

6. How can parents protect their kids from the dangers of Blendr?

The parents can protect the kids from risky apps like Blendr app by trying out the below techniques.

a: Awareness

The parents must create awareness in kids about the potential danger of the dating app. Talk to your teens effectively and list out the real-time issues due to this app. You can take the guidance from the professional speakers to communicate with your kid for better understanding. Try out seminars and enlightening programs to educate your teen about the threats of the dating apps.

b: Real-time threats

As you all know that action speaks a lot than words, in a similar note you can create a profile and show them the hidden dangers in the Blendr app. When you show them real-time threats at this space, the kids will observe better and understand the seriousness related to the Blendr app.

c. Use parental control app

The best solution to safeguard the kids and teens from dangerous apps is by making use of an effective parental control program like FamiSafe. It is an extraordinary tool that emphasizes protecting the kids and teens from the hidden dangers of social media apps. You can connect with FamiSafe and explore its stunning features in detail below.

Remarkable functionalities

  • You can quickly block risky apps like Blendr in your child’s phone effortlessly.
  • Limit the app usage by setting a time limit for every application
  • Records the daily gadget activities of your kid and display in a well-structures format for parents’ reference.
  • The ‘Screen Time’ feature minimizes the gadget usage in kids and teens
  • The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ option notifies the parents if it finds any offensive texts on your kid’s phone.


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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Features in a detailed form

Block inappropriate apps and limit its usage

When you find risky apps like Blendr app in your kid’s phone, then quickly block the app remotely. You can perform the blocking activity even without the knowledge of your kids. Through remote access, you can also limit the app usage in your child’s gadgets using the FamiSafe program. You must set a time limit for every application when the time limit expires, the app lock automatically. The app is no longer available for your kid’s access.


Daily Gadget Report

The ‘Activity Report’ from FamiSafe assist you to learn about the daily gadget usage of your kids. In this report, you can find the time spent in each app and web pages along with the time factor. With the help of this report, you can limit the frequently accessed apps and prevent the kid from getting addicted to it.


Screen Time

If you are worried about your kid who is always staring at the screen during holidays, then immediately enable the ‘Screen Time’ feature in FamiSafe. This functionality set a time limit to your kid’s phone. When the set time expires, then immediately the kid’s gadget locks automatically. It is the best feature to prevent kids from becoming addicted to smartphones.


Explicit Content Detection

When your kid receives any text messages containing offensive words, then FamiSafe quickly notifies the respective parents about the inappropriate texts in the kid’s phone. The parents can take respective measure before the situation becomes out of control. The FamiSafe parental control app has a library comprising of the offensive word list. This app scans the kid’s device using this word bank and if it finds any match then swiftly sends an alert signal to the connected device. You can add new words to its bank and update at your comforts. This tool supervises the suspicious texts on specific social media programs like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.


7. Conclusion

Finally, you are at the end of the discussion on Blendr app. It is high time for the parents to install FamiSafe and block risky apps like dating programs from the kids and teens’ device remotely. Timely action can save the unknown dangers in future. If you want to get rid of unnecessary cyber issues in future, then quickly download and install FamiSafe parental control app. It is the perfect app necessary for digital parents to safeguard their young ones from online threats. Stay connected with FamiSafe and be safe amidst the internet monsters.

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