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Smule Singing App Review for Parents

Review of Smule Singing App

What is the Smule app?

Music has all the magic when it comes to studying, workout, or just relaxing. It even gets better if you love discovering new musical rhythms and sighs. The Smule app is among the apps that are bringing something new for music lovers. It doesn't end with singing, but make music with your friends from any part of the world. This app lets you record as well as upload your karaoke versions of your favorite hits. But that seems to be the starting point of trouble for Smule users. Parents should take note of the possible dangers that come with all uploads from other users. We'll focus on the possible dangers and how parents can shield their kids from such.

Smule app

How old do kids have to be to get Smule?

The recommended age for kids to be on Smule is 13+ years. However, most kids may not be patient enough to wait for the recommended age. Even if it were so, they would still face lots of challenges in the quest to try to look and sing like their models and famous singers. Smule is a high-tech mode to get them on track. But you may be wondering is Smule safe for kids? That takes us to the next sub-topic.

Is Smule a safe app for kids?

There are tons of actions that you can use on the Smule app. From sharing your creation on its over 50 million platforms to uploading your songs and letting others perform from the Smule songbook, sharing your music on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, among many other actions. But wait! There got to be more than just sharing your music. Many users are connected around the world. Users can create, share, discover, and connect with many others, including strangers. All these pose dangers to users.

Main dangers of Smule:

1. Sexual

Connecting with just anyone increases the chance of meeting strangers. Many users promote sexuality, which is a real threat to kids who use Smule. Furthermore, most of the age of 13 is not yet ready for sexual relationships, which makes it a concern for parents especially if their kids would get videos with explicit content from live performers.

Sexual content

2. Drugs abuse

As users post pictures and videos, some unscrupulous individuals may opt to promote drug usage. And since teens and tweens love trying out new adventures, they may easily fall into the cage of drug abusers with time.

Drugs abuse

3. Cyberbullying

This is another great elephant in the house! Many young minds face the giants of the internet via this platform. Cases of mistreatment and unkind words are bound to occur in the comments section. Others will also just take on their fellows for unexplained issues.


4. Online Predators

This app also makes the online environment a danger zone given the number of strangers the users meet. Predators can easily lure kids with all sorts of gifts while waiting for something in return. And a kid may not know the motives of such people until when the damage is already done. They can teach kids to indulge in sexual activities, gambling, and other inappropriate behaviors.

Online Predators

Parents' reviews to Smule:

1. Extortion

One parent commented on commonsense media that she was charged money with no refund even after canceling the app after the free trial period.

2. Sexy stuff

There was also a case where a man revealed himself to young girls as they stream live. Kids are not prepared for what is next and seeing live stream explicit content from strangers just worsens every bit of this app's purpose.

3. Invasion of privacy

Supervision of kids while on Smule was another parent's concern. She reported that kids download new apps, some of which endanger their privacy. They end up publicly exposing and singing live as they connect with strangers from any part of the world.

4. Violence and threats

Another parent wrote that a boy exposed himself nude to her 13-year old daughter. He was full of threats and warned that she shouldn't tell anyone of the act. This is very traumatic to young kids who thought the app is basically for social singing and fun crooning on favorite hits.

Does Smule have parental controls?

The concern of whether is Smule safe takes us to its interface and whether it has parental controls. Yes! It's possible to make Smule sage and a fun place to be. The "Block" feature does all the work. With this, you can limit the user's exposure by blocking them. So if a user is becoming a bother, you can deter them from contacting you via their profile or even the message thread you have with them.

How to block someone on Smule?

As earlier mentioned, you can block anyone that is bothering you. And once you block such a user, they won't manage to comment on, message you, or even love any of your performances. Follow these steps to block someone.

Step 1. Visit their profile or the message thread

Remember that you can block a user via any of the two options. To block from their profile, navigate to the user's profile.

Visit their profile or the message thread

Step 2. Click the "More" button

You'll get the "More" button by scrolling down on their profile. Click on the button for more options.

Click the 'More' button

Step 3. Block

The final step is to click the "Block" option from the populated list of the "More" button.

click the 'Block'

Once the blocking act works out, that particular user will not be able to contact you. Furthermore, they won't manage to view your "About Me" page, "Home" page description, photos, and friends. However, they can still search your profile and view your name description and the general location.

How can parents protect kids from the dangers of Smule?

1. Smule blocking

The blocking feature is one option that parents can use to protect their kids from the dangers of Smule. Simply show your kid how to block all the nuisance users that are bothering him/her.

2. Be open to your child

Especially in cases of cyberbullying, parents need to guide their children to report any show of mistreatment to them. This can help parents to curb other forms of online abuse before it is too late.

3. Engage a third-party tool

The availability of parental control apps makes it easier for parents to control what their kids watch online. They also help to prevent cases of cyberbullying, exposure to explicit content, and online addiction.

How FamiSafe can help you to prevent these cases?

This is a parental control app that enhances your child's security especially when you are away from them. It is highly effective and will help protect your kid against online misconduct and attack from strangers. Among its functionalities include web filtering, app blocking, screen time control, among many other features.

Functions of FamiSafe

Main features of FamiSafe:

1. App block & Usage

Certain apps are not healthy for your kid's good development. This feature lets you deter your kid from accessing those apps that you deem unfit. Just block such apps to ensure your child doesn't access them.

FamiSafe - App block & Usage

2. Activity Report

It is important to know your kid's daily app activities. By a glance, you'll be able to tell which programs or activities your child is involved in. Based on such reports, it is easy to correctly guide your child on what apps are good for him and those that aren't.

FamiSafe - Activity Report

3. Screen time

Is your child addicted to the screen? If yes, this can be damaging to his little brain. The screen time feature will enlighten you on your kid's phone daily time usage. If you feel something is overboard, simply block your kid's phone from time-wasting activities. Furthermore, this feature lets you set time for your kid's sleep, study, and play, among other activities.

FamiSafe - Screen time

4. Web filter

The web filter works smartly in helping you to keep control over which sites your child browses. If you deem them unfit, you can block and filter out sites with explicit content such as Smule and other similar apps.

FamiSafe - Web filter

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Kids love to explore new talents and ideas. The Smule app gives them an open door to show their talents as they excel on their karaoke versions of favorite singers. However, all that glitters is not gold. Smule has also caused havoc amid the storms. And even though the app has parental controls and kids can block certain users, this is just a drop of ink in the ocean. Many cyber bullies and online predators still manage to get hold of innocent kids. The result is violence, threats, sexuality, and exposure to explicit content. And given the live streaming ability, parents sometimes have little they can do.

But not anymore with the recommended parental control app. FamiSafe has high-end features to curb any online harassment by just a click of a button. Get all your worries handled and give your child a safe-haven online with this parental control app.

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