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Don't Know How to Remove Phone Number from TikTok? Read This!

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With the increasing availability of internet services worldwide, almost every person has a presence on social media. TikTok is a highly popular social media platform to publish micro-videos. TikTok asks for your email, phone number, and other details while creating an account like any other social media platform. Although TikTok sets the user information to private, some users still want to remove phone numbers from TikTok to protect their privacy.


Others prefer removing phone numbers from TikTok for other reasons like creating a new account. So, when users do not want to use the old one, they prefer removing the information and personal details from the old account. The most common reason for removing personal information from any platform is the risk of personal details being sold to third parties. This post shares the step-by-step guide on how to remove phone numbers from the TikTok account.

Part 1. How to Change Phone Number from TikTok?

If you already have a TikTok account and want to create a new one, you must delete your phone number from the old account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove your phone number permanently from TikTok as there is no such option in TikTok. However, you can change the phone number and replace it with a new one from the app settings. Here are the steps you can follow to change the phone number in your TikTok account.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone
  • Then, open your profile in the app
TikTok Profile
  • Now click on the Manage My Account option
  • Select the phone number
  • Then, remove the Phone Number? Choose "Yes"
  • Next, enter the new phone number
send code
  • You will receive a text message on the new number
  • OR Receive SMS Online for fake numbers
  • Click on “Send OTP” and copy it from the SMS
  • Type a 6-digit code and tap on the verify
enter code

That's it, and the phone number is successfully changed.

As mentioned before, TikTok does not share your details with any party and keeps them confidential. Furthermore, the information you provide is not disclosed to your fans or other TikTok users. So, you don't need to remove your number from the app.

Part 2. How to Remove Phone Number on TikTok without Replacing It?

Many users prefer deleting the phone number from TikTok permanently instead of replacing it. If you are the one who wants to remove phone numbers from TikTok without replacing it, you can follow the below-given steps.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone
  • Look for the theme icon and click on it to open settings
  • Then click on the three dots
  • Tap the option Report a problem
report problem
  • Go to Account and Profile Settings
  • Next, click on the Phone Number/Email
  • Tap on I want to change the associated number
change associated number
  • In the option – Is the problem resolved, Select No
  • Tap on Still have a problem and write a message
  • Write the message- “I don’t have access to my phone number and I want to remove it from TikTok. Please help”

You will receive a message from TikTok saying, if you don’t have access to your phone number, please provide the below information to verify the ownership of your account.

  • Username (@xxxxxxx)
  • Signup date (write the month and year when you created the account)
  • Recent login location (mention your country and city)
  • Registered device (Write the name and model of your phone on which you use TikTok)
  • Bound/Old phone number (This is the number that you want to remove)

It takes some days to verify the ownership of your account, then you will receive a message once it is done. The message says the ownership of your account has been verified and asks you to send a phone number or email address to bind to your account.

This is how to remove the phone number of the TikTok account. The entire process may take one to seven days or more, depending on the response from their customer service team.

Part 3. Can Other Users See My Phone Number on TikTok?

No, other users cannot see your phone number on the app. However, it shows your TikTok ID to other users, and people can find you on the app using your ID. Therefore, you don't need to worry about revealing your phone number or email address to other users. If you still worry about the privacy of your personal information on the app, you can choose to set your account to private in the settings. Here are the steps you can follow to change the privacy settings of your account.

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone
  • Tap on Me in the navigation bar to open your profile
  • Then tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your profile
  • Now open the Settings and Privacy
  • Next, tap on the Privacy option
  • By default, the option "Suggest your account to others" is turned on
  • Turn off the "Suggest your account to others" option
turn off setting

TikTok will stop showing your phone number and email address to other users. However, TikTok will stop suggesting your account to your friends and people who know you by turning off this option.

Part 4. Is It Important to Connect Your TikTok Account with A Phone Number?

Yes, there are many benefits of connecting your TikTok account with your phone number. TikTok uses your number to link your profile to users you know and suggest you follow their account. It also shows your username to your contacts and other users in the list of suggested accounts. Hence, your chances of going viral are increased by using your phone number while creating a TikTok account.

The TikTok algorithm shows your video to most people who know you and have your phone number on their phone, increasing your videos to go viral. However, when you remove your number from your account, it decreases the chances of going viral.

Also, TikTok uses your phone number to verify that it belongs to you by sending a one-time password while creating an account for you.

Here are some advantages and features that you get with your phone number on TikTok.

1. TikTok uses your phone number to verify your account.

2. Show your account in suggested accounts to your contacts.

3. Increase the chances of your profile becoming viral among your contacts.

4. Show the profiles of your contacts and other users to you.

Wondershare FamiSafe—A good parental control app

Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control app that enables parents to monitor their kids' activities. As kids grow in their teenage, they try to become more independent and explore the world themselves through their devices.

It allows parents to control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids’ devices. FamiSafe also sends notifications to parents when it detects inappropriate content on their kids’ devices. So, whether your kids use TikTok or any other app, you can ensure that they access the right content on their phones.

Check out this user guide for Wondershare FamiSafe and explore its features:

Step 1. Download the FamiSafe app from Google Play or App Store and install it on your phone.

Step 2. Open the app, and it will redirect you to the signup page.

Step 3. You can sign up with your email address, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID.

Step 4. After creating an account, click on Start to add your kids' device.

Step 5. A pairing code will show on your phone. Use it to pair your phone with your child’s device.

Summing Up

These were some tips to remove your phone number from TikTok. For many people who use TikTok how to remove phone numbers is their top priority. Although TikTok does not share your phone number or personal details with third parties, its use is to suggest your ID to your contacts and friends. However, you can use the tips in this article to remove your phone number from your account.

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