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What is the Relationship Between TikTok and OnlyFans?

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Nowadays, it has become very difficult to keep track of social media platforms. Every year some new platform pops up, making it tough for the parents to track their kid’s online activities. One such platform that is keeping parents worried these days is OnlyFans, and the inability to ban explicit content of OnlyFans on TikTok. Initially, TikTok was an entertaining video app that intended to support clean content, but apps like OnlyFans have made it impossible to maintain the scenario. Most teenagers are getting introduced to OnlyFans via TikTok only.

tiktok onlyfans

Given its rise in popularity among TikTok users, OnlyFans witnessed a 75% increase in its notoriety in early 2020. There are several concerns regarding its dark side as youngsters are using the platform for making money through sexually explicit content. In this article, we are going to discuss the relationship between TikTok and OnlyFans, and how parents can make TikTok safer for their kids.

Part 1. What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a membership-based platform started by British entrepreneur Timothy Stokely. He started the platform in 2016 and right now it has 1.5 million content creators. Content creators can post all sorts of content on their OnlyFans account and receive direct payment from their fans. These payments can be done through a subscription as well as the one-off tip.


According to the official statement by OnlyFans team, the app enables YouTubers and TikTokers like fitness and fashion influencers to generate extra revenue. It is said that those with more than 10,000 followers can make an income of $499 and $2,495 per month and the company keeps a 20% cut from these payments. Maybe that’s why it is not doing anything to ban explicit content.

Part 2. How old do you have to be for OnlyFans?

According to the policy of OnlyFans, users have to be either 18 years or older to sign up on OnlyFans. First, you have to submit your selfie and ID proof. Second, you have to add the payment information and set the subscription price. Once the verification is done, influencers can start posting their content. The problem here is kids are frequently using fake IDs to pass through the verification process.

Part 3. Is OnlyFans appropriate for kids?

No, absolutely not. Kids should never be allowed to sign up on OnlyFans. Recently, a BBC documentary focused on how this entire scenario of selling explicit content can hurt an individual. The series discusses some factors like:

1. Adult and Explicit Content

Teenagers not just access adult content on the platform, but also set up an explicit profile for themselves. The money coming from OnlyFans can look appealing to many teenagers, especially if they are going through financial crisis. And, because teenagers can bypass the verification, even the minors can sign up. The BBC documentary elaborately talks about a 17-year-old girl from Scotland who has been successfully posting her nudes for about a year.

explicit content

2. Online Predator

There have been several instances where influencers and those who post explicit content on OnlyFans complained about receiving death threats. Furthermore, the fans can be abusive, vile, and cause mental harassment too. They can search influencers’ public and private information and even blackmail them with it.

3. The Danger of Obsession

Even if the teens are not accessing or posting any nude content, they can still develop an emotional liking towards their favorite influencers. What they do not realize is that for the influencers it is just a way of making money and they hardly ever get attached to their fans. Adolescents on the other hand develop an unhealthy obsession with their influencers.

4. Piracy and Leaked Images

If you are on OnlyFans, there is no way to prevent your images from getting into the wrong hands. Many instances have been reported where influencers’ content is leaked and even sold on porn sites.

Use this video to elighten with online safety in kids and teens.

Part 4. What’s the relationship between TikTok and OnlyFans?

The content on OnlyFans includes images, live and recorded videos, messages, and even merchandise. A 20-year old TikToker from the East coast loved to do make-up videos for her TikTok profile. Seeing the popularity of her videos, she moved to content like dance moves, and other random things. Soon, there were comments on her profile asking, if she was active on OnlyFans.

Basically, she and many others like her came to know about OnlyFans on TikTok. The surprising factor here is, the more famous she became on TikTok, the more fans she got on OnlyFans.

tiktok and onlyfans

Most of the OnlyFans influencers see TikTok as a marketing podium that can send even regular people to fame. Influencers can share their OnlyFans stories, including fitness, makeup, fashion, and all kind of content that deems decent on TikTok.

If influencers post nudes images and explicit content, it is most likely that the TikTok team will ban their account. Even though TikTok doesn’t like to promote adult content, it’s difficult to keep OnlyFans influencers off it.

Part 5. How to establish a safe online environment for kids?

From the information provided above, it is not difficult to find out that there are too many ways for your kids to get access to inappropriate content on the network, even when they are not intended to do so. That is why parents need to take action to establish a safe online environment for your kids. But, the question is how? As even the relatively safer apps, like TikTok can cause side effects to your kids. To address your concern, here we will provide you with several useful suggestions:

1. Create the account for your kids

If you are worrying that your kids may access to inappropriate content on TikTok, or any other apps, it is recommended to create the account on your own, then share the account with your kids. In this way you will have access to check their browsing history and all the content they have access to.

TikTok also have several parental control features like Family Pairing and Private Mode, which can protect kids from online predators, the content suitable for adults only, and so on.

family pairing

2. Educate them how to behave online

In order to protect kid’s innocence, some parents refrain from discussing the dark side of the internet. Refuse to talk about these things will not save them from being exposed to adult content and online predators. Sometimes lack of knowledge can make the situation even worse.

The best way is to let kids have some idea about the potential risks they may encounter on the internet, then educate them how to handle it in a good way. As long as kids know how to handle the problems they encounter on the network, the online environment will be much safer for them.

3. Set internet safety guidelines

Take some time out to watch internet safety videos on YouTube with your family and even children. This will open the banter about cybersecurity and will help you generate a concrete guideline for both teenagers and little kids. Take a notepad to create the set of rules and stick it somewhere it is visible. Make sure that your kids are following these rules even with apps like TikTok and if necessary keep updating the rules from time to time.

4. Use a parental control app - Wondershare FamiSafe

Along with staying updated with the latest cyber security measures, you have to take the help of the parental controls app to track activities on smartphones, TV, and all the other smart devices. One of the most reliable Parental Control apps that you can use is Wondershare FamiSafe. Let’s see why parents are widely advocating its use:

Screen Time

First, the app allows you to track how much time your kids are spending online. For instance, you can see how much time they are spending on TikTok or a particular game or website. Parents are allowed to regulate this time by allotting a particular frame for every app. After that, the app disappears from the screen and they will not be able to use it anymore.

App Blocker

Keep your kids away from age-restricted apps like OnlyFans. The app blocker feature of FamiSafe allows you to lock apps by age rating. Besides, you can also restrict any particular app that you deem unsuitable for your kids. If you choose, you can also provide a specific schedule for some of the apps like TikTok and other relatively safer apps.

Web Filter

The webs filter feature of FamiSafe allows you to filter inappropriate content so that your kids have a safe online environment. Parents can filter websites and apps like OnlyFans, based on categories like adult, drug, violence and more. The app also has the ability to decode teen sexting lingo, so there is no way your kid could be getting into explicit content. Even if they are using TikTok to send and receive adult content, you will be immediately notified.

web filter


OnlyFans is one of the many apps that you should safeguard your kids from. These apps seems amusing, fun, profitable, and will gain your kid’s attention within no time. Talk to them about online data thefts, online predators, and bad content that is available on seemingly safer apps like TikTok. Making them understand the complexity of online threats will help you create a safer environment. Last but not the least; install a parental control app like FamiSafe on their digital gadget to track their activities on apps like TikTok.

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