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LiveMe app review for caring parents

Is LiveMe app safe?

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One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your kids is to have greater insight into the sites and social media platforms they are using. LiveMe app is one of the common apps among teenagers, and it is a good idea to know about it as caring parents. LiveMe app is a live streaming or broadcasting app that allows users to send virtual gifts, play games, meet stars, date, meet friends, grow a fan base, and generally get noticed. You can access it through a computer, tablet, or phone.

Even though this streaming platform appears to offer fun to children and other users, is the LiveMe app safe for kids? Read on as we show you the security risks of the app and how to protect your young teenager from them.

What Is the Age Rating of LiveMe App?

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According to the terms of LiveMe, users that are under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the app. It means it is basically for people that are 18 years and older. Also, iTunes and Google Play Store rated the app 17 years and up because of mild/infrequent crude humor, drug use, tobacco use, alcohol use, profanity, and references. It is also rated 17+ because of violence and frequent mature themes. However, some parents allow kids below 18 years of age to open a LiveMe account due to the included parent guide.

Is LiveMe App Safe for Kids?

Even though this app will help you grow in popularity on the channel, chat and meet new people, and make money by encouraging viewers to purchase coins/gifts, live streaming life can be risky. LiveMe app comes with its security risks and potential dangers. The app comes with location services, which makes the location of users accessible. This can expose your kids to strangers, perverts, and dangerous people who can pinpoint their exact location and pressure them to do things they don’t want.

Also, there are pedophiles on the LiveMe app. In August. 2017, a pedophile was convicted for encouraging a 9-year-old kid to expose herself over the app. There was also an investigation about young girls being recorded through LiveMe videos and sold as child porn. So, as you can see, pedophiles are everywhere on this app. Besides, the app has been linked to cyberbullying. Victoria, a British teen from Leeds, York, told the BBC that she had been bullied mercilessly by trolls who told her to kill herself.

Additionally, lots of young users are careless when using the LiveMe app. When strangers request for their phone numbers or addresses, they gladly send their personal information. This makes most children utilizing the app vulnerable to identity theft and blaspheming.

Parent Reviews for LiveMe - Live Video Chat

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James F. said – “this program is currently being investigated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Cyber Crime Response Agency. Almost every video stream has an adult asking children to strip”

Suzi L. said – “Parents beware! I downloaded this app and came across multiple videos of adults taking off their clothes.”

Rebecca W. said – “this app can be used to prostitute your child. Not enough child safety precautions. The kids love it, but the concern of not being able to control who views you worries me. I think that if a kid is going to use this, then we should be able to approve the viewers. My 10-year-old daughter’s number one follower is a grown adult male stranger.”

Pb b. said – “Sex offenders paradise. I was disgusted to find out that most of my daughters’ fans on this app were men. I even saw a chat; one man has been asking her sexually explicit things.”

Rishi1996 said – “Delete! I don’t want my children to use this app. It needs to be shut down.”

Jmstoker76 said – “This app not only is a scam and rip-off in itself but has tons of pedophiles and half-nude women dancing in their broadcast. Live Me does nothing when reported but says it needs further investigation. The app needs to be banned altogether.”

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How Do Parents Protect Kids from The Dangers of LiveMe?

There are some things you can do to keep your children safe on the LiveMe app.

1. Talk to your children

Whether your kids are using the app already or just heard of it and want to download it, one of the best things to do is talk to them about why they are using this app or why they want to use it. Let them see the potential dangers involved in using this app. <?

2. Report users

If your young teen is a frequent user, check her activity, conversations, and followers. If you see anything questionable, you can report the user by tapping on their name and clicking the report option. You can also protect your child by involving law enforcement like the National Bullying Prevention Center.

3. Block any user with rule-breaking conducts

Also, you can block any user with rule-breaking conduct by going to their profile page and selecting block.

What Can FamiSafe Do for Kids?

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
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  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
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Today, there are lots of parental control apps available for phones and tablets, but a few of them are reliable and get the job done correctly. One of them is the FamiSafe app, which comes with tons of useful features that parents can use to keep their young teens safe on social networks like the LiveMe streaming platform. Some of the helpful features that the FamiSafe app provides for the safety of your kids are:

Web filter

web filter except

You can block inappropriate websites and create an age-appropriate and safe environment for your kids by using the web filter feature. Also, the feature allows you to view the browsing history of your kids even if they delete or visit dangerous websites secretly using incognito mode.

App block & Usage

If you want your kids to be more focused, stay away from apps that contain unhealthy information, and also limit their obsessive app usage, the App block and Usage feature on FamiSafe can help. You will be able to block unwanted apps, see the apps our kid uses, and also the number of minutes or hours your child uses on the apps.

Activity report

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Using this feature on FamiSafe, you will be able to know the apps your kids used recently and when they used them. Also, you will know the apps your young teenager installed and uninstalled behind you.


When it comes to downloading and using apps like LiveMe, we try to avoid giving a straight answer to parents, but we will provide you with our final thoughts about it. Live streaming platforms such as LiveMe is a very slippery and tricky slope for teens. This app tends to lack more solid, valuable content. So, it is helpful to teach your kid how to use it wisely. The LiveMe app review above should help you protect your child from the danger that comes with using the platform.

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