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Five Apps to Talk to Strangers for Kids: Safe or Risky

Five Apps to Talk to Strangers for Kids

Socializing in the online mode seems to be the trend in the current situation. Even kids love to talk with unknown people through stranger chat apps. This type of app is similar to the messaging software where you can add people, text, send pictures, videos, etc.

When the stranger communicates, it is hard to predict the topic they might discuss with your kid. It can be about anything and it is unpredictable. According to the research study from Cox Communication 69% of teens chat with strangers and they receive messages regularly.

When your kid text messages on their tablet, you may think that he/she chatting with his/her friends. This type of assumption is completely wrong. You have to check whether who texting on the other end rather than coming to a wrong assumption. The kids do not hesitate to talk to an unknown person. They communicate easily through stranger chat apps.


Is a stranger chat app safe?

When you analyze the stranger chat app, you will conclude that it is highly risky. This type of app connects the unknown person with immature kids. The topic under discussion can be anything like sex, porn, adult content, addictive games, etc. Most of the adults make use of this app to misuse the kids and then they will try to mesmerize them through dirty communication. The parent should explore those apps and block them at the right time before the situation goes worse.

Five popular video chat app with strangers

    • Skout

This app allows users to meet new people across boundaries. You can communicate with strangers and have fun to the fullest. You can share pictures, videos, etc easily. This app protects the privacy information of the users and does not reveal the name, age, country details to strangers. This app is compatible with both Android and iPhone.


    • Bee Talk

This type of random stranger chat app is widely used by most the teens around the globe. It is compatible with Android phones. This chat app allows group chats. The users can enter the group chat according to their interests. They can also find groups via the search feature. You can make use of doodle stickers along with your text chats. There is an option named 'Whisper'. When you whisper a message on the chat platform then the whispered content disappears as soon as it is read by the recipient.


    • Hitwe

This is an Android-free chat app. You can make use of this app to talk with new people across boundaries. This stranger chat app allows users to connect with many people without any limits. You can select strangers from more than 10,000 users around the globe. In this app, you can make use of emoji along with text messages to have more fun while chatting.


    • Holla

It is a free chat app compatible with both Android as well as iPhone users. This stranger chat app tops the list and is widely used by most kids, teens, and adults around the world. Here you can make use of an effective search feature to select strangers near you or across boundaries with similar interests. The user's profile enters into this app after serious verification. You can install this app to chat with strangers without any hesitation and have fun to the core. (Check our previous post to learn more about Holla: Randomly chat with strangers: is Holla app safe?)


    • Azar

It is one of the famous stranger chat apps and it has more than 10 million users across boundaries. This app secures text, images, videos, and voice chat optimally. This platform is highly secure. In the search tab, you can select the gender and region preference and meet people with the same interest to talk with irrespective of boundaries.


How to keep your child safe from predator stranger

Three ways to keep your child safe from a stranger in the online mode

Topics to discuss

If your child creates a login account in the stranger apps then it is high time to discuss with them. Communicate with your kid about the pros and cons of talking to an unknown person in the online mode. Tell them the consequences they have to face when they interact with strangers. You must give awareness to your kid regarding the possible topics the strangers might talk to them about through this chat platform. Before your kid become the victim in the case of cyberbullying you have to take respective measures and give them awareness.


You have to set limits for gadget usage. Allow your kid to use the phone for a fixed period per day. Do not let the kids wander around the internet on these sorts of stranger chat apps. When you limit the gadget usage, ultimately the kids will not waste time on chat apps.

Check and uninstall

As a parent, you have to make regular checkups on your kid's device and look for stranger chat apps. If you find any then immediately uninstall it. You can talk to the kid about the dangers of making use of chat apps. You can also point out some statistics and the real incidents of the consequences of these chat apps for better understanding.

An Ultimate Guide to FamiSafe – An extraordinary parental control app

To handle the current situation you need reliable parental control software to safeguard the kids from internet phantoms. It is difficult to watch out for your kid's gadget activities all the time. You can't stay with them and protect them from dangerous apps on the internet.

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The FamiSafe parental control app has given a great opportunity for the parents to monitor the kid's gadget activities remotely. The parents can access the kid's device and make necessary changes to prevent the child from unwanted cyber issues.

Mind-blowing Features of FamiSafe

  • Prevent the kids become addicted to the phones through the 'Screen Time' settings of FamiSafe
  • Assist your kid to manage time with the help of the Smart schedule option
  • FamiSafe creates a geofence to protect the kids from entering into dangerous and prohibited areas
  • The App block feature safeguards the kid from Stranger chat apps
  • FamiSafe provides the parent with complete control over the kid's gadget remotely

Anti-addiction feature

The FamiSafe from Wondershare helps parents to block inappropriate apps on their kid's gadgets. The 'App Block' settings deactivate the dangerous apps from the kid's device remotely. There is another setting called 'App Usage', which allows the kids to make use of the apps, games, etc only for a specific period. This option serves as an anti-addiction setting. The kids can't spend more time on apps, chats, games, etc.

Report to prevent obsessive usage

The 'Activity Report' from FamiSafe helps the parents to know the total time spent on gadgets. It comprises daily activity on the gadget and the time spent on each app, games, chats, etc. With the help of this report, the parents can identify obsessive usage. The parents can make use of FamiSafe to set 'Screen Time' and limit the gadget usage effectively.

Limit the Gadget Usage

It is high time to find an optimum solution to limit the kid's usage of gadgets. The 'Screen Time' from FamiSafe is a fabulous feature, which helps the kids to get rid of addictive attitudes towards the apps and games. The 'Smart Schedule' allows the kids to plan for a day and complete their daily duties efficiently without any delays or regrets.

Get rid of Dangerous Stranger Chat Apps

The parents should view the 'Browse History' option with the help of FamiSafe to know more about the needs of the kids on this online platform. Find out what your kid is searching for in this cyberspace and guide them accordingly. Using the 'Web Filter' option you can prevent the kid from downloading dangerous stranger chat apps. Customize the web filter settings and safeguard the kids from the impact of unknown persons on the chat apps.

[Video Guide] Top 5 stranger chat apps and social apps parental control



You are now at the end of the article and it is time to conclude the discussion. The stranger chat apps are dangerous and risky for the kids. Install FamiSafe and monitor the online activities of the kids professionally. To get rid of the consequences of this chat app you have to talk to your kid and make them understand the dark side of those chat apps. Proper tutoring along with sophisticated parental control tool FamiSafe aids the parent to create virtual secure fencing around your kid from threatening internet space.

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