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App Review: What should parents know about MyLOL?

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Teenagers love to spend their time on social media. Furthermore, a popular trend these days is dating sites. There are different dating sites available today for teens and adults. The line is often blurred, and you can find teenagers on dating sites targeted at adults. However, the MyLOL app isn’t one of those. MyLOL is a teenage dating site, and it encourages teens to meet new people and build strong relationships. MyLOL connects teens from different countries and with different hobbies and interests. However, parents don’t know a lot about the MyLOL app, and that’s what this MyLOL review corrects. Keep reading to find the information you need about this app.

The app offers many features to engage teens in communication. Although most of its services are free, there are some features that you would have to pay for. The full functionality of MyLOL is only available with a premium membership. In this in-depth MyLOL review, you’ll get a clear understanding of the app, its dangers to teens, and how you can make it safer.

App Reviews from Commonsensemedia

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Many people have shared their opinions about the MyLOL app. Since it concerns teens from 13 years old, parents are becoming even more concerned about the site’s safety. Below are some testimonials we found about this app from Commonsense media.

“Do not go on this dangerous app. It is disgusting and unsafe for teens. Many filthy-minded men on the site will beg you for nudes. There are many pedophiles on the app, and it puts your life in serious jeopardy.”

“If you’re looking for pedophiles, the MyLOL app is your spot. The app is full of pedophiles that want to get a hold of minors. Although it is for teens, there are more pedophiles than teenagers on the app. These pedophiles are continually talking about sex, alcohol, and drugs. They even ask for explicit photos and messages on the app. Children should not be allowed to download this app for any reason.”

Does MyLOL Have An Age Restriction?

MyLOL dating site is for teens, and its focus is connecting teens with their love interests while helping them make new friends. The age restriction for this app is 13-19. However, there is no verification system to verify the users’ identities and ages. Therefore, it is easy for online predators and pedophiles to sign up on the app and target minors.

Why Do Kids Like MyLOL?

beware of online scammers on roblox

Teens are continually looking for new ways to connect with other teens, which is what the MyLOL app offers. Although several social media platforms are available, only a few aim at teens from 13-19 years old. Therefore, the MyLOL dating site stands out from the crowd. Teens like the app because it encourages them to meet new mates in life. Although there’s a premium membership, most of the app’s features are free. For shy teens, this app allows them to interact with their mates freely. It also connects teens from different countries, widening their horizons for friendship.

Teens love the app because it gives them a space to meet like-minded people within their age range. For teens looking to make new acquaintances or a romantic relationship, this app provides the platform to make it happen. Its features and tools are available for precisely that.

Pros and Cons of MyLOL

MyLOL app has many cool features that attract teens to their sites. This dating site holds many benefits for teens. However, there are some downsides to teens on the app, and you’ll find the pros and cons below.


  • MyLOL dating site welcomes all teens who meet their requirements. The app is intuitive for newcomers and teens who find it easy to navigate.
easy signup process on mylol
  • There are several beneficial features for teens, like seeing other members’ pictures and determining if their interests match yours.
  • The app has many security features in place to protect the safety of its members, like the detection of suspicious keywords and moderation of photos.


  • There is no verification system to check for pedophiles and online predators signing up. It is also easy to find fake profiles on the platform.
  • The platform’s moderation is poor because many topics in chat rooms contain sexual content that is not suitable for teens. Sometimes, you would also see an inappropriate post before a moderator deletes it.
pedophiles on mylol
  • The teens have different goals and interests, which the app overlooks when matching teens.

Does MyLOL Have A Safety And Privacy Setting?

One of the positive sides of this dating app is its many safety features to protect its members. The moderators work hard to prevent harmful profiles on the MyLOL app. Below are some of the safety and privacy setting of the MyLOL dating site.

  • Suspicious Keyword Detection: This feature allows the moderators to detect if someone is using the app for illegal or sexual activities. All written and sent texts on the app are first verified to confirm that it meets its requirements.
  • Photo Moderation: MyLOL app’s admins continually analyze photos uploaded on the site to ensure it is safe for teens to view. The app strictly forbids nudity amongst users.
  • Reporting and Blocking: The site also provides teens block and report features, which means teens can report misbehaving users, and the app will review the complaint to figure out their next action. The app could ban users who disregard the app’s terms and services. You can also block anyone you’re not comfortable with. If someone is being abusive or making inappropriate requests from you, you can simply block them so they can’t contact you again.
  • Moderated chat room: The app has many chat rooms teens can explore, and they all have moderators and bots to monitor the chat rooms. Moderators ban users who don’t follow the room’s rules and regulations.

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Is There Any Way to Make the App Safer for Teens?

Parenting can be pretty tricky, especially in this online age. Teens on the MyLOL app are in danger of being exposed to fraudsters and online predators on the site. However, you can take steps as a parent to make this app safer for your teen to use. Below are some tips:

Talk About the Risks of Online Dating

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The younger you are, the more things you believe you know; that’s the truth about teens. They always believe they understand the risks and potential pitfalls awaiting them in sites like MyLOL. However, they usually don’t, and you need to discuss the app with them. Online predators can trace your kid with little geographical information, so you need to warn them about online predators. You should also discuss the risk of sending compromising photos and information to strangers on the internet. Also, inform them about the pitfalls of online relationships and how unhealthy they can get. The more you educate your teen about the risks of online dating, the safer they will be on the MyLOL app.

Keep Personal Information Safe

You should ensure that your teen always keeps their identity safe when exploring dating apps like MyLOL. Scammers can get quite convincing when they want to steal your identity. So, you must teach your teen not to send their full names, addresses, bank information, or any other personal information to strangers. Additionally, they should refrain from sending money to anyone, even if they claim it’s an emergency. Such information should be private.

Get to Know Your Match Before In-Person Meetings

Most people do not realize they’re being catfished till the last minute. Therefore, teens need to make sure this isn’t the case before meeting anyone they run into on dating sites. They should stick to messaging their interests on the MyLOL app before they decide to meet up for a date. This gives them time to determine if they want to continue with the relationship. If something feels off, you can simply decide against meeting up with the stranger. Another way you can get to know your match better is through video calling. It gives you a chance to see their face and confirm whether they are lying about their identity. If your match refuses to video-call you, they might be hiding something.

Go on Public Dates

go on public dates

When you’re meeting your match from the MyLOL dating site in person for the first few times, you should do it in public spaces. 6% of teens meet up with an online contact face-to-face and discover they’re not who they say they are. Ensure it is during daylight hours. Don’t allow your teen to bring a date from MyLOL to your home at first. Additionally, do not let them meet in the date’s house for the first time. You should also ensure that your teen tells you or their close family or friends where they will be at all times. An exit strategy is also vital to have in place, just in case. Teens should also arrange for their rides when going on dates with strangers from the MyLOL dating site.

Do Your Research

Researching your match before the first meeting is always a good idea and helps you determine if you should unmatch or build on the relationship. You should also research your date before you go on dates with them or build a deeper connection. Doing this will give you an advanced idea of who your date is beyond the information they shared with you. You can start with Google; Google images can even help you determine who they are or if they’re the one in the picture. Check their social platform accounts to see their life outside you.

Wondershare FamiSafe—Make It Safer for Kids to Use the App

Parents are worried about the safety of their kids on the platform. Based on some of the MyLOL reviews shared by users on Commonsensemedia, it is clear that this app isn’t the safest choice for your kid. One way to ensure teens are safe on the MyLOL app and other dating sites is Wondershare Famisafe. It is a parental software app that provides many outstanding features and tools to ensure children’s safety. You can monitor their whereabouts, the apps they spend time on, the content they receive, and many more. You get to decide what’s best for your kid right from your smartphone. Below are the steps to set up this app on you and your teen’s device.

  • Firstly, install the app on your and your teen’s device. You can get the Famisafe app from App Store, Google Play Store, or the official Famisafe website.
download wondershare famisafe
  • Next, launch the Famisafe app on your device and register. Choose ‘parent’ as your identity to generate a pairing code. Then pair your kids’ device with yours with the pairing code you got to get the monitor started.
pairing code

Now you can start using the app’s features and tools. Some of these tools include:

  • App Blocker: this feature allows you to regulate teens’ app usage. You can block certain apps that you find inappropriate and allow those for a given period.
  • Suspicious Content Detection: This feature lets the app warm you when suspicious content appears on your kid’s phone. This could be offensive or inappropriate words, questionable photos, and videos. You can then delete this content from your teen’s device immediately.
  • Real-Time Location: This Famisafe feature allows you to track your teen’s whereabouts. You don’t have to make calls or wait for them to inform you where they are.
  • Screen time: Famisafe screen time feature allows you to visualize your child’s devise usage. You can find out how much time daily, weekly, and monthly they spend on each app and the internet. Apart from gaining insight into their favorite apps, you’ll also learn the time of day they spend online most.


MyLOL has several features to offer that entices teens on the site. It allows teens to experience love and friendship with people they might not have met otherwise. However, this app isn’t entirely safe despite the security and moderation features on the site. There’s no way to prevent online predators, fraudsters, and pedophiles from accessing the MyLOL app with no real verification process. Some users also find creative ways to bypass the platform’s security features and post inappropriate content. However, Wondershare Famisafe makes it easier for parents to protect their teens from dangers on the MyLOL dating site.

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