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Top Random Chat App with Strangers That Parents Must Know

Top Random Chat App with Strangers

Connecting with people across the world has been made easy with the use of social networking applications, but only in safe hands. Not only adults but also kids can connect with people through these random chatting apps. It can be harmful to the overall growth of your kids as you cannot be sure of what kind of people your child is connecting to online.

top random chat app

There are very random chatting app with strangers that can make your kid addicted to chatting and lose concentration in any other productive activity. They can stick to mobile phones for hours and hours in a row. You can even in later stages find them calling or even video chatting with these unknown people with the use of these applications.

For the concerned parents, we are here to help you with the kind of applications that might be available on your child’s smartphone. Also, you can monitor the use of these random chatting apps on your child’s device and accordingly guide them of their potential threat.

Random Chat Apps for Android

1. Meetme

Random Chat App Meetme

Meetme was initially started as a secret dating application, which turned out to be the largest random chat app with a vast user base. You can connect to strangers and even check the visitors and views on your profile using this application. Also, you can check your admirers and the number of gifts that you have received while using the app.

Not only this, the application helps the users to play casino-based games with strangers, or you can term them as newly made friends. This random chat app with strangers has a dating touch in it with the potential of introducing new people across boundaries.

2. RandoChat


RandoChat is an anonymous chatting application designed exclusively for android devices. This random chat app introduces you to new people and indulges in a chat with them. The users need not reveal their identity and can start with the chatting process by the mere installation.

Similar to the feature in Snapchat, the app deletes the messages as soon as the receiver reads them. Moreover, the random chat application with strangers does not keep track of the IP address of the users to conceal the identity.

Moreover, the application does not support any vulgarity and racist activity and ensures the sharing of good and positive content.

3. Chatous


Chatous can help the users to connect to strangers who can be present in any corner of the world. If you are passionate about getting into conversations with strangers regarding any particular topic, this is the platform for you. You can find the subject of your interest using relevant hashtags on this random chat app. Once you have selected your hashtag, you will be directed to a specific chat room where you will be in the company of like people.

This random chat app with strangers helps in sharing audios, videos, images, and more of such content. Also, one can easily share the links of youtube videos with your online friends within the application.

4. Holla


Holla is a random chat application that gives access to video chatting with strangers. Instead of sharing text messages and media files, users can connect to people through video calls. So, you cannot think of privacy with the application, but this can be an exciting experience.

It is based on the same lines as Tinder, and one can swipe left to ignore unless they find the one they wish to connect. It is a relatively good platform that prohibits the sharing of offensive and abusive content. But, one must always be cautious while connecting to strangers.

5. Telegram

Android Random Chat App Telegram

Many users have started using telegram in place of Whatsapp. The application, although very protective, can help you get into chats with strangers. The search bar of the app acts as a Google search. It is expanding, with the number of users increasing daily.

This random chat application connects like-minded people with similar opinions and views to come together and share an identical platform. It is up to the likes of the users to reveal their identity or stay anonymous.

Click here to find the Chatout Chat App Review if you want to know more details about this app.

Random Chat Apps for iOS

1. Chat Live


This random chat app with strangers was earlier termed as Omegle. And not only chatting with texting, but the application has also been updated to be used as a video chat application. People from different corners of the world can come together and chat at this platform using video and calls. One should be very careful while using the random chat app as this provides the user the feature of taking a screenshot at any time during the conversation.

Moreover, you cannot choose the people you wish to chat with. The contacts that come to you are entirely unknown. Also, you will be able to view only the nickname and quit the chatting process at any point.

2. Frim

iOS Random Chat App Frim

Frim is a random chatting app designed exclusively for iOS users. The application has many features; some of them include sharing your secrets, asking questions, and more. And if you are looking for privacy, this is a perfect platform as it allows the users to keep their personal information hidden. Moreover, the makers of the application ensure that it has no bots, unlike the other apps working on the same lines.

3. Wakie

iOS Random Chat App Wakie

This random chat app acts as a non-traditional alarm from the strangers for waking you up. And not just the signal, the application serves as a casual platform for chatting with strangers. This random chat application with strangers helps the users by asking for opinions and even requesting their company.

The application posts all these requests on the live feed, and the interested ones can join you by just tapping on the request.

User can even display their original identity, but this is entirely optional. However, if you wish to chat anonymously, you can hide the details linked with your pictures, name, and the like.

4. Connected2.me

iOS Random Chat App Connected2.me

Connect2.me is a random chat application that is made on the same lines as the famous Instagram or Snapchat. As soon as you open the app, it will display the profiles located near you that can be easily connected directly.

And just like Instagram, the random chat app with strangers shows stories posted by the people on the top. Also, one does not need to create an account for sending or receiving messages through this anonymous application. The Shuffle feature of the app helps in connecting with random people available online.

5. Whisper

iOS Random Chat App Whisper

It is yet another random chat application available in the online chatting world. The chat has a massive list of users and an ever-increasing community. And you can be sure that the people here will not drag you into unhealthy conversation linked with adult content.

You can open up with strangers linked with the deepest desires. This app is one such platform where you can meet some of the best people for your mental wellbeing. And not only this, one can easily choose the people on this random chat app with strangers depending on their topic of interest.

Tips for Parents when they find Kids Use These Random Chat Applications

Allowing your child to use a smartphone is a great deal for you as well as your child. Although it can be an advantage that helps you to contact them whenever they need you, it can still be a dangerous device in the hands of an unprofessional. You must guide your child carefully the usage of the cellphone before they dive into this world. Here is what you can do to prevent your child from operating the random chat application:

Set up rules and expectations

You should inform your children about the rules and regulations regarding the usage of the device. You should set up limitations on time and the type of content your child can surf. Be strict in following the rules laid by yourself so that your child feels equally responsible for maintaining the limits.

Teach them about Cyberbullying

Your child might not always be using the cell phone in your presence. They might also feel attracted to some unwanted information or come in contact with various random chat apps with strangers. You should give your child prior knowledge about cyberbullying and how this can adversely affect their personality and their mental wellbeing.

Using parental monitoring app to block app or track app activity.

Famisafe installed in your child’s device can help the parents monitor their activities on social media and other similar platforms. You can also block the usage of the random chat application that you feel is not safe for your child. You can also check the usage of these applications and the kind of content shared by your child. It will help you to set specific rules and also keep your child on the right track.

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With the advancement of technology and the need of the people for interaction, people try to indulge in the random chat app for making new friends and meeting new people. But this cannot always be a safe way to interact. You should keep your child safe and prevent them from falling into prangs of unwanted cyber threats.

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