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Chatous Chat App Review for Parents: Safe or Not.

Chatous Chat App Review for Parents

Dating among teens has been taken to the next level. Chatous is just one of the many apps that are highly rated for teen dating purposes. Chatous is a social networking app that can randomly match people across the globe for chat sessions. This is a free download app that has in-app purchases available. For one to use this app, one has to be 17 years of age or older, though no age verification is available in the app. In today's article, we are going to have a Chatous app review that will help us determine if the app is suitable for kids or not. 

chatous chat app review for parents

Why do kids like the Chatous app?

Kids and teens alike are looking for the easiest way they can socialize. That is what the Chatous app provides. What makes the Chatous app unique is that it allows kids to chat with real people from all over the world. It provides an excellent opportunity for them to meet new people. Well, we have several apps that can provide that too, but what makes kids/teens like this app. For sure, the age limit for one to use this app is 17 years old. Despite that, there are no specific verifications set in place to control this. This allows any kid to go in and use the app. This is one of the desirable loopholes that kids do make use of.

The other desirable feature that makes this app popular among kids is the fact that the kids can protect their anonymity. By making use of this feature, kids and teens can pretend to be an adult and discuss a sensitive topic that they are interested in with strangers. In addition to that, they also have tantalizing features such as video chatting and photo sharing.

chatous chat app review for parents

What age is Chatous app for?

According to the latest regulations, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to use the app that connects and chat with strangers. Despite that, the app has set up necessary regulations that curb this. It has set the age limit to 13 years old. This is what surprises most parents, and if your teen is using this app, then it's high time that you address the situation.

Is Chatous app safe for kids?

Is Chatous safe? This is one question that has to linger in your mind as a parent who is trying to exercise parental control over his/her kids. Chatous app has been rated among the best app for teens. However, as a parent, you need to understand that any social networking app that randomly matches strangers through chatting can never be safe for any kid/teen. From its position, this app is not a dating app, but in the look of things, strangers are busy chatting and flirting with each other. This should be your primary concern as a parent. Here are some of the safety concerns of why Chatous App is not safe for your teens.

  • The app features an immense number of fake profiles. This has led to a high prevalence of some strangers posing as women, and they end up contacting underage kids.
  • The other concern is the feature that allows users to send photos and videos. This comes to wit various problems and concerns. As a parent, I am sure you are not aware of what your teen/kid is receiving and what is sending over. From the latest allegations, users have been receiving videos of sex acts from other users. In addition to that, the app might have mature and suggestive themes.
  • You can search several users by the age criteria. Therefore, sexual predators can access kids/teens between the age of 13 to 17 years old.
  • Talking and interacting with strangers comes with a lot of risks, and this can also increase bullying threats.

Let's see what other parents think about the Chatous app?

Before getting started in reviewing the app if it's safe or not for your kids? You need to consider what other parents are talking about the app. Here are some of the voiced concerns of parents on the Chatous App Safety.

  • "This app can be a great place to meet friends, meet people from other countries, and practice conversation. But be VERY careful. This app is full of predators, people lying about their age (to seem younger, or to seem older too), scams, and horny individuals as the least of your concern. I got fed up with all that, but I quit when I realized how much time I was wasting trying to connect to people, and this app got monetized to hell. I would say that this is an 18+ app for sure. There are almost certainly better alternatives that filter out suspicious matches and provide for a safer (and faster) experience."
  • "What do I mean by that? They're posting dead bodies, child porn, etc. I'm surprised it hasn't been shut down, I'm all for expressing yourself, but this evil absolutely shouldn't be okay. They're minors on here. If hell was an app, this would be it, I'm all for socializing, but they need to put cops on this or mods at least. Also, all the featured users are girls, not a single guy, so you can already guess the developers planned it that way. This app used to be a great way to meet people. Nowadays, people are abusing being anonymous. I swear this app ruined my sanity. Please don't let your kid on this app. God Bless."
  • "I dislike the app because there are many sexual predators and insane people wishing bad things to others or asking to be violent or sexual with kids or their wives. I have reported them, and I still find them, so do something to block them and denounce them to the police. Not long ago, I found a dude saying he rapes and hits kids, and he would share links about it. Pretty disgusting app if you ignore reports from users."

From most of the parents' views, it's clear and eminent that the app is full of sexual predators. As a parent, you must keep your kids away from this app.

What can parents do to protect kids from the Chatous app?

Teenage life revolves around the online world, including how they are interacting and socializing. Hence you should not be surprised when you find your teen having this app on his/her smartphone. I know you are wondering how you can get control of this. Thus we are going to help you to get started by providing you with the right tips.

Don't panic when you discover your teen is using this dating app

Panic always comes with yelling and freaking out and, at times breaking down your teen's door. Do not panic, but instead embrace the conversation. You have to realize that unsupervised dating for young teens is not safe for them. Therefore come up with a strategy that won't seem to punish them or hurt them. Conversing with them will allow you to take control of the situation, and in the long run, they will always be open with you. Statements like "Am going to be part of this because I love you."

Always protect their Privacy

Since you do understand the dangers of online dating, the first step is always to protect their privacy. To get started with this, you must know who they are sharing the information with and whom they are sharing their geographical location. This will ensure that they do not provide any vital information, top strangers.

Monitor their activities online

There are various apps online that can assist you in monitoring the activities of your teens on their smartphones. It would be a great pleasure to introduce you to FamiSafe. This is one of the highly-rated apps that can be used to monitor all the activities on your teens' phones. For parents, it is a comprehensive solution to monitor and restrict kid's online activities. Moreover, it supports multiple devices that include Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows, and Mac.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Let's have a closer look at FamiSafe's features that are useful for keeping kids safe online.

  • Block dangerous dating app: FamiSafe parental control app is essential in blocking the Chatous dating app on your teen's phone. Once your teen tries to unblock it, you will be notified immediately. Parents can use this feature to block any apps that have taken up too much kid's time.
  • Monitor Your kid's app activity: This allows you to monitor your kids' app activity. When your kids install the Chatous app or other dangerous dating apps, parents can directly check the app activity and talk to kids about the dangers of this app.
  • Record browser history: You will be able to view which website has been visited by your kids to ensure they are not browsing inappropriate information online about random dating or adult content.

chatous chat app review 2

Question: Do you know what dating apps are available to kids on the market?

People always have the need to meet new people and make new friends, and that's why dating apps are getting more and more popular. As parents, do you know which dating apps are popular among teens today? Read about the location-based dating app on the market to find out information that you need to learn.

Chatous creates a platform for your teens to chat with strangers and even share images with them. However, as per the above Chatous app review, it is a platform that allows teens to engage in age-inappropriate conversations. In the long-run, they are easily connected to potential sex predators and abductors. For these reasons, any child under the age of 18 should not use this app. As a parent, it's important to have the right measures to help you control this situation.

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