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Teen Hookup Apps: Is It Safe to Teens

Teen Hookup Apps

The fact that it's quite intimidating to approach someone you're into makes online dating the right peak that most teens do consider. Teen Hookup Apps are apps that provide young people with a platform to meet and hook up for their potential dates. Dating apps have changed the teenage dating game completely. This is by making it easy for teenagers to connect with potential matches in the easiest way possible. Despite that, there are so many dating apps on the market, making it tough for someone at a teenage age to determine the right option.

Furthermore, since you are a teenager, how are you vulnerable to these dating apps? This is what makes Teen Hookup apps to be a major concern to parents. As a parent, you must prioritize the safety and security of your teen.

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Why Teen Hookup App Is Not Safe

Plenty of potential crushes available online makes the teen hookup apps one of the common apps that you can consider. That said, the major concern here is, is it safe for our teens to expose themselves in that way. That is why in our article today, we are going to discuss why a teen hookup app is not safe. Let's have a look at the potential dangers of the teen hookup app.

    • Predators look for teens on teen hookup apps.

The teen hookup apps are meant to connect teens with other teens. Despite that, there are no measures to curb people who do cheat about their age. This makes the platform to be the best place where predators do prey on underage teens.

    • In-person meeting.

These apps are not designed to create platonic friendship. The ultimate goal of these relationships is to meet in person. There are so many risks associated with meeting strangers. Most teens might end up meeting with these people in private locations. There are a lot of risks associated with this, including kidnapping, abduction, and even rape.

    • There are a lot of scammers in dating apps.

Dating apps have a lot of scammers who do use fake profile photos to lure teens into chatting. In the long run, the scammers will end up collecting any relevant personal information. They also provide links that will swindle the teens in providing their personal information.

    • The picture can reveal the actual location of the teen.

Some of teen dating app does reveal the exact location of the teens. This poses a great risk to the teen since they can be tracked, and their identity and location revealed. The profile photos that are used in the app also reveal the location of the teens, making it dangerous and risky for the teens.

5 Popular Teen Hookup Apps.

Dating apps provide a whole world of possible dates at your fingertips. The latest regulations have mandated the provision of age restrictions and limits of the dating apps. Despite that, there are a few decent options for dating online that teens can use. The app mentioned below does not mean that they are 100% safe. You still have to follow the usual online safety precautions. Here are the 5 Popular teen Hookup Apps.

    • Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB).

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The age limit for this app is 18 years and above, and it's available for iOS and Android. If you need a relationship and you are a teen, then this is a top-rated app that you can consider. The app curates a list of matches of what you might like through endless swiping. To get the convo started, the apps suggest icebreakers that you can use. Getting hooked up with a stranger has its risks. To curb this, the app has a report feature that allows you to report someone in case you are not comfortable around him/her.

    • Happn

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It's the best app that you can use when you need someone close to you. The app connects you with people who are only 1-180 ft away from you. Once you are in a close distance, the app gets you to access to their profile. People can only use this app at the age of 18 and above. If your school crash is using the app, then it's the perfect opportunity to land to him.

    • Skout.

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The Skout app has a very low age limit of 17 years and up. This is an iOS and Android app that has a unique feature. This is the "shake to chat" feature. All you have to do is to shake your phone, and you get paired randomly in a chat with a person that is nearby. It's based on the philosophy of bumping into your soulmate at any coffee shop. We do not have to tell you this, chatting randomly with strangers can get rather creepy. This is a free app, but you can unlock the premium features for just $ 9.99 a month.

    • Bumble.

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This sets a unique platform that you can consider when you are looking for a random date as a teenager. The app features a yellow UI, and this gives the entire app a different feeling when compared to any other dating app. The app also enables you to keep away from the annoying fake profiles. The app operates based on hives and bees. The fact that the app is top-rated makes it possible to meet someone decent.

    • Yubo.

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The age limit of Yubo is 12. Yes! 12 years old. It's formally known as yellow, and its design feels like a cross between Tinder and Snapchat. If you are interested in someone's profile, then you can swipe to the right. The app also allows you to video chat with someone, which will enable you to know someone even much better. To keep the fake profiles away, the app use the cell phone verification option. For those who need a casual date then, this is the app to consider.

What age is a teen hookup app for and can kids bypass it

Most of the dating apps don't allow users below the age the 17 to share their private photos. Social media dating apps are meant for adults, but teens are intended to create an account in them. We also have some dating apps that allow users to the age of even 12 to create accounts. However, this has several restrictions on the app. Therefore as a parent, you need to ensure that your kids are accessing the right online content.

What Can Parents Do Protect Kids

Most of the things in the teenage life happen in the online world. Most of the activities, such as shopping, socializing, and entertainment, are now done online. This is because the online way of doing things is nearly effortless and can be done when confined in the house. With the internet prowess, the world at your teen's fingertips. Making matters worse, the world of dating. As a parent, you have to be on toes on the latest things on how to handle your teens. Here are some of the techniques that you can do to handle your teens in this digital era.

Protect Their Privacy.

Protecting the privacy of your teen is the best way to protect your teen from dating apps. To get started this you have to ask yourself the following questions;

  • Are they sending pictures with geographically identifying their information?
  • Are they sending birthdates and school names?
  • Do you know who they're sharing their information with?

It's therefore essential that you do protect them from sharing their latest information. To get things right, its important that you ask them to show you around their online activities. You will then assess what they are receiving and what they are sending. Don't assume that all the information they have given you is correct. Therefore cross-check everything in the browser history.

    • Talk about Risks associated with app dating

Younger people do believe that they know more. Most of them think they know about the risks. They also think that they know all the potential pitfalls. I will be honest with you here; they don't know anything. You have to understand that with just a geographical location of your home, a stranger can meet your teen. This is is quite uncommon, but it's just essential for you to warn your teen about the dangers of such online predators.

    • Stayed Involved.

The world of dating is dynamic and has become more accessible than ever. It's, therefore, important that you keep your teens safe. You can do this by maintaining a balance in your teen's life by staying involved. When you visit involved, ensure that you are not oppressive, and you are concerned without getting angry. If you do this, your teen will always listen to you. Furthermore, they will always come back for your guidance.

    • Use of Parental Control Apps.

We could not end this discussion without mentioning the use of parental control apps. The unsurmountable exposure to new learnings and opportunities that our kids are exposed makes it necessary for parental control apps. That's why FamiSafe is the right tool that you can use to keep your kids safe everywhere whenever they go. The app has the necessary tools that will help you control how your kid surfs the web. This includes;

    • The app Blocker

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The FamiSafe parental control app is essential in blocking any dating app on your kid's phone. Once your kid tries to unblock it, he will be notified immediately.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection
    • Monitor Your Kid's whereabouts.

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This allows you to monitor your kid, especially when he/she goes out on a date with a stranger. The app will alert you when your kid leaves any of the geofences that you had set. In addition to that, it can track their location. The app also features the screen time and Smart Schedule, where you can plan reasonably on your daily screen time at every place.

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From an honest point of view, you can never ace parenting, but you can always make trials and attempts. It's essential as a parent to always elevate the safety concerns of your teen. To perform this very well, you have to have excellent parenting skills. The fact that the internet is growing very first, there are a lot of possible impacts of this to our teens. Dating is one of those impacts which makes one always to be keen with their teen. Teen online safety is one thing that can never be compromised as a parent.

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