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Nobody enters a relationship with the expectation that it will end one day. However, when children are involved, there is a strong desire to preserve a happy and healthy co-parenting relationship. But how is it feasible when one (or both) parties are angry or disappointed? 

We live in a time when you can accomplish almost everything with your phone, including divorce services, family law, and determining who will care for the children during and after a divorce.

Your family's requirements and desires determine the most incredible co-parenting tool. For example, perhaps you'd want a shared tool to help you communicate more effectively and preserve all of your critical data in one place. Or maybe your relationship with the other parent is still on fragile footing, and you need a way to stay in touch while minimizing disputes and negativity.



We can't make your shared parenting scenario stress-free by waving a magical wand. Still, we can offer these co-parenting tools that make family calendars, timetables, and communication easier to manage. Read our newest blog about co-parenting tools and talking parents app review to find out the best option for your kids:


Part 1: What is Talking Parents App?

Everyone is preoccupied with their work. Not everyone can communicate effectively. When parents reside in different houses, parenting responsibilities and schedules become much more challenging.

Nobody can afford to miss kid pick-ups and drop-offs, let alone skip payments or waste time arguing over fundamental parenting issues. Modern technology, thankfully, is on your side to assist you in creating a more collaborative approach to child custody. There are various co-parenting tools available that are mainly intended for scheduling a meeting and secure communication and can be put before a court if necessary. However, some applications are expressly designed to keep you out of court by reducing heated phone calls and face-to-face confrontations.



Co-parents who get along well utilize the Talking Parents app to record critical talks, clarify agreements, and solidify decisions. Talking Parents app allows co-parents to speak within a safe and unalterable service in high-conflict situations. Any text, phone, or scheduled event can be downloaded or purchased as a Certified Record, which can be used in court. Talking Parents unifies all conversations related to co-parenting obligations into a single, simple-to-use platform. You can exchange messages, make calls, organize events via a shared calendar, store files to personal vault storage, and more with Talking Parents.


It is the first co-parenting tool that allows parents to make secure video chats with their children without providing their phone numbers. The Talking Parents app is accessible on any browser, but to use the mobile app on iPhone or Android, you'll need a Standard ($9.99 a month) or Premium ($24.99 a month) membership. In addition, it provides a secure record-keeping method. The Talking Parents tool might be beneficial for parents who have had a history of conflict.


Part 2: What's the main feature of the app?

Talking Parents app is an all-in-one shared parenting communications solution that has helped over half a million families discover assistance and peace of mind. The most important thing is to be present for your children. Talking Parents app was founded on shared accountability to improve family unity via enhanced communication and openness.

If you and your child's other parent aren't getting along, utilizing a calendaring software like the Talking Parents app is a terrific method to convey all you need to know and nothing more. This will allow you to preserve your peace while co-parenting with your ex, which benefits you and your children. In addition, you can enjoy the following features:



Users can't remove or change messages sent to the other parent. Once a message is transmitted, neither the sender nor the receiver can edit it. You can access or order records anytime, whether for personal use or show to a judge in court. Every message, phone conversation, and calendar event has its record.




The talking parents app is safe and secure and doesn't provide the other parent with your email address, phone number, or other personal contact information.



All of your interactions with your co-parent may be done through the same platform. All interactions between co-parents are recorded entirely and unalterably.



Keep note of all of the costs associated with shared parenting. You and your co-parent can transfer or receive money securely and make payment requests.



Information Library

Make personalized cards with important information such as daycare phone numbers, allergy information, and emergency contact information.


Personal Journal

Keep track of interactions and make notes without discussing them with your co-parent. Here you can document anything you want to keep confidential.



Make a video or phone call with call records and transcripts while keeping your phone number private.



Part 3: How to Monitor Kids' Activity Better with FamiSafe in Co-parenting?

To reduce the conflicts and manage the parenting arrangements, you can use a co-parenting tool like FamiSafe. FamiSafe is a famous parental control app that doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking. It can assist you in protecting your children from harmful web stuff. With this app, you can monitor and manage your child's activities from anywhere at any time.

Unlike adults, children perceive the internet as a rich source of entertainment and a means of self-expression. Unfortunately, they are unaware of the dangers and may give too much information or become victims of cybercrooks. Fortunately, the FamiSafe kid control software can assist you in protecting your children.

Try FamiSafe, Know kids' whereabouts.
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Even seemingly harmless websites might include dangerous material, sell browsing data to marketers, or steal personal data. Bullies and cyber predators thrive on the internet. Cyber harassment is acknowledged by nine out of ten teenagers, and 60 percent of adolescent social media users have witnessed bullying personally. Furthermore, victims of cyberbullying are 1.9 times more likely to commit suicide. It has features like:

Activity Report

You can keep track of your child's online activity daily with the Activity Report dashboard. You can see their surfing history and app use in chronological order. It also gives you insight into what your kids search for on the internet. Knowing the answers to these questions might help you learn more about your child's hobbies and struggles.

You can take note of the programs that your kids have lately installed or removed. Change the dates to see your children's most current internet choices. See whether your kid's gadgets have been infected with malware. Examine which films or websites your kids watch frequently. This feature can help you immensely if you live separately and want to keep an eye on your kid's activities from a distance.

Location in Real-Time

The FamiSafe location tracker allows you to monitor your child's position in real-time. You are not obligated to make phone calls or to depend on them for information. If you have an Android device, you can use this function to help you find their mobile device if they misplace it.


Using the FamiSafe kid tracker, you can create Geofence zones. You'll get a notification if your child goes to locations you don't want them to visit.

Smart Schedule

Children aged 2–4 should not use digital devices for more than one hour each day, according to the World Health Organization. In addition, kids between the ages of 5 and 18 should not spend more than two hours in front of a device. Sleep deprivation, low productivity, obesity, depression, and social anxiety are all risks associated with exceeding these limits.

You can set screen time limits and remotely disable your child's device using FamiSafe Smart Schedule. You can encourage your kid to look away from the screen and spend more time doing something else this way. During the restricted time, you can whitelist specific apps.

Part 4: FAQs

Can you call through TalkingParents?

Premium users can now utilize the TalkingParents app to make recorded calls. However, you must first authenticate your phone number and allow calling before making a call using the TalkingParents app.


Is it possible for FamiSafe to see deleted messages?

You will be able to see all of your text messages in real-time. You'll also be able to see the messages your kids have received, sent, and even erased. You can also learn more about the person your children are messaging.


Can you delete messages on TalkingParents?

You are unable to change or remove your record in any way. Once a message has been placed, it cannot be edited or removed. Every TalkingParents user retains their entire conversation history, including all messages from the other parent.


What activities can I monitor with the FamiSafe co-parenting tool?

FamiSafe allows parents to monitor their children's screen time, follow their whereabouts in real-time, block websites, monitor apps and screen-time and detect unsuitable material on their devices.


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