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The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps

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It is always a good thing to know what date it is and plan your schedule accordingly. Besides that, it is also fun and a wonderful thing to have a platform wherein you can plan a timely an exact account of events for the day. Well, it makes it easy to figure out which one is up to, whose birthday is coming up or notification for an upcoming job interview. Moreover, you can also try finding a list of things to do like looking for preparing new recipes for your family.

Therefore, this article today will outline 10 of the best family calendar apps. The time when one had to have physical calendars for display is over. It's about time you switch to a more convenient to use the best-shared calendar app, fast and easy way to know and manage your activities such as an event and many more.

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps

10 Best Family Calendar Apps for Families

A family calendar app is a time management service. They assist all family members to know what date it is and plans their schedule by creating or marking an important event or date and setting a reminder. They can be set to work on several devices at once, shared or individual. A shared family calendar app is an appropriate app that can help you remember a family member's birthday or other important dates.

So now that we know the importance of family calendar apps, let us move to the next section and know about some of the best family apps in the next section for you.

1. Cozi

Cozi is a wonderful shared family calendar app and organizer that can be used among family members with great features such as color-coding for respective app users, creating menu plans, and to-do lists. There is also a space provided for keeping a journal.

Key Features:

  • Create shopping/ grocery and to-do lists.
  • Make menu plans, recipes, and fine ingredients.
  • Create events and set reminders.
  • Shared family calendar with a different color for each member.
  • Available on different devices and even PCs.

Compatible OS- iPhone and Android.

Apple store URL: Cozi 

Google Play URL: Cozi 

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - Cozi

2. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is another amazing family calendar app that lets you manage and schedule all your activities. It's one of the calendars with an elegant design. Compared to its predecessor, it supports many languages and has a natural language that helps you configure the settings easily. It has several calendar sets and you can switch to whichever design you want, either home or office.

Key Features:

  • Supports extensions to WebDAV and CalDAV to easily sync with your Google, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and many other accounts.
  • Has Share and Action Extensions that supports a widget to easily workaround together with other apps.
  • Automated responses, cancellation of messages, invitation accepting, declining, or forwarding without actual response for the user.
  • Supports push updates from Google Apps and Exchange.

Compatible OS- Mac OS and iOS

Apple store URL (iPhone):  Fantastical 2

(Mac) : Fantastical 2

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  -  Fantastical 2

3. CloudCal

Among the many family apps, CloudCal is an app to consider. More than just the calendar, there are other functions such as speech recognition that make it easy to update and make an event to-do list or reminder. It has easy synchronization with Google Tasks and Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Besides these features, there is the ability to catalog attachments, photos, or voice notes into your reminder for easily locating them and using them when necessary.

Key Features:

  • Multiple background designs.
  • Ability to watch and interpret you with a representation, on a chart with color-codes, on how you spend your time and how busy you are.
  • Easy synchronization with other apps and calendars.
  • It comes with a widget to easily manage the app.
  • Inbuilt smart bot to help you use the app.

Compatible OS- Android.

Google Play URL: CloudCal

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - CloudCal

4. CalenGoo

CalenGoo is a family calendar app that can be shared with other groups and friends. One can use it anywhere they go on the mobile phone. It also has got some nice features and you can add your contacts too.

Key Features:

  • Printable calendar.
  • Smooth navigation, with transitions from the day, week, month, or year calendar.
  • Easy Google correspondence and management.
  • The app easily adapts to your device.
  • Has a floating function on incomplete activities or events to assist you to keep up on events.

Compatible OS- iOS

Apple store URL: CalenGoo

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - CalenGoo

5. DigiCal

DigiCal is one of the best family calendar apps. It comes in two packages, a premium, and a free one. It has got interesting features such as a weather forecast function. It is compatible with over 27 languages. One can also set the app to provide an easy way to edit actions made on the app.

Key Features:

  • It is synced with all calendar servers such as Outlook, Google, or Exchange.
  • Location search with image match and traffic updates.
  • Weather forecast
  • Easy editing functions
  • Multiple preset themes and designs
  • Instant notifications and customizable widgets.

6. Timepage

Moleskine Timepage is a shared family calendar app with brilliant abilities. It lets you organize and schedule your week or month in advance very seamlessly. It can integrate with other calendar apps, contacts, and other services such as Uber.

Key Features:

  • A split-screen feature to do multitask easily.
  • Has a desktop model with a digital clock.
  • You can effortlessly sync all your activities or to-dos for easy management of errands.
  • Timepage assists, with a daily briefing and instant notifications to help you stay up-to-date.
  • A standalone app with a nice widget.

Compatible OS- iOS

Apple store URL: Timepage

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - Timepage

7. Wave

Amid the best calendar app for families is Wave created by E-sites. With a stunning design and awesome features, it is a must-have app. For the latest updates, it's better to follow their social media account.

Key Features

  • Elegant design and themes
  • Integration with Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and iCloud too.
  • Sync with contacts.
  • Nice widget design.
  • Easy scheduling and organization of events and plans.

Compatible OS- Android and iOS

Apple store URL: Wave

Google Play URL: Wave

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - Wave

8. TimeTree

Looking for a family calendar app across different devices? Well, TimeTree is one such app with an easy organization and scheduling of tasks and events. There are discussion panels to help you communicate with attendees of various events or tasks, whether in the family or any other set up.

Key Features

  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Has a communication base for each schedule.
  • One can change the background colors to their liking.
  • It can display multiple calendars concerning the OS.
  • For easier family management of events and plans, all family members can schedule plans on one calendar.

Compatible OS- Android and iOS. The app can also be used on a PC.

Apple store URL: TimeTree

Google Play URL: TimeTree

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - TimeTree

9. Informant

Family apps and productivity tools are the core of Informant. It has got tools to make sure you can undertake all your endeavors on the go. From reminder notes to working harmonically with Google Apps, Exchange and iCloud as well as the contacts, Informant is a smart app that handles all organizing and scheduling of your plans.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable themes and background
  • Works well with other apps.
  • Stylish widget
  • Easy scheduling and organization of plans
  • Compatible with many devices.

Compatible OS- Android and iOS. It may also be used on a PC.

Google Play URL: Informant 

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - Informant

10. Jorte

Jorte is one of the family calendar apps that are highly customizable and with many different language versions. It comes with other features such as event calendars and easy integration to other apps. It has got membership plans which may suit one's needs.

Key Features

  • Event Calendar-Follow events and get the latest news and updates from the ongoing events. For instance, you could follow your favorite team, a cooking show, and more to get the latest news or recipes.
  • Printable calendars
  • Customizable interface.
  • Reminder notes and organizer
  • Supports different devices and PCs too.

Compatible OS- It is available for many different devices. A PC version is available too.

Apple store URL: Jorte 

Google Play URL: Jorte 

For PC: Jorte 

The 10 Best Family Calendar Apps  - Jorte

A Reliable guard for Family - FamiSafe parental control app

FamiSafe comes with many fabulous features that assist in parental control. It's compatible with both Android and iOS. The parent can use the app as the admin and help manage the family, including the children's online activities. In addition to having online management capabilities, they can create a list of tasks and schedule activities for their family members, all with detailed date and time. This is a reliable solution to all online and offline undertaking of planned activities as notifications are sent to respective attendees of tasks or events as a reminder of the activity. It is all done easily with a user-friendly interface that is supported by the app.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Key Features:

  • Set Geographical Boundaries and View Location History
  • Monitor Applications and Activities
  • Monitor and Filter Browser Content
  • Screen Time Activity Monitoring and Control
  • Suspicious Content & Photos Detection

Family Calendar Apps and FamiSafe parental control app Family Calendar Apps and FamiSafe parental control app

There are many wonderful family calendar apps. Google and Outlook have also got an awesome calendar app. However, all in all, the best calendar app for families is FamiSafe, which not only comes with interesting features but also allows a free trial of the app. I would recommend you to use the app once and try as it is the best choice for a variety of reasons, such as real-time GPS tracking, scheduling events, and activities.

So, stay ahead of the competition and get a wonderful family calendar app for yourself.

Try for Free on Google Play and App Store!

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire
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