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Top 8 Dangerous Anonymous Chat Room Apps for Kids

Dangerous Chat Room Apps for Kids

What is an anonymous chat room app?

As its name suggests, an anonymous chat room app lets you exchange information while concealing your identity. Furthermore, there is the leeway to use such apps without registration. Hence, it becomes tricky in an event where someone wants to trace you or find certain information about your identity in chat room apps.

anonymous chat room app review for android and ios

Is it safe to chat online? Of course no. Anyone can find your real information without your permission. But the dangers of chat rooms have not deterred both the young and old from engaging in such chats. Anonymous chat is still popular among those who want to chat and explore other options concerning meeting new people from internet sources. Even though it may act to protect one's identity, several users use it wrongly, by hiding behind masks to do outrageous things.

Why are anonymous chat room apps popular for teens?

Here we go again. Teens love to explore! And there is no better way than to act anonymously because their identity is concealed. Here are the few things that are attracting teens to use anonymous chatting room apps.

  • They get the opportunity to freely express themselves without fear.
  • Teens also meet like-minded people and other friends through these apps.
  • Anonymous chat rooms also give teens social equality among the loud and shy personality.
  • There are no major restrictions to join such apps, so teens find it easy and sometimes free to join.

Top 4 anonymous chat room apps for Android

1. Psst! Anonymous

Android OS device works well with this anonymous chat room app. It lets kids connect with various strangers. They may get the experience to share funny jokes, news, and other daily experience. But it is also dangerous to chatting without revealing other people's identities.

anonymous chat room app android - Psst

Dangers of Psst:

  • Your kid faces possible dangers of cyberbullying, for this app leaves no history and no traces.
  • Strangers may take advantage of a kid's innocence and introduce them to drugs because they can secretly follow kids' posts.
  • Addiction and lack of concentration in their school activities.

2. Chatouts

This is a user-friendly chat room app that helps you connect with people from any part of the world. It is pretty easy to use with a simple interface. You only use hashtags and chats, and boom! You instantly share your topics with like-minded people.

anonymous  chatting apps with strangers - Chatouts

Dangers of Chatouts:

  • Your kid is at risk of meeting online predators because strangers can protect your identity through anonymity.
  • Chances of cyberbullying may eventually occur, for people can use hashtags to find people and chat over similar interests.
  • There is addictiveness due to openness in sharing photos, videos, and other messages.

3. MeetMe

This anonymous chat room app lets you start as friends with the strangers you meet online. It opens an avenue to personally meet nearby people as it quickly identifies users near you. And by this, you also hang out with real people who share your interests.

random chat room app for android -  MeetMe app

Dangers of MeetMe app:

  • High chances of drug abuse, especially from nearby users whom you meet in person.
  • Sharing your photos with strangers opens doors to the exchange of explicit photos.
  • Bullying may also arise either online or physically.

4. Connected2.me

This anonymous chat room app allows you to easily chat and make new friends from both near and far. Furthermore, you can easily see who is online via its shuffle option. Conected2.me doesn't have any boundaries. You can chat with experts, celebrities, and other specialists.

stranger chat rooms app - Connected2.me

Dangers of Connected2.me:

  • Chatting with strangers may expose you to the dangers of identity fraud.
  • High chances of sexting from the photos and videos shared.
  • Your kids lack privacy because the shuffle feature will let other users know when he/she is online.

Top 4 anonymous chat room app for iPhone

1. Moco

Available for both Android and iOS devices Moco app is perfect for chatting and meeting people online. It contains several chat rooms, private and group chats for your newly acquired friends. You also get the opportunity to meet people nearby and around the world.

chat room apps for iphone - Moco

Dangers of Moco:

  • The concealing of identity can make you deal with fraudsters.
  • Playing social games can also lead to violence if the games involved include fights.
  • Choosing gender sexual preferences like gays and lesbians is an avenue for homosexuality.

2. Cipher

This is a digitally signed message app that suits iOS devices. Use it to chat anonymously with newly acquired friends. However, it allows sharing secret information like phone numbers, passwords, and much more with strangers.

anonymous chat app - Cipher

Dangers of Cipher:

  • Heightened security threats by turning the notifications sound off.
  • Private media sharing could encourage the sharing of explicit content.
  • Liking and disliking of profiles could encourage cyberbullying.

3. AntiLand

This anonymous chat room app gives people the option to directly chat anonymously with unknown people for free. Furthermore, it likes Snapchat and Instagram Stories for the messages that self-destruct. There is no verification process, so it is easy for strangers to create fake information.

anonymous chat room app AntiLand

Dangers of AntiLand :

  • Many strangers may ask for pictures or to send pictures.
  • Chatting with unknown persons exposes you to the dangers of cyberbullying.

4. Whisper

Whisper is another anonymous chat room app that you can use to share your thoughts and advice with others online. And for other Whisper users, you get to chat for free! Even though it doesn't provide room for followers, the app uses your location and lets you add a group or a school. But in the midst of all these, it won't ask for any photos or addresses.

anonymous chat room app Whisper

Dangers of Whisper:

  • It allows users to share intimate secrets that could encourage texting and no followers, profiles, or friends.
  • Dealing with anonymity causes great chances of cyberbullying. There is no identity while using the app.
  • Addiction is another danger from the Whisper chat room app.

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What are the dangers of chat room apps?

Is talk to strangers safe? Parents should not take the usage of anonymous chat room apps lightly. There is obviously more than meets the eye! First and foremost, they encourage chatting with strangers. This is the first point in line for your kid to slip if they end up in deep conversations with online predators. And being that there is no verification process during sign-up for most of these apps, it's very easy for predators to pose as teens. Amid all the mix, teens' lives are endangered. Let's look at some of the dangers teens may face.

1. Cyberbullying

Unscrupulous individuals may take advantage of the more vulnerable users to bully them online. And since it's anonymous, a victim won't know who to report for any acquired damages.

anonymous chat room app review - cyberbullying

2. Addictive

Internet addiction may pose several threats to your teens' schoolwork and other activities. If all they think of is connecting and keeping up with their newly acquired anonymous friends, then it gradually becomes non-constructive.

anonymous chat room app review - Addictive

3. Cyber Crime

Using an anonymous identity doesn't protect you from spammers and hackers. They may lure you and end up in possession of your details, opening avenues to account and bank fraud.

anonymous chat room app review - Cyber Crime

How do I protect kids from the dangers of online chat rooms?

  1. Tell them to keep personal information private online.
  2. Be aware of sexual predators and teach kids how to report online harassment.
  3. Avoid posting personal photographs and phone numbers.
  4. Use parental control apps like FamiSafe to keep an eye on kid's online activity and provide necessary guidance.
  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Here are some supported features of FamiSafe that are proven to be useful when it comes to protecting kids from online dangers.

  • App Blocker: If you feel that your kids are spending too much time in anonymous chat rooms. You can use FamiSafe's App Blocker to block kid's access to them.
  • Activity Report: Check the phone daily activity report to find out what kids are up to with their phones.
  • Browser History & Web Filter: Keep track of what your kids are browsing online to make sure they do not stumble into harmful content and use Web Filter to filter inappropriate content.

famisafe feature

Question: How to set up parental control on SnapChat?

Answer: SnapChat has 249 million daily active users worldwide in the third quarter of 2020. As parents, it is necessary to set up parental control on SnapChat. Click here to find out more details about SnapChat parental control.

Who wouldn't love to chat anyway? Many users cannot imagine life without chatting online. Even though online chat gives a direct avenue to connect with old and new friends alike, it is also a haven for dangerous affairs. And for this reason, it's high time parents know which anonymous chat room apps could be dangerous for their kids and give better parental control.

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