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Parental Guide for Hot or Not Teen Dating App

Parental Guide for Hot or Not Teen Datin

What is hot or not app?

Hot or Not is a dating application that allows users to rate photos other users have submitted. The dating site provides a matchmaking algorithm called Meet Me and extends the profile into a feature called hotlist. It is believed that Hot or Not app pioneered the age of social media sites such as Facebook, Tinder and Twitter. The platform provides both a web version and an application version.

Two Engineers from University of California, Berkeley, James Hong and Jim Young founded the site back in October, 2000. Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg borrowed heavily from this application while debuting the popular Facemash, which rated Harvard students according to their superficial appearance. Presently, Badoo Trading Limited owns Hot or Not application, after acquiring it for about $20 million.

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What are the Age Restrictions for Hot or Not App?

Hot or Not App has a user base of up to 300 million users. To use the application, one has to be at least 13 years of age. Nonetheless, Hot or Not lacks strong verification and there is no way to confirm that users have attained the age restriction. However, users within 13-17 are usually separated from the platform’s adult members. Furthermore, the platform allows account owners who have turned 18 to maintain existing conversations with the 13-17 age range. However, one cannot create new connections with that age group.

Is hot or not app safe for kids?


Despite separating underage users from adults, there is no clear method for verifying the age restrictions. Therefore it is impossible to ensure kids do not come into contact with adults posing as children. Meanwhile, this loophole could be a doorway to more explicit content through the application’s feature for private messages.

The culture that is created by this app may end up damaging the self- esteem of minors.

Using hot or not can compromise the child’s location and whereabouts.

Unfavorable and negative judgments could also become a breeding ground for insecurities, fears, sadness and emotional stress.

This app may also be filled with sexual predators who may lure kids and even threaten them while on the app.

The app may also expose kids to explicit content that is not appropriate for their age.

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Can Predators Hide Age and Info on hot or Not App?

Online predators can easily hide their age information or create fraud profiles. Predators with fraud teen profiles easily gain access to age group protected functionalities. It is very easy for pedophiles and predators to open up to explicit content through an adult posed as a teen.

What can parents do to protect kids?


There are several methods to protect your children from dangers of Hot or Not applications. These methods include:

  1. Set social media limits - Effectively monitor your children’s social media platform and set restrictions. Educate them how to balance between school work and internet time. Online platforms are usually so addictive with people spending between 10 - 17 hours of screen time. Therefore balancing aspects of school, curricular, internet and family requires high attention.
  2. Have an open dialogue with your children and listen if they have been victims of internet exploitation. You should also ask them whether they have had any cases of cyber bullying, sex abuse and internet exploitation. Giving kids a listening ear and avoiding casting blame will help them come out and report any cases of abuse.
  3. Moderate their hot or not account. Make sure they have conversations with only kids their age.
  4. Block malicious applications - parents should identify and restrict usage of certain applications and websites. While Hot or Not seems like a safe platform for healthy conversations, remember it is a dating application with all types of people. Each of which has varying intentions.

FamiSafe is also a great third party application to help you moderate your children’s internet activity.

Introducing FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a parental control application for tracking kid’s internet activity and usage. The applications feature a set of interactive features to help protect children from malicious surfing. There has never been such a high need for safety measures on the internet than today. Children are opened up to potentially malicious actors such as drug traffickers, blackmailers and cyber bullies. The need for an internet usage application is therefore on the cards.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

FamiSafe offers all the tools that parents need to control their kid’s internet behaviour when using Hot or Not. The application comes with features such as geo monitoring, location history, activity reports, block and application usage.

Snippet Features of FamiSafe

Below are the main features of FamiSafe that position it as an important tool for parenting.

  • Track - avails location history as well as real time location and geofences.
  • Limit - Limits application usage, provides smart scheduling and restricts screen time.
  • Monitor - Provides browser history and activity reports
  • Detection - detects and tracks down suspicious content.
  • Block - provide app usage blocking and web filtering.

Main Features of FamiSafe

Screen Time and Smart Schedule

This feature will come in handy while setting application time usage. Therefore, kids will be able to balance between the internet and school work time. The parent should set smart schedule timing in particular internet sites and platforms to provide their kids with undistracted study time. In the meantime, the kids will be able to concentrate on their homework, play time and mobile device usage.

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Browser History and Web Filtering

Parents can double check their children’s browsing history even while offline or after it has been deleted. The feature allows remote tracking of web history and filtration of potentially harmful internet usage. Hence the kids will stay away from online violence, porn, gambling and other risky sites.

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Suspicious Explicit Content Detection

FamiSafe has in place this feature to help detect dangerous and explicit content on various mobile applications. Such applications include Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The feature also comes in handy with flexible parental control keywords that track down and provide real time warnings of adult content, depression and cyber bullying Parents usually receive real time signals in case of suspicious content, images and hence prevents sex blackmailers, pedophiles and internet blackmailers from getting whatever they want.

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App Block and Usage

Parents can always double check the activity report that FamiSafe provides. This will allow them to track down digital trends among the young population. Additionally, they will be able to track down a kid’s daily application usage and the most used applications. Armed with the information, parents can then identify and block malicious applications.


The internet has evolved and so have the methods used by criminals. According to a 2018 study by Pew Research Centre, there is a total of 700,000 cyber criminals using the internet every day. Therefore, this shows the risk children are exposed to while using the internet. It is important that parents take these issues and approach them wisely. Have open dialogues with children and listen if they had any encounters with cyber bullies, sex predators, blackmailers and groomers.

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