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The Dangerous messaging website that parents should know

The Dangerous messaging website

1. Introduction: what is the text message website?

The digital world has increased the distance between parents and their children. Most of the children glued to their phones and parents pretty much busy in their own lives don’t have time to interact and share their insecurities. In these circumstances keeping track of what your children are doing on their every bit of smart technology enabled devices is somewhat impossible for ordinary folks. In addition to countless social media apps and other tools, children are nowadays using anonymous messaging websites that are way much dangerous for their safety and have serious privacy issues associated.

Children might not realize the risk these dubious messaging websites can have on their privacy and most of the time is a gateway through which online predators, bullies, and strangers try to inflict damage and take advantage of teens’ innocence. These dangerous messaging websites like many other sites capture the teens’ digital footprint to sell it on potential customers and keep secret insight on the activities that kids do on the internet. This can be very challenging for parents to keep up with the changing technology.

Parents should keep some discernment of all the latest anonymous messaging sites and the potential problems that can crop up, endangering the safety of their children. Vigilance by parents can make the difference between a positive and a negative experience for your kids. To make it easy for parents to monitor their kid’s activities in the digital world they need some helping tool that knows what are the ins and outs of these suspicious texting websites and how to prevent kids from using or even when using the services, save them from the potential threats.

2. Why text message website is not safe?

  • So-called anonymous messages can be interrupted by hackers.
  • Teens can be easily influenced or forced into sharing sexual content.
  • These websites make teens use fake numbers to send messages which can provoke wicked and immoral behavior in them.
  • Teens can go far in their trolling and cause serious physical and psychological damage to their peers.
  • All these websites emphasize connecting with strangers which is a serious alarm signal and makes them not safe for kids.
  • Electronic media is replicable and the messages you share can easily get out of hand.
  • There is no age verification mechanism to make sure kids don’t indulge in unethical and dangerous activities.
  • Predators and perverts can use these kinds of anonymous messaging websites to prey on.

3. Top 5 dangerous anonymous messaging website

These are the top anonymous websites that let you send anonymous text messages from the internet without any identity verification and can go beyond mere enjoyment into trolling, bullying, and even dangerous activities. Though these sites can be tracked by authorities and blocked.

1. SendAnonymousSMS

Amongst the leading websites to send anonymous text messages from a computer for free. This secret messaging website offers more than 100,000 free anonymous SMS/text messages each day. The interface is pretty easy and works around the world, you just have to give some information of the recipient like country and number and the text message you want to share, pass the captcha test and your message is on the way. The spoofing of the sender’s number although it does create a sense of anonymity it also enables hackers, bullies, and sexual harassers to anonymously assail the kids through these websites.

anonymous messaging website review 1

2. TextForFree

TextForFree is another anonymous texting website that permits users to send anonymous text messages to almost any phone number around the United States. The user interface is also easy to navigate, and the service is free. In addition to that, the service doesn’t share the sender or receiver number with any third-party to spam the numbers or send unwarranted messages. Though the service is only available in the U.S. it has made teens share their information with the company and exposes them to serious threats in the form of spam, bullies, and money grabbers.

anonymous messaging website review 2

3. Textem

This website allows kids to send free anonymous SMS without registration to their friends. The interface and mechanism are pretty straightforward, and you just need to select the preferred network carrier and boom you can send unlimited text messages to any mobile number. This website also allows users to send pictures, which means MMS which again is a bane for parents because they have to take extra care of their children not to fall prey to any bully, sexual harasser, and maniac.

anonymous messaging website review 3

4. TxtDrop

This anonymous messaging facility is working since 2013, delivering countless free text messages to any number around the world. With this free text messaging website, you can send anonymous SMS without revealing your identity. The mechanism to deliver a text message is pretty easy, where you just have to enter your email, the recipient’s mobile number and the message you want to share and you’re done with the site, your unidentified message will be delivered instantly.

anonymous messaging website review 4

5. Anonymous text

A privacy-focused website lets you send anonymous text worldwide. With this service you can even keep track of the delivery of the message and the system works without any registration of the user, which means no identification required. You just need to enter the country code, recipient’s mobile number and the message you want to send, and the rest is handled by the platform itself.

anonymous messaging website review 5

Using any of these anonymous text websites children can send anonymous text messages using just their computers for free. Though children can’t possibly comprehend the dangers associated with these anonymous behaviors, which aren’t that anonymous, and all the sender and receiver records can be obtained by the company running the service and sold to any potential customers willing to pay for any bit of personal information. This floating layer of anonymity is just to fool the children and they can be handled pretty easily by any of the bullies, sex traffickers, and any illegal group wanting to influence as many teens as possible.

4. What can parents do to protect kids?

Parents seriously need to realize what their kids are doing, and which websites are not good for their wellbeing in the digital world. They should know all the websites injurious for their kids’ growth and rearing. Nowadays parents need to keep an eye on the different anonymous texting websites the children are using for any sign of digital insecurity because it can be very detrimental for their physical and mental health. These anonymous messaging habits can lead them to psychological problems if anything goes wrong and their personal lives exposed to the world. Parents need to employ the best resolutions to prevent kids from sufferings and legal issues.

In the world of the internet, anonymous messaging websites are so swelled with their massive use and advertisement to attract kids. These websites are provoking children to bully other kids and take part in illicit activities. Anonymous messages are spoiling children which makes them bully and troll each other and take part in dishonest activities, which can likely inflict damage on their peers and also expose their personal information. Parents should ensure their kids don’t get exposed to these websites and don’t get their hands dirty. But how is it conceivable with no virtual limitations on the usage and number of gadgets in reach of kids – I’ll show you just the right tool for parents to keep a strict eye on their kid’s digital activities and websites they visit.

A. List and introduce 3 normal way

Restrict Devices

Parents can administer a restriction on electronic devices totally to ensure their teens aren’t exposing themselves to the dangers out there. Essentially parents need to establish privacy settings on their kids’ electronic devices with high parental control is in place. Parents need to completely block access to smartphones or tablets for your children below fifteen and even if you do allow, monitor their usage and install only positive social media apps.

Speak with kids

Talking to children can sometimes also help and save kids from potentially harmful effects of websites like those anonymous texting sites. Though the talk can be futile taking into account the popularity of these websites’ children may not be able to understand the issues arising from these platforms. Parents need to induce their children by explicitly explaining the dangers of these messaging platforms and sharing their private lives on these websites.

Contact authorities

Parents need to be always on the look for the latest messaging websites that kids are likely to be using and take safety provisions for online safety. If concerned that your kid may be sexually groomed or at any kind of online abuse risk, report it instantly to the cybersecurity authorities of your neighborhood.

B. Introduce FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a spectacular all-in-one parental control application by WonderShare – designed to shield and protect kids’ presence in the digital world around the clock. The tool that can be accessed on any platform from mobile to a web-based application, can aid parents in keeping a close eye on their child’s activities in the digital realm. The tool can incite healthy digital habits in children and save them from any potential challenges and risks – parents are there to monitor teen’s digital life and lend a helping hand when in need. FamiSafe hallmark features are web filter, app blocker, location tracker, thwart cyber bullying, explicit content detection and much more.

anonymous lipsiapp review 6

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Parents can explicitly watch over their kids using FamiSafe to ensure their children aren’t the ones using anonymous messaging websites or even using the slang language in their conversations. Teens are so addicted to their cell phones that they can easily learn to navigate the anonymous world very easily but won’t be able to handle big sharks present to prey on adolescents. They can’t possibly realize the dangers associated with these messaging websites as it can expose their whole life to leaks and bullies can take full advantage of the fact.

This absolute monitoring app can get real-time data from the monitored device, track inappropriate content in any of the kid’s web history. Offering detailed information on the applications, web content, and location & geofencing the phone – this incredible app can help parents ascertain if their kid has fallen to the crypt of anonymous texting and the kind of digital content kids are leaning towards.

Web Content Filter

A filter can be used to prevent kids from accessing anonymous texting websites. Web filters can be used to block kids from accessing spiteful and offensive content on the internet. The app has several categories to block or allow the content in a particular category. Abusive and porn websites are automatically blocked in the FamiSafe database.

anonymous messaging website review 6

Block any site they believe is inappropriate for their kids.

anonymous messaging website review 7

You can set exceptions for particular websites.

anonymous messaging website review 8


Parenting jobs in this technology age has grown to be a very tedious task and the dangers are ever more advanced. These anonymous messaging websites leave no choice for parents to take help from experts and employ tools like WonderShare FamiSafe to save their kids from any impending risks. Kids as always don’t have any solid knowledge of the world and need constant assistance in dealing with the bullies, sexual abusers, and trollers out there lurking in this dubious world. FamiSafe offers a solid layer of protection for children and peacefulness for parents from any kind of digital risks and dangers.

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