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8 Best Habit Tracker Apps on Android & iPhone 2024

8 Best Habit Tracker Apps

What is the Habit Tracker App?

Perhaps following a daily routine has become less valuable nowadays as compared to yesteryears. Technology is slowly turning life into comfort zones and enabling the elimination of routine tasks. For example, you can decide to order goods online rather than visiting the mall. Even so, building good habits still needs more effort than you may think. You need to resist certain natural patterns. But this may not be that easy.

habit tracker app

However, using a habit tracker app can make it reasonable. A tracker app gives a visual representation of everything you do maybe in a day, a week, or an entire month. It puts you on track so that you avoid skipping the habit that you need to retain. Likewise, it pushes away the so-called bad habits while shaping your routine. They are so many in the market, and settling for the right habit tracker software may be a problem. We'll tackle the best 8 apps you can rely on in 2020. But first, let's check out their positive effects.

4 best free habit tracker app on Android:

1. Habitshare

This free habit tracker app works uniquely to enable you to keep good habits together with your friends. With it, you get connected to your friends and track your habits as you motivate and appreciate each other's efforts. When you realize they have achieved the goal, it is thrilling to let them know that they are on the right track.


  • You can set reminders on particular hours or days.
  • It connects you with friends and increases your social network.
  • You can also enhance security by controlling this app's privacy settings and decide what to share.

best habit tracker app - habitshare

2. Habitica

This app has its way of sneaking into that gaming environment. It simply lets you turn your life into a gaming galore. It comes with powerful tracking features to help you build your habits. And as you accomplish them, you also build stats as a character in that game. So, you have to be accountable for your deeds because if you mess, your stats fall drastically.


  • It has an extra layer of accountability.
  • It has a gamification aspect that lets you track your habit in a video game-like atmosphere.
  • You also earn rewarding points when you complete your habit.
  • It has an intuitive user interface.

best habit tracker app for android - habitica

3. Habit tracker

Another habit-tracking app for Android devices is the Habit tracker. It comes with a sleek interface that is quite irresistible. Apart from tracking your habit, it has a reporting section for a verdict. Besides, it is easy to track your deeds at a separate user interface where you can mark your habit as either "Skipped", "Done", or No "Entry".


  • It enables customization of your habit tracking.
  • It also has a detailed reporting system for tracking.
  • The Graphical User Interface is a sleek and clutter-free design.

Habit tracker - the best habit tracker app

4. Coach. me

This habit-tracking app rolls the ball at your coat and lets you decide whether you hire a coach or focus on personal habit tracking. It is a good starting point to keep you on track while forming new good habits. It encompasses a community feature where you have the chance to bring forth your habit list to a discussion thread. Hence you connect with other users to share ideas and get support. Nonetheless, the coaching option is also available as long as you hire a coach to take you through.


  • The community feature opens room for connection and discussion with other users.
  • You can also get personalized support at the Coaching' section.
  • It is designed like the usual social media website with no complexities.

Coach.me - the best habit tracker app for android

4 best free habit tracker app on iPhone

1. Aloe Bud

Its retro pixel design sets it apart from other iPhone habit tracker apps. The entire GUI has outstanding icons making it easy to use. Besides, it's dully motivational with numerous habit tracking features for a fun-filled experience. It includes both the simple and complex rituals, which you can utilize every time you respond to its cozy little reminders for keeping track.


  • It focuses on a personal self-development experience.
  • It offers a variety of reminders.
  • The GUI is sleek and easy to follow up.

Aloe Bud - habit tracker app for iphone

2. Beeminder

Beeminder is easy to use and focuses on bettering your habit plans. This app combines both incentives and self-tracking habit abilities. With this, you can't lose keeping track of your good habits. Simply enter information about what habit you need to change and which to keep for constant reminders from this tool.


  • It shows graphs and trends for every habit, enabling you to keep proper track.
  • The constant reminders are good for keeping you aligned.
  • It is a pro on motivational aspects.

best iphone habit tracker - Beeminder

3. Tally

This is a smart app that lets you track as many habits as possible. It focuses on giving you the best. So, you can create groups for users with similar habits and set reminders for the better. Likewise, it eradicates bulkiness by enhancing the filtering of your list to view a particular habit and make notes on the same. Keeping records is highly regarded by this app as you can also sync your list to iCloud or Dropbox.


  • It enables you to create groups for like-minded users with similar habits.
  • It can sync your records to cloud storage systems.
  • Representation is also enabled through progress graphs.
  • You can also upgrade to a premium for password protection ability.

best habit tracker - Tally

4. Today

This app does not only track your habits only but is a full to-do list app that helps you make a record of what you've done and what you are yet to do. You create and check off your habits daily or as planned. Besides, it is both fun and easy to use this app. You can set custom images for every habit in question. You can also add Custom cards' to your habits for a follow-up.


  • You can set reminders using custom cover images for uniqueness.
  • You can also add custom cards to your habits to help you track your progress.

habit tracker app for ios - Today

Even if you engage your kids on these apps, it may not be easy to monitor what they do when you are away. Likewise, most habit tracker apps have limited functionalities and only focus on aligning good habits. Meanwhile, there are other threats online that need a keen eye, like the FamiSafe parental control app.

What can a habit tracker app help you with?

Parents are always concerned about their kids' affairs and how they spend their day. Remember, it is important to balance one's daily activities for various reasons.

1. Motivation

why we need habit tracker

It is important to consider that which keeps you going in any situation. Using a habit-tracking app will help to uplift your spirit, especially knowing that you are moving forward. When you set a goal, you definitely feel good once you accomplish it. And once you track your habit, it is a proven proof that you are working hard.

2. A reminder

habit tracker app - reminder

A habit tracker app is also a good reminder of what you should do and at what time. As a parent, you can set time for your kid to study, sleeping, and playing. You'll be sure that all these are highly achievable once there is a means to remind yourself or your kid. Therefore, it is best to keep you honest about what you ought to do and at what time.

3. It is rewarding

benefit of using  habit tracker app

You'll feel a sense of satisfaction when you see your accomplishments. Remember, it will help you keep focused, and with that, there is no room for failure.

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FamiSafe - the parental control app that helps kids build good habits

FamiSafe is useful when it comes to helping kids form good digital habits as it is equipped with features like Screen Time, Smart Schedule. These features are useful when it comes to setting up rules. Let's have a closer look at these features.

Functions of FamiSafe

1. Screen Time

FamiSafe's Screen Time feature allows parents to check how much time has been spent on their kid's digital devices and set up a daily limit or block the screen on one tap. By limiting their screen time, parents can help kids form a correct sense when it comes to using a digital device.

2. Smart Schedule

This feature works best by enabling you to set smart schedules for your kid's daily or weekly activities. And when your kids adhere to your scheduled plans, it is apt to reward screen time to motivate and appreciate their efforts.

3. App blocker & usage

Know that whenever your kids interact with friends online, the possibilities of visiting other sites increase. This feature lets you know how much time your kid spends on each app. And with the correct information, you can set time limits for the apps you deem fit for them. Otherwise, you need to block any other app that does not add value to them. You can also regulate their sleep and study time by blocking the apps that are likely to be used at those times.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

If you develop an accountability habit for your kids, they'll know how to adequately manage their time. Focusing on habit tracker apps is a good start to build good habits and do away with the bad ones. And even though tracker apps have loopholes for laxity, other engaging parental control apps like FamiSafe will ensure that you keep proper and smart schedules for your kid's study, sleep, and playtime for better brain development.

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