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What Is Friday Night Funkin? Parent Guide

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Friday Night Funkin is a popular game among little kids recently released in 2020. It is also known as fnf. Pressing the corresponding keyboard then, the character will sing and dance accordingly. Usually, a music game should not cause parents concern. But this one is different since its punk style and the explicit images have worried many parents. So, if you have no idea about this game and have many questions about it, what type of game is Friday Night Funkin? And fnf age rating. Don't worry. We will give you the answers in this blog.

what is friday night funkin

What Type of Game Friday Night Funkin is?

Friday Night Funkin is a musical rhythm game that is widely popular among kids. On Newgrounds, it has a 4.77 out of 5 ratings. More importantly, it has more than 100 million views. Hence, you can understand how popular this game is.

The game revolves around the character: Boyfriend, who wants to go out and have a date with his Girlfriend. Unfortunately, he has to win a series of sing and rap battles and defeat various characters, including his father, an ex-rockstar.

To defeat the opponent, you have to press the keys with the music at the right time. It is a game all about love and music.

fnf Age Rating

Video games usually come with an age rating, which allows you to understand the appropriate age to play the game. More importantly, it gives you an idea of what you can expect from this game. About Friday Night Funkin, it is recommended to let 13 years old kids play the game. But actually, there is not any age verification while signing up for Friday Night Funkin.

You might have noticed a common situation among little kids; once a game becomes popular among your kids’ partners, it will be regarded as outdated if your kids have not played the game yet. Then your little kids will try their best to access the game without parents’ consent, though. That is why parents should be concerned about this game.

Further, the game is available in two modes, one “story” campaign, and the other the “free play.” In the story mode, the songs are played linearly but in the free play, you are allowed to select the music track. The game can be played in several ways such as using a keyboard, controller, or Dance Revolution kind of dance pad.

Why Do Kids Like This Game?

When it comes to unique content, they do not understand most, but kids may think it is a fashion trend still popular among their partners. It is hard to define what they like about this game, but there are still many aspects that may attract your little kids the most, from music to impressive visuals. For instance:

  • Monster’s lyrics
  • Senpai’s dialogue
  • Pico in general
  • Display style

Parent Reviews

For Friday Night Funkin, most parents think it is too explicit for kids to play due to swearing words and inappropriate images, such as a girl wearing revealing clothes and phrases like “shit”, ”bitch”, etc.

On the other hand, some parents still find the game interesting for their kids. Despite the inappropriate words, they believe it is okay to play the game for their children because they think no one would pay much attention to the monologue while playing the game.

Is fnf Suitable for Kids?

About Friday Night Funkin, it is recommended to learn more about this game at first before letting your kids get access to it. Apart from the interesting theme and rhythmic music, its special characters differ from other music games.

However, what actually makes it special probably is the negative aspect of the game.

1. Explicit Content

If you have the chance to start this game, you will find lots of explicit images, like a girl wearing revealing clothes, a man with visible chest hair, and so on. Though the whole game is about cartoon animation, it still may affect kids’ aesthetics and values. It is recommended to let kids who are 13 years old at least play the game, but it still needs to verify whether it is appropriate for 13 years old or not.

explicit content

2. Inappropriate Words

Except for explicit content, another big concern parents should pay attention to is the swearing words this game contains. Many terms like “shit”, “crap” and “sex” are stuffed in this whole game. Kids may tend to use them in daily life. Then those words become their mantra gradually. Parents like you will not be happy to see that happen.

3. Addictive

The game is highly addictive. Children who start playing the game usually find it hard to quit. The amazing beats and stunning visuals force you to continue. More importantly, the engaging plot keeps you going on.

4. Class Distraction

Such an addictive game is easy to let kids get distracted during class, especially when their little classmates love it too. Then the game will be the hot topic among them.

Wondershare FamiSafe – The Best Parental Control App

If your kids happen to be a Friday Night Funkin fan or fan of any other apps that you think are inappropriate to them, you can probably try the Parental Control app to restrict your kids’ online activities. Wondershare FamiSafe is a reliable parental control app that can help you remotely monitor your kids’ online activities and limit their app usage. Not only this, you can set scheduled screen time for them. Here are several features you may be interested in:

App Blocker

No matter whether you need to block Friday Night Funkin directly to prevent your kids from getting access to it or limit the time they spend on the game, this feature can help. You could block the app with one simple tap or set a period to stop the apps. You can customize the period for different dates of the week.

Screen Time Control

With this feature, you can set screen time for the specific app or the device your kids use. Once it exceeds the limit time, the app or the device won’t be accessible anymore within that day. You could set scheduled screen time for a different date as well. For instance, 5 hours for the weekend, 2 hours for school days.

Web Filter

You can allowlist or blocklist certain websites by adding exceptions with this feature. On FamiSafe, there are more than ten categories you could select to block the corresponding websites for your kids. Parents will receive instant alerts if kids try to reach the blocked sites.

Location History

Apart from blocking the app or setting screen time for your kids’ devices, another useful feature this app provides is Location History. It can record your kids’ location history for the last 30 days and report their location in real-time. In this way, parents don’t need to worry about their kid’s safety anymore.


A video game can be a good choice to relax after studying or working for a long time. There is no need to deprive your kids’ right to play the game. However, you may still need to take action to avoid excessive game or tech devices usage. To free parents from endless worries and ensure kids’ online activities, don’t hesitate to make the most use of the parental control app.

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