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Top 10 Discord Dating Servers Parents Should Know

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Social media sites are more than simply a place for family and friends to communicate daily. Using internet networking, companies can bridge the distance between their global workforces. Gamers and social media influencers can work together without borders.

Discord is a prominent social networking software used by businesses, gamers, influencers, and even young teenagers. It is a video and audio chat service that allows users to go live, share their screens, and even play music in the background.

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Because of these capabilities, many people, especially parents, perceive this platform as a communication tool for gamers solely. However, it provides more than simply gaming, as many young teenagers use it for dating. Some may delve further and discover themselves within a server with nudity-related content. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best dating servers on Discord.

Top 10 Dating Servers on Discord

What do Parents Need to Know about the Dating Servers on Discord?

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Creating a server on Discord is as simple as three simple steps. In addition, any servers on Discord appear to be weakly controlled since Discord posted their Community Guidelines are adhered to after a user hits the “Create” button. You can tell that there are many dating servers available to the public. Although specific dating sites only allow members over 18, this does not prevent minors from joining these sites.

Do not hesitate, dive into this article find the most popular 10 dating servers on Discord that your kids may have joined in.

Top 10 Dating Servers on Discord

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1. Discord friends

It’s no secret that Discord Friends is a popular dating service. As a parent, it may appear to be a standard socializing server. Then there are tags like “gaming,” “friends,” and “dating” on this server. The only requirement for joining this server is that you must be at least 13 years old, the minimum age required to use Discord.

2. Datecor d.gg

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Datecord.gg is one of the best Discord dating servers out there. This server has over 250,000 members worldwide. The members come from all backgrounds of sexual orientation, age, race, and beliefs. Nothing is wrong with this, except it involves participants who are underage teens. Thus, parents need to stay on their toes for this server, as the host won’t do any background checks on their members first.

3. Freedom

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Discord online dating is prevalent nowadays as there are no limits a host or the server members can do. On that note, Freedom is one of the well-known teenage dating Discord servers that parents need to know. This server is one of the fastest-growing communities with over 12000 members.

4. No Simps Lobby

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Next, another dating server in Discord that parents need to know is No Simps Lobby. This dating server is strictly for those aged between 15 to 17 only. This server's host introduces features like self roles, which allows its members to rank themselves in the server.

5. Lounge

One of the Discord servers for dating popular among youngsters and parents need to watch out for is Lounge. This dating platform is open to anyone over the age of 13. This server has NSFW content, which stands for Not Safe For Work. NSFW usually refers to nudity and sexual content, which this server has.

6. Rezuse

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Another dating server on Discord that parents need to be aware of is Rezuse. This dating server is popular among teenagers as it is LGBTQ+ friendly. On top of that, those who are 16 years old and older are welcome on this server. Contrary to other dating servers in Discord, you don’t have to be over 18 years old to join Rezuse. Rezuse also provides free games for its members.

7. Hangout·E-girls·VC

discord dating server hangout egirls

Another NSFW server that parents must be acquainted with is Hangout· E-girls · VC. This server has no age restriction. But here’s the kicker: this server is associated with tags such as "dating", "NSFW", "Nudes", and "Anime". Because no identity or age verification is required, underage kids who join this server will be exposed to explicit content.

8. Tincord

Tincord is another popular discord dating server among teenagers all over the world. This dating server has its Tinder-like bot. You might be wondering: Does this server allow underage teens to join it? The answer is yes. Sadly, Tincord welcomes anyone age 13 years or older to become a member. So the server can be a perfect place for the predators to find their victims.

9. Noose 18+

Nowadays, kids always find their way to enter any servers or websites with age restrictions. First, Noose 18+. The exciting thing about this dating server is it allows anyone to join them regardless of their age. However, members still need to show proof of identification to have access to their NSFW channels.

10. World's Lounge

Finally, let’s introduce the World’s Lounge. This online dating service is open to anyone. It requires its members to be at least 18 years old to have access to some channels that provide explicit content. However, they also have NSFW channels that require no age or identity verification. Hence, parents need to be aware of this server.

Any Parental Suggestions for Parents?

You might be wondering, what’s the best way to keep your kids safe while using the Discord app? Well, rest assured, as here are four pieces of parental advice to keep your mind at ease:

1. Keep your kids’ tablet computer in the common area.

Distance learning will inevitably require your kids to use the internet, and some schools also use Discord for easier dissemination of information. The best way to make sure they are safe from the unforeseen online threat; you can always sit with them or be in the same room with them when they are using their tablets.

You get more time with them since you can observe them more closely. As a result, you and your child may grow closer. With you in the room, your child can ask for help with homework if needed.

2. Turn on the "Keep Me Safe" setting on Discord.

Sometimes, completely forbidding your child from using Discord will resort to dispute with your child. It is crucial to be understanding, kind, and firm with your child as a parent. The best way to meet your child halfway is by turning on the "Keep Me Safe" setting on Discord.

All content is scanned and filtered out if it is explicit or unsuitable if this option is enabled. When you have this feature turned on, your child can still communicate with their friends publicly on the server through voice and text messages.

3. Use different app

If your kids require Discord in online classes, you, as a parent, can suggest the school use Google Classroom. Besides that, Telegram is another excellent app that allows users to communicate or send any huge file. Thus, the teachers and students don't have to worry about information dissemination problems.

4. Set up parental controls

It's challenging to disallow or ban your kids from using mobile devices that have access to the internet. The reason being is such technology is part of our lives, and we need it to sustain our daily activities. So, what's the bottom line? Well, parents can always opt for setting up parental controls.

Since most operating system providers now allow their customers to configure their privacy settings for a better and more secure surfing experience, it has become more commonplace.

On that note, Wondershare Famisafe can be the best solution for your kids' safety online. Famisafe is an app that you can download to your mobile devices to perform parental control on your kids' devices.

Besides that, you can register as a Famisafe user before downloading their app to your mobile devices. First, you can go to the Wondershare website and create your Famisafe account there. Once registration is complete, you can add your kids' devices by clicking the "Start" button.

Next, a pairing code will appear, which you can use to connect your children’s gadgets. Once the devices are paired, complete the last step on your kids' devices. For your information, you can use this app for free. You also can try their premium plans, which are very affordable and include all the features. Want to know the best part? This app has won 6 awards. One of them is the 2020 National Parenting Product Awards.


Our children’s safety when using mobile communication apps is of the utmost importance. It isn't very reasonable to keep your children from using them. Because of this, it is time for parents to take our recommendations seriously, as outlined above.

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