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Dangerous Sexting Sites That Parents Should Know

Dangerous Teen Sexting Sites

No doubt, some sorts of physical efforts are always required when it comes to meeting our sexual needs through online dating. Interestingly, sexting sites and apps have made it possible to meet your sexual needs without having to go through the stress of meeting someone in person. What is a sexting site?

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Sexting is an art of secretly sending or receiving sexually explicit messages or pictures to and from a person or people via an electronic device. So, a sexting site is a website through which these acts are performed on the internet. Today, teens are always connected, and some of them think interacting with their peers by sending sexually explicit content is the norm. There are some dangerous teen sexting sites that parents should know and warn their kids of as teens don't see anything wrong in sexting even though it has some serious consequences.

Read on to know more!

Why Are Sexting Sites So Popular?

According to the JAMA Pediatrics report in the June 2019 edition, at least one in seven teens engage in sexting. Why do teens do it? Most teens develop an interest in sex and to entice someone, prove commitment, show interest in someone, or to show off, they start sexting and visiting teen sexting sites. Not only that, sexting sites are popular because

Also, some teens find sexting irresistible as they have developed the impulse to experiment with their interest in sex and prefer to visit sites that makes sexting easy. Besides, we are in a world where technology is fast-growing, and teens have various ways including laptops, smartphones, and tablets to access the internet privately. It means accessing teen sexting sites is getting easier than ever before.

What Should Parents Know About Sexting Sites?

There are some dangers associated with visiting sexting sites, and it is important for parents to be aware of them and also make their teens know.

1. Risk of being blackmailed and humiliated:

When sexting, teens are made to believe that the messages and pictures they send are private and will be kept a secret. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Where in a technology world where your messages, videos, and images can be copied and sent out there for the world to see. The truth is that nothing on your device and the internet is truly anonymous or private.

If a compromising video, image, or text of your teen gets to the public, it can result in embarrassment, humiliations, and in worse case scenarios, lead to mental health issues like depression. For example, Jesse Logan, a teen in Cincinnati committed suicide after her nude photo circulated her high school in 2009. A blackmailer can also leverage on this and make your teen be at his or her mercy for a long time. It can also result in legal consequences.

2. Sext opens the door to sexual predators:

Sexual predators are out there looking for their next victim, and your teen may be at the risk of been sexually exploited by them. How can this happen? If your kid visits a teen sexting site, sext, and his or her nude photo or video is passed around, sexual predators may see it, and this can make your teen a target.

3. Sexting can lead to sexual risks:

According to some experts, teens that sext tends to have sex without contraceptives, have more than one sexual partner, and use alcohol and drugs. When your teen is involved in these, he or she may be at the risk of sexually transmitted disease and drug abuse.

4. It can ruin the reputation of a teen:

We all want to build, keep, and protect our good reputation. But visiting sexting sites and sending a nude picture and video can ruin the online reputation of your teen in a matter of minutes.

5. Sexting can cause sexual bullying and constitute child pornography:

Once people lay hands on the sext of kids, they start assuming their sexual activities and start sexually bullying them. This includes slut-shaming and name-calling. It can lead to humiliation, embarrassment, and even impersonation. Also, when teens share nudes, it is considered child pornography in many states. Who wants their kids to be labeled sex offenders? We think no one would love that.

5 Popular Sexting Sites for Teens

There are some popular teen sexting sites you need to know as parents. They let your kid chat and sext with a lot of people of every sexuality, size, shape, and gender. Check them out!

1. Arousr

dangerous teen sexting sites 2

Arousr is one of the popular sexting sites for teens, and it works with all operating systems. There is always a lot of real girls to chat with because the website hires girls as a chat host. These girls send pictures and texts to members, unlike other websites that only allow members to chat with other members. New members are offered free credits to start charting freely. Most girls activate premium mode where you will have to spend some credit before they send you sexually explicit texts and pictures.

2. SnapSext

dangerous teen sexting sites 3

This teen sexting site is one of the places where teens satisfy the urge to have wild funs and exchange sext images, videos, and messages with sexy girls and boys with no string attached. Teens can watch live cam girls 24/7 on a pay-per-minute basis. An individual can add a member via their social media account because most of the girls on the site include their social media accounts in their profile. Member sign up is free, but premium membership is required to read and reply messages.

3. Snapchat

dangerous teen sexting sites 4

Even though Snapchat has become a staple social media platform like Instagram and Facebook, its early root as an OG sexting app has not been forgotten. This app allows teens to send pictures and videos which disappear automatically after a few seconds. The privacy feature makes it a unique teen sexting site – if a photo is screenshotted, the sender is notified almost immediately. It is no doubt the of the popular sexting sites around if you want one that offers a large user space with privacy features.

4. Benaughty

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Even though this is assumed to be a hookup site, it is also a sexting site for many teens. The site has more than 9 million subscribers, with more than three million of its users from the UK. Teens that visit or subscribe to this site are mostly looking for wild sexy fun. To make this site a good place for flirting and sexting, it offers live video chats and other cool features.

5. Confide

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This is a teen sexting site that is popular among people who take their privacy seriously. This site features a screen shield technology that prevents messages from been screenshot and used against the user. The receiver can only read one line at a time, and the name of the user will never be on the screen as the message.

Tip: What do parents do when teens are sexting?

Before the damage is done, parents should understand teen sexting problems. And they talk to teens about sexting.

  1. Don't freak out and throw their phones
  2. Ask their views about sexting
  3. Talk about the dangers of sexting

How Can Parents Do To Protect Teens from Sexting?

The long-term results of impulsive behaviors such as sexting can be hard for a teen to grasp. So how do you protect your teen from such behavior as a parent?

1. What FamiSafe can help?

If you are looking for a basic parental monitoring application that can help you protect your teen from sexting, FamiSafe is one of the best around.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

It updates you about the real-time location of your kids and the activities they are engaged in. It includes efficacious features such as one that can allow you to monitor and know when your teens receive explicit messages and use unwanted apps on his or her device. You can download the application on you and your teen's smartphone devices and then input the settings you require. Some of the FamiSafe features and functions that can help parents protect teens from sexting sites are:

  • App usage and blocker - this feature allows you to block the sexting apps on your teen's mobile phone.
  • Explicit content detection – as a parent, the FemiSafe app can alert you of suspicious texts, and you can also create your alert words list to monitor the texts your teens receive.
  • Suspicious photos – when your teens download explicit photos from teen sexting sites, the FemiSafe app can alert you when such pictures are detected on the device album.

detect suspicious photos

  • Browser history and web filter - with FamiSafe, you can keep track of the daily browse history of your teens even if they delete it. With this, you will be able to know if your kid visits a sexting site and then block the website remotely. You can also choose to filter the web automatically.
2. You can also help when your teen sexting:
  • Talk openly to them about personal boundaries and responsibilities and how to resist peer pressures.
  • Let your kids know having their sexting text, photos, and videos flying around can be embarrassing, humiliating, and even dangerous for them.
  • Let them know that if anybody sends explicit messages or photos to them, they should delete it immediately.
  • Make it clear to your kids that when they are caught sexting, there will be consequences for their actions.

As parents, sexting among teens is an epidemic, and you need to be warned about it. Some experts think parents should not freak out when their kids are sexting; however, it is something you need to take seriously because it is a problem that comes with major consequences as we have mentioned above. With the different ways, such as using a FemiSafe app to prevent your kids from sexting and visiting teen sexting sites, you can help them stay safe online, know their boundaries, and many more.

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